Feb 28, 2008

We're Having A...........

Well a little over half of you were right!! It's a GIRL.... named Ned! I decided to take the kids to the appointment with me thinking they would be really intrigued. Yeah, not so much. They took turns sitting next to me periodically looking at the screen, then quickly lost interest. Jensen kept telling the technician that his baby's name is Ned. When we found out it was a girl I asked him if it was ok if Ned was a girl... he said, "yeah, that's great." We are really excited to have a girl...Ellie can't stop talking about her sister! John of course wanted a girl, but I would have been thrilled with either. She will make her Debut in July.
Kisses for the momma! John has taught our kids the art of giving out lots of kisses. The technician gave them a picture each- good thinking! The baby was very active, and had her hands under her chin the entire time, like she knew she was being photographed. It was a fun day, and I'm glad we are going to be blessed with a new little person in our family. Now it is on to choosing a name... other than Ned of course.

Feb 26, 2008


Where did this kid come from? He has the most amazing voice! My friend Rebecca will tell you that I have a "Utah" complex, which is true. This American Idol contestant is from Utah, which works out perfect for me because he is fantastic. I would think he is fantastic just because he is from Utah... but all Utah bias aside, He is my favorite!! Ok, so to be fair he is the only one I watched tonight, but I am predicting that he wins! Anyone with me?

Weekend in Colorado

I spent the weekend in Colorado with my two sisters. Danielle, aka "Boonie" is going to school out there, and is almost finished. Raegan, Abby, and I decided to fly in to see her before her big day. She is engaged... well not technically... but will be soon to a great guy. He picked us up from the airport and told us his grandiose plan to propose, and showed us the ring to boot! If I weren't sworn to secrecy I would let you on the plan. After they are officially engaged I will post a pic of the ring... it is beautiful!! He is so good to her, and his goodness definitely crossed over to the both of us! We drove down to Denver to try on her wedding dress. It was so fun to see her so happy and excited about her dress. Yes, she already has her dress because they have been making wedding plans for some time now... she doesn't have the ring yet because of his super fancy plan to propose.The beautiful bride to be... Carl you better not be reading this post!!!
What trip to CO would be complete without a trip to Celestial Seasonings. We toured the plant, and learned about how "Mormon tea" is made!! The most interesting part of the tour was the mint room. They store all of their mint separate from the other herbs, which makes for an extremely intense minty experience. Seconds after entering the room my eyes started to water due to the menthol overload.
We hit the Spa for massages, I have never been to such a lavish spa...so wonderful! The receptionist handed robes to my sisters, then handed one to me and said, "and the big one for you." Of course I was grateful for the extra coverage, but I was thinking to myself... am I really that big? I know I am a great deal larger than I was six months ago- Whoo hoo for rapid weight gain! Then we were off to get pedicures, my foot is the one with the creep you out vein. We had a complete day of pampering and ended the night eating out at a restaurant in Bolder. The food was delicious!!
The future Patrick family, Carl, Boo, Forest, and Gump. Boonie is in love with her dogs! They are super cute dogs... forest and I got some cuddle time in. Gummpy or Brown dog as Boonie calls him gave me the cold shoulder. It was such a great little break! I am glad I got to see my little niece Abby crawling around.. she wins the award for cutest niece EVER! Boonie was an extraordinary host... she even packed me little snacks for the baby. I told them I was coming back next weekend because they took such good care of me!! Carl, even though you are not reading this... Boonie you can tell him... thanks so much for your generosity!! Welcome to the fam!

Feb 21, 2008

My Artistic Boy

The last couple posts have been about Ellie so here is one about Jensen. It's interesting how different your own children can be. Jensen loves to create... anything! John brought home a volcano kit that Jensen went nuts over. It took a couple days to finish, but Jensen was so proud that he made it. Ellie helped, but she was more on the destruction crew.

Marshmallows and toothpicks make for a great afternoon project. Notice Jensen's concentration on his next structure while Ellie flashes her money face (see post below). He is big into projects, and lights up when he gets to try something new. After about the third day making "towers" my pregnant belly was making it difficult to bend over to pick up all the fallen toothpicks.

