Nov 10, 2008

Update #1

We will try and keep posting as we go through the next few days. Currently Mimi is holding Mia who is sleeping peacefully. A good friend came up and together we gave Mia a blessing. I felt a great peace come over me. Here we will wait as we trade off holding our Mia until some time before 6 a.m.

Francisco is the surgeon currently in flight to get the heart. He will be back in a few hours and we will then be on the road to recovery. Finally!

Yes, I was in a accident on the way over. I was only 5 minutes away from the hospital when a guy made a left hand turn right in front of my. I smashed right into him. I actually had a pleasant experience. I hopped out of the car and informed the other driver "you gotta yield on a green light buddy." He was actually really nice and told the officers the truth. Did have to holler at the gal on the 911 call. She was crazy mean. My truck has minor damage to the front bumper, but the other guys Mitsubishi was mashed. Probably the only time I will ever get in an accident and not care one bit. I did enjoy the irony in those seconds as I was skidding into the guy.

Well, keep the prayers coming and Mia just looks so good and strong today. She is ready. I know that we have had to struggle so that the road ahead will seem easy.


Bown Bloggity Blog said...

Can't sleep, so happy! so relieved. Can't wait to talk to you two today. Lots of love and prayers going your way for a smooth transition. Also as Nat so compassionately pointed out lots of prayers for the donor family.

Crysm said...

John, I'm so relieved your accident wasn't more serious.

I'm looking forward to the next update.

Many prayers for Mia today.

Erin said...

MIMI! My mom just called me and told me the wonderful news! She works with your cute dad, and he told her this morning! I checked your blog last night before I went to bed and I must have just missed THE post! I am crying tears of joy! LOVE you guys and am still praying harder than ever for your sweet baby! Good luck today! This is the day Mia's been waiting for her whole too!


Anonymous said...

i was up all night thinkin about you so ive been up for a long time, but our family has been praying for you all morning.

love ya mimi,
morgan whittingslow

Anonymous said...

We send our love and feel so glad that finally your prayers have been answered. Also, I hope that all who read this will keep the other family in their thoughts and prayers


Carrie Hellewell said...

Jim called us late last night with the good news. Congratulations! We're so happy for both of you and love you all. We'll be praying for sweet Mia and be looking for updates. Glad that John is okay after the accident too!

Bug said...

oh my goodness!! i'm glad you're all right. we'll keep praying for your little one!

Shila said...

Holy Mackinoly! wow goosebumps! Congrats on the heart! It is so amazing! I don't even know what else to say! John, car accident? How unnerving for you when your nerves where probabyly already shot! Weird, I am just glad you are ok. Go Mia!