Jan 2, 2009

Low Sodium?

Mimi was at the tail end of Mia's 4 hour hospital checkup this evening when the labs came back and showed Mia's Sodium levels were extremely low. They took another test to make sure and sure enough they were not good. Mimi simply went straight to the cafeteria for some supplies. She was able to successfully crush up Saltine crackers, pretzels and a healthy amount of Salt & Vinegar Chips for a special Salt Medley. She then added a little water and a few bullion cubes and finished by grinding the mixture one final time with her mortar and pestle that she just happened to have in her purse. This became a nice salty paste that the baby was able to eat. Her Sodium levels shot back up and now she is back home with us... Wouldn't that be nice? Mom and baby were actually admitted to the hospital tonight. The docs will give us the scoop in the morning as to what they think is going on. Mia actually looks extremely well. We are not too alarmed, and hope for an early discharge tomorrow. Good luck with that!

On a happy note, My bis sis. Heather had her 5th baby today! A healthy baby boy at 10lbs 5oz. Mom and baby are healthy and I hear baby is very cute. Congratulations guys!


The Whittingslow Family said...

omg are you serious! i am going to be at the hospital on tuesday for an appointment i hope i dont see you there! love ya and i hope mia gets better!!

Shannon said...

Hey Mimi
If you guys are still at Children's tomorrow, I hope you can swing by the support group meeting (2.30pm, same place). I'd love to see you but I hope you ARE home instead!


Shelley Eggett said...

Bummer! I hope it's an easy fix and you get to come home tomorrow. You had me going about the sodium mixture for awhile John - I'm really gullable.

Congrats to your Sister - That is one big baby!!

I am praying for Mia!