Jensen loves to draw, and here is one of his latest pictures of a pirate ship. John was constructing a boat for me to use in sharing time on Sunday. Jensen announced, "dad I'll draw you a picture so you will know how to make the boat." Jensen's ship is much more fancy than the boat produced by his father. He colors in the lines, and is obsessed with writing words. I feel like I am spelling words all day long for him to write. When he gets to a letter he knows both capital and lower case, he asks me, "mom, do you want me to write a capital or a lowercase?" Every time he asks... my new response is... "you decide." Jens is such a sweet, tender hearted kiddo... I am grateful to be his mommy.

Money Face

I couldn't resist posting this picture. We call this her money face. She is really starting to ham it up for the camera. I guess she is a product of her mom constantly taking pictures of her... although daddy took this particular picture. The too large gloves are awesome! She soaks hers through in the first five minutes of playing in the snow. I have yet to find good snow gloves for little ones.

Feb 18, 2008

Creamies... Where are you???

These are my absolute FAVORITE ice cream bars! I never believed when I moved out of Utah that they wouldn't be available. I really really want one! When I first moved here I found some at Walmart, but they have since stopped carrying them. While home for Thanksgiving I was walking through Costco with my sister and saw a gigantic box of these in the freezer section. I immediately started scheming how to get a box back to Washington. I am desparate people!! Can you tell I'm pregnant?? So today I got on the website which leads you to a map you can click on your state. The information hasn't been uptdated because it said Walmart... WRONG! I live smack between two Walmarts five minutes away... NO CREAMIES! I decided to give them a call, the man was super nice and told me where I can go twenty minutes away to get some! VICTORY! I am however going to make it my personal quest to get my local Costco to carry them... why does Utah get all the great Costco stuff??

Sadly, I have yet to find any Fanta Red Cream Soda!! This soda is heavenly. For years, this was my soda of choice, then out of nowhere they discontinued it!! My sister, or a roommate or someone used to say that they would marry the first guy to bring them violet roses... was that you Suz? Anyway, I remember telling people I dated at Ricks I would marry the first boy to bring me Fanta. There were some wise guys who showed up with Barq's... Not funny! Well, sadly I never did get my fanta despite my husbands efforts. Yes, I have called Coca-cola... no luck. I think at this point I am going to have to track down someone who has some in food storage (not likely). Maybe someday Coca-cola will decide to bust out the best soda recipe known to man and re-distribute. A girl can dream right? I can still taste the deliciousness! Am I crazy or does anyone else have food/drink they are forced to live without?

The Good Wife's Guide

I don't know if it is true or not but I laughed out loud!! My poor poor husband!! I couldn't get the text right so click HERE then scroll down.

Feb 14, 2008

Valentines Day Craziness!!

We started off the day with a Sweetheart ball. Ellie loved all the crafts and dancing! Jensen was our ONLY boy... the handsome prince of the ball. He was a good sport and did everything but the dancing.
Ellie was excited that is was her birthday too... she made sure everyone knew that she was three years old.
After a birthday dinner we sang to her again. I made the mistake of buying candles that sparkle. The girl is terrified of fireworks, and didn't want to blow them out a second time.

Daddy gave her a princess bike for her birthday, which she LOVES! Riding around on her princess bike (indoors) polished off a great birthday!

A Valentines post wouldn't be complete without giving up a little love to my Valentine. Ellie's birthday kind of overshadows the romance of the day, but to my Valentine:

Thanks for being such a fantastic husband!! You make being married wonderful!! You make me laugh.. even when I don't want to! You are the best dad I know.. no really.. The BEST! Thanks for all the wonderful Valentines Days, and for those to come! Me love you long time!

This picture is of us at Ricks College... where it all began. Our first Valentines day together (eight years ago) John covered the entire front room of his apt in red paper, we're talking ceiling and all. He talked his roommate into being our waiter, and he cooked me a ten course meal of all my favorite foods. I can't remember everything but I remember the artichokes and pot roast ( I'm sure it's recorded diligently in my journal). He had a friend in the ward come over and play the violin for our entertainment (so sweet). Last, we listened to a "mixed tape" he made of his favorite love songs then watched "Singing in the rain." It doesn't get any more Ricks College than that folks!

