Nov 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Break

We have had a very nice break. On Wednesday evening the kids and I headed up to Seattle to stay at a hotel and visit mom and baby. We arrived at the hospital and bumped into Miss Washington who was visiting all the sick kids. We visited with Mimi and Mia and the went to the hotel. My sister Beth showed up to visit and was able to stay with Mia so Mimi could come to the hotel and play for a while. The kids LOVE swimming, so we spent quite some time doing that. More swimming in the morning and back to visit the hospital. Mimi took the kids out to the playroom etc and I got to hold sweet baby for about 2 hours. We even had a nap together. This was the best B-day present I could have had. We left around 2:00 just as Mimi's parents got into town, so it was nice that Mimi was never alone on Thanksgiving. The kids and I headed over to my moms for dinner and turkey. We had a great time as usual with tasty food and good company. My mom didn't make it to her own party since she was with my sister Anne as she gave birth to her baby girl Eve. She is so cute and all went well.

On Friday we attended my grandma's Memorial Service. It was a very nice service, for a woman who lived a full life. We will all miss her greatly. On the way to the memorial, Jensen was firing off question after question. He asked:
Jensen: where did grandma-great go?
John: To live with her Father in Heaven, and to see Grandpa
Jensen: Where is she going to live?
John: She was a very good person and has a mansion prepared for her in heaven.
Jensen: Is her spirit going to be like a ghost?
John: Her spirit looks just like grandma, but just doesn't have a body back yet. (I told him all about Jesus' sacrifice and the Resurrection that we will all receive.)
Jensen: Is someone going to sell her home?
John: Yes, her home will be sold
Jensen: After she gets her body back from resurrection, where will she live when her house is sold? (I love that his mind is really working hard)
After all the questions and some thought, he said: "Dad, I just wish I could give her a hug and a kiss." Such a sweet boy.

Afterwords we all went to mom's for pizza and time together as a family. Mimi later surprised us by coming home for my birthday. Thank goodness, because I was about to go see a movie all by my lonesome. We had a nice low key evening at home.
Saturday I went paint balling with my bro Taylor, Step-bro Joe and Bro-in-law Tim. As usual we had the time of our lives. Taylor and I had a couple games where we just punished the competition. We also had a few games were we were punished. During one game, Joe was the last man on our team against at least 20 guys converging in on him. He was tucked into a bunker and the ref kept asking if he wanted to surrender. I was impressed that he kept yelling "never!" Twas funny to watch. Come to find out he only had two bullets left. Tim did great and was one of the last guys out each time. Good times. After some home improvement projects, my buddy Chris took me to a movie. Not a bad birthday weekend at all and especially under our current circumstances.

Oh, Jensen was really cute the other night. We found one of his long lost remote control cars (mow-control) and he had both of his mowcontrols tucked in beside him whn I was kissing him goodnight. He was so exited about the fact that he has two, but I thought it was funny what he said:
Jensen: Dad, wouldn't it be great if I had three mowcontrols?
John: Uh-huh. (I like this kind of kid strategy)
Jensen: Or sixteen?
John: That would really be something.
Jensen: What if I had a hundred mowcontrols? Then there wouldn't be room for any other toys in our house. The baby would be sucking on a mowcontrol because there wouldn't be room for a Binky.
Gotta love his imagination. I remember when I used to dream about this same kind of thing. He and I have a very symbiotic birthday present relationship. He gets me remote control cars/planes for my birthday, and I was getting him Transformers before he was old enough to appreciate them. It is fun having a boy for boy stuff.

Well, the best of all this weekend is that the doctor thinks that Mia should be able to come home by Friday. We are elated.


The Eggett Family said...

Are you serious?????????? FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!! That is so exciting!!! That is so much sooner than I ever imagined!!!!

I'm glad you guys got to go to Seattle and spend some time with Mom and Mia. You are the cutest family!!! How exciting to be reunited after 4 + months.

Anonymous said...

man you guys love to have good news on mia when someone in my family has a birthday! today is my birthday and you said that mia might come home on my moms birthday!! i hope that that happens!!

Rebecca said...

Love the post. Still laughing at Jensen's thought about how Mia would have to pacify with a remote contolled toy. HILARIOUS!

CANDS said...

oh what a fabulous time!! i love hearing these happy stories! i need to come visit little missy next time im at work, its so crazy not having her around, but its so great to see her progressing too! cant wait to read the blog that she is HOME!! :)

Stephanie said...

Hooray for Friday!!!!!! That is great news! I am praying for Mia to continue getting stronger and stronger and to be at home in your arms this weekend! So glad you all had a great Thanksgiving and were able to spend some time together!

Kirstin said...

That is so exciting... I bet Friday can't come fast enough. I am glad you had a great Thanksgiving... Hey Mimi, I just heard this song and thought of you... Go listen to it. It is a good song with a good message, but the second verse makes me think of you and Mia everytime I listen to it. It is "If you aint got love" by Mason Jennings. Take care and I am thinking of you guys!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like an awesome time! And FRIDAY!!! That's unbelievable!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

yeah! i'm glad you had such a nice birthday considering the circumstances! jens has such a creative mind!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

yeah! i'm glad you had such a nice birthday considering the circumstances! jens has such a creative mind!

Sarah said...

Happy belated birthday John! It sounds like you had an awesome birthday. Your kids are too cute, I love all of the conversations you post with them. So funny :)

And, Friday?!?!?! That is wonderful!!! I am so happy and excited and will be keeping my fingers crossed that it will all go through. Hooray!

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