Dec 29, 2008

A Big Fat Christmas Post

We start the festivities off with a little sledding. Not so much sledding as being pulled behind daddy's truck. I was pretty sceptical at first, but after seeing the sheer joy on their faces I consented and took some pics. He drove slowly- and there was not another soul out driving in the neighborhood.

After hours of truck/sled fun they hung out by the fireplace for awhile. The kids really like getting "toasty warm."

On Christmas Eve John took the kids to his parents house for the annual Christmas party. Every year tamales are served for Christmas Eve dinner. This is a tradition from his mom's side. During the depression John's great grandma made and sold tamales. There is usually a Tamale making party to get ready for the feast.

Every year there is a big production to enact Jesus' birth. Jense got to be Joseph this year. This is Karate Joseph.
Ellie getting her little cousin ready to be an angel. Take a close look because it is not common that Ellie and Angel go in the same sentence. Read on and you'll know why.

These are the wise men

The heavenly angels

It is a sweet little program. Last year it switched over from the adults acting it out to the kids acting it out. Due to the size of our family and due to the high fertility therein, there are always several candidates each year for a live baby Jesus. Hudson was as cute as ever and seemed to enjoy his acting debut.

John's mom sews and sews and sews practically all year to make nightgowns for all of her grandchildren. These are two of my sweet nieces modeling their cute nightgowns. Mia lucked out and got two.
Jense with his oldest cousin Savannah. This girl is golden! She always gets put in charge of watching the kids.
Ok- here is where Ellie fills in the rest of the crew of the cousins that "Santa" isn't the real Santa and just "Levi's dad" -Gotta love this kid. Usually we see glimpses of Santa escaping out in yonder field or around the side of the house, but this year due to some VERY upset kids who missed the sighting, Santa actually came inside to see the kids. That actually was a lot of fun for the kids and probably will be a new norm for the years to come.

Daddy reading Twas the night before Christmas to all of the kids.
Jense talked about making cookies for Santa for a month. I think he was more excited about leaving out the cookies than he was opening up his gifts on Christmas morning. Yummy cookies compliments our our neighbors who dropped of the dough. We really enjoyed all of our tasty Christmas treats- and our secret Santa.

Making his finishing touches to his note.
What holiday wouldn't be complete without a titch of identity theft. These are the flowers that I sent to myself!! On the way home from the hospital I stopped to get some last minute gifts. My credit card wouldn't work, which is something that has never happened before. I called the company and they told me that they froze my account due to "suspicious spending" AWESOME! Apparently someone used my credit card number to sign me up for a bunch of online services. Including one from FTD. I called FTD being the detective that I am, to find out where the flowers were being shipped. She told me that according to the order, they were ordered by me for me. Well at least whoever got ahold of my info had the decency to send me some flowers. I couldn't wait to read what the card said ;-) I was thinking it would be a pretty sweet bouquet because it was over $40. I guess six roses are a little more pricey than I thought. I will probably never know how they got my info- I had my card in front of me, and I don't have any statements mailed to me. They are getting tricky. Moving on...

Santa's stockings were a big hit. It was fun to give my parents stockings after years of them being Santa for me. John was the shopper for every ones stockings. He was very thoughtful with his purchases. He also thought he was pretty funny. John has a need to make me laugh or at least try. His Christmas joke was the twilight poster (next to my stocking) which was promptly hung up next to my side of the bed. Ellie keeps asking... "daddy, is that you?"

The opening frenzy! We take turns opening which makes Christmas last a little longer. Ellie ended up with more gifts than the rest of us so we had her open two at a time.

The thank you hug after they opened the gift from one another.

The best thing about Christmas was being home, and being home with this little babino. She is such a sweet baby and is the best Christmas present I could have ever asked for. Christmas is a great time to think about what is important to you and reflect on how blessed you have been throughout the year. I doubt there will be another year like this one. We have been through so much together as a family and are strengthened because of it. I don't take life for granted and I hold that little sweetie pie knowing what a miracle it is that she is alive. Also, I think of her donor family and how they are feeling on Christmas day. I hope they can feel of our gratitude to them. We are incredibly blessed, and have seen many miracles. I now know a greater level of Joy because of Mia. I have a better understanding of the atonement and what the savior did for all of us. Christmas will never be the same for me.