Happy Valentines Day!

Feb 12, 2008

Ellie's Birthday Bash

Happy birthday to Elvis!!
Ellie had her pony party last night. She took care of all her guests! Here she is feeding her cousin roo roo some yummy cake. The funnest thing about the birthday party is the planning for it. I wish I had a video camera as we went around picking up the balloons, party favors, and groceries for her party.
Opening gifts was a little comical. She had fun tearing the paper, opening the box, and quickly throwing out the gift inside, before she was on to her next one. It would have been nice if she showed some emotion for every gift, but she was too preoccupied with getting them all open. This toy has been her favorite so far. It is a darling doll that has snap on clothes. Ellie has been combing her hair non stop in the bathroom. When I walk by I hear her giving the doll a pep talk. The same one she gets from me every day when I do her hair. "Stand still for just a minute OK?" "I'm almost done...ok? ok?"
Big bro was such a helper getting ready for the party. He has been earning money to buy his sister a gift. He has earned a whopping four dollars so far. We will celebrate her birthday on Thursday, so I have a couple days to take him shopping. He knows exactally what he wants to buy her! Jensen was a really good sport about his sister's birthday. He did turn the conversation to what he was planning for his next birthday, so I knew the wheels were turning about when it's his big day. With huge excited eyes he keeps telling me"There is gonna be garbage truck on my cake!!" Poor kid has months before his birthday!
The guests of honor! This is BJ and Chase (cousins), the cute older cousins mind you. Around Christmas Ellie developed an adoration for BJ, she will randomly bring him up and talk about him to no one in particular. All last week she was continually labeling her invitations, usually in the same order; "This one is for roo roo, this one is for Ruby... this one is for BJ." I was so happy when they came!! There is a lot to be said about teenage boys who will come to a pony party.

Feb 8, 2008


I came home from the grocery store the other day with this loot. My husband took one look at me and sarcastically said... "mmmm can I have some?" I know this is probably appalling to most of you, but when I saw them on the shelf I couldn't resist. First of all let's just get it out there that I have not purchased little debbie's during my married life. Keeblers deliciousness usually graces my cupboards. However, one needs to understand my upbringing. On any given day I could open the cupboard above the microwave and find a little Debbie. Yes, you could always count on a box of oatmeal cream pies(my dad’s favorite). They were suppsed to be for his lunches, but they were quick and easy. I can remember eating three of four after school, then regreting it immediately after. The carmel cookie bars were my ultimate favorite- you should try one! My friend who lived across the street loved them too, and so we changed the name to “Marie food.” Oh, Little Debbies… you weren’t as tasty as I remember, but at the moment you were all that I wanted. The sunny delight has been a constant craving this pregnancy, so healthy I know. Now that I have told you my bizarre cravings, what did you crave when you were pregnant? Don’t worry- I won’t judge you…my desire for Debbie’s is not that glamorous.

Feb 5, 2008

New Camera

Someone in my ward was selling their canon EOS camera, so I jumped on that. I really haven't figured out how to use it yet, and there are a lot of words in the manual that mean nothing to me, but I am pumped. Here are my first photos.... I am excited to take some outside!

Snow Fun

It snowed!! I was getting worried that the kids wouldn't have a chance to make a snowman, but they got their chance last week. It didn't stick around for long, but it did snow, and we took advantage of it!! They loved sledding across the street from our house at a park. There is a tiny hill, just perfect for them. Jensen was getting creative going down backwards, on his belly, and laying down across the sled. Ellie of course carried her sled up the hill and went down again and again no assistance needed.
Ellie is quite the chatterbox lately. She cannot stop talking about her birthday party. Everywhere we go, she asks people if they want to come to her pony party. I cannot believe she will be three next week. How did those three year go by so fast? I feel like she just went into nursery. So sad!


Everyone I know seems to be obesessing over this book. I borrowed it from my friend and read it (thanks Jaim). Actually, I am well into the second book- it is quite addicting. I just want to know what happens. I loved her descriptions of Washington... I feel the exact same way Bella! I am curious to see where the story goes. So there is a book four?? A movie?? Fill me in Twilight girls.