Nov 9, 2008

Wasatch Wasps (clap, clap, clap, clap)

To all of the class of 99 (well the ones who read this blog anyway) We are looking for you!! Our reunion is coming up and it is going to be RAD! We are starting to form committees for our fantastic, wonderful reunion. Can you believe it will be TEN years this summer? I can't. My plan is to get as much planning out of the way while I am chillin here in the ICU. When Mia gets her heart I will probably be relying on those of you who sign up to help. (no pressure) ;-)

If you want to help go HERE and let me know. There will also be a face book group for all you facebookers- I don't know much about it, but I hear there are quite a few alumni. So watch out for that. We are going to be compiling a reunion book- so get ready to send in some bio information. Whoo hoo for the Wasatch Waspsessss !

*If you have already attended your 10 year reunion, what was your favorite thing about it?


TheBastians said...

Is it true??!!! Did Mia get her heart?!! I read John's status update on Facebook!!!!

Chris & Tammy said...

I heard that Mia is having surgery tomorrow morning for her new heart!!! I am soo happy. My prayers are with Mia and your family that everything will go well. Also for the family who donated this special heart.
Love you guys!