Thank you to everyone who has done so much for our family this year. We could not have made it on this journey without many of you!! Merry Christmas to you all!!


Amy said...

Your family is an inspiration.
Glad to see all of your joyful Christmas pics at home!

The Whittingslow Family said...

hey mimi,
i love the last picture with the bib, i wonder where i've seen that before?

Sheri said...

So happy you had such a wonderful Christmas. tyler brought in the paper this morning and the first thing we saw was the picture of Baby Mia - so sweet. Do you want our copy?

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

wow, once again tears! I'm so glad your family was able to be together again and enjoy christmas. you guys are wonderful! i'm sorry about your credit card...that stinks, hopefully they'll get it all straightened out soon. i love the pic of mia w/ her lil' leg warmers. ady got some striped ones too! love you guys.

Abbie said...

Merry Christmas Mimi, Mia and Family. We're so glad you are all together this Christmas season and are grateful for having had the chance to get to know and serve you. May this next year be a great one as Mia grows and discovers the beauties of life.

The Coatney's said...

I love it! I especially love karate Joseph! AND I'm very jealous of the Twilight poster, very, very

Allie said...

So glad you all were able to enjoy a wonderful Christmas together in your own home!! :)

Shelley Eggett said...

It makes me so happy to see your family at home together for Christmas. What a blessing and a wonderful gift you've been given. All your festivities look like lot's of fun. Your cousin Nativity looks even crazier than ours. I'm very impressed with John and his thoughtful stocking filling skills. Love the leg warmers on Mia's chubby little legs, and I'm so glad she's at home where she belongs. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Shelley Eggett said...

Oh and that is too bad about your Credit card. That is insane. That is so funny that they sent you flowers. Nice Try people - thanks heavens for Credit Card companies that will protect you from stuff like this. I hope they find out who it was

Katie said...

So glad you guys had a great Christmas, I'm sure just holding that baby girl AT HOME was enough! What a year you've had. I may be coming to the meeting this Sunday, do you go to them? Let me know...I'm trying to get Susie to come too if she can work it out.

And last year at Christmas, we got identity thefted too! A calendar of a swimming babe came to my door, in my name! Yikes!!! Anyway, they started off small, little items, and luckily we got it all straight. The only thing I think it could have been was that card was saved on a few on-line sites' card info. for ordering... (Shutterfly, Wal-Mart and Amazon)

Anyway, Happy New Year and hope to see you guys real soon! I'm so glad everything is going well, what a blessing!

The Smith's said...

Hi Mimi! What a Christmas ... to be HOME as a family of FIVE! I'm so glad to hear that Mia is doing so well and loved reading the Soundlife article about her yesterday. I love that these heart kids are going to have such an incredible story to share their whole lives and hopefully use that for good!

We just saw Dr. S. on Monday for a check-up, I'm sure he is thrilled to get to see Mia again! Isn't he fabulous? I am so thankful for him and that office!

Hope you have a happy new year!


Maria said...

So glad to see your christmas at home! Don't you just love being home.... You probably don't ever want to leave! The kids look great. Mia looks so healthy with her angel heart. Hope you have a very Happy New Year!

Sarah said...

It looks like a perfect Christmas! I love that John drags the sled around with his truck, we did many similar things growing up in Canada and it is SO fun :) Anna was also more excited about making cookies for Santa than anything, I thought that was pretty cute. As always your children are beyond adorable and Ellie absolutely cracks me up. I am so glad you were all together at home for Christmas!!!

Rebecca said...

So...where has super girl seen that bib before? Hmmmmm. I love the post. John definitely got a laugh from me with the Twilight poster. Merry Christmas!