Jan 3, 2009

We're Baaaaaack

Mia is doing just fine. She is happily swinging away ( she is addicted to the swing). We are just waiting for her Sodium levels to come back up. I literally thought I knew it all, but the word "SODIUM" didn't exist in the past six months time. I didn't even know they checked sodium levels. I guess I was always preoccupied with the levels that were a problem and paid no attention to the stuff that got swept under the rug like sodium. Well, apparently sodium's feelings were hurt that I didn't take notice- and made sure that I don't forget again.

I'm OK with being admitted back into the hospital if it is for sodium issues. It's just a day or two stay to monitor her while she gets some supplements. Don't tell sodium I'm belittling it's role. Although this isn't my first choice place to have a sleepover, we are happy the level was caught before something bad happened.

The highlight of being back here was being able to see many of her nurses. Last night while being admitted we took a little stroll down through the PICU. Everyone of course was so happy to see her. Candice showed her off to all the ladies. We timed it just perfect because we were walking through during report. We were able to see both day and night shift nurses.

I typed up the blog below a few weeks ago, but forgot to publish it... it sort of applies.

Top Ten reasons you know you’ve been living in a hospital too long

  1. You have seen six different window displays in the family resource center
  2. Everyone asks about your child- even cafeteria staff.
  3. Nurses stop in on their break to see you
  4. You start receiving gifts from the nurses because you’ve been around so long
  5. You get excited when they are showing HSM 3 (there are perks to being at a children’s hospital ;-)
  6. You’ve gone through 2 sets of shampoo and conditioner
  7. You've slept in all of the sleeper rooms except for one.
  8. The unit coordinators know the people who call you and can recognize their voice.
  9. You have consumed your 100th bag of Erin's brand popcorn.
  10. A nurse you had months ago had baby and now is back from maternity leave

So all in all today has been an uneventful day- we pretty much cuddled all day long.
When I did go to the cafeteria I sat at a table that had a newspaper on it. There was a article about Mia. I knew about the one in the News Tribune and Herald, but there was the article in the Seattle Times. It is kind of fun to sit down to eat and have an article about your baby staring up at you. It was the same article from the News Tribune minus the pictures. I took that page of the paper... hope that was OK. It was published yesterday.

Click Here for a link to the article that was in the News Tribune. I have yet to read the one in the Herald. If someone has a copy, save it for me please.


Katie said...

I'm sorry you're back. Bet it was nice seeing everyone again, and for them to see you and Mia :) You have such a great attitude on all of this! I love reading your posts, you are sooo funny (your hubby's is too) and the gratitude you have for your little sweetie shines through, even with sodium issues. I was planning on coming over to the support group meeting tomorrow until Maddie woke up with a cold this morning...so next month Sus and I are planning on coming! It's Feb. 1st, so let's plan to get-together!!! We can figure out how to not expose Mia to our germy girls as it gets closer! Ha! So just think on it and we can get a plan later :) Hopefully you'll be home asap... thinking of you!
Katie & Maddie

Lauri said...

I'm glad that you guys at least all got to be home on Christmas. That is fabulous. Although you guys are at the hospital at least you know it is temporary this time and that you will be home soon. I loved the article too. They did a good job. Thanks for the link.

Sheri said...

You can have our copy :-). I'll try to drop it and the Tribune article off tomorrow!! I'm glad everything is looking good!

Izabell said...

I am sorry that your back in the hospital are you on the 4th floor? I hope that she has healthy levels soon and you are able to return home quickly! sending our love and~wyndi and Izzy well wishes

do you think you will stop by the heart group at 230 in the cafeteria today?

The Whittingslow Family said...

hey im sorry your back in the hospital. but i heard from john that you are getting out today. well im just here hang'in with the kids so don't worrie about home life, its good!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

Hey meems,
i was so sad to talk to you and hear you were at the hospital. glad it's just for something somewhat minor. i dropped some stuff off at your house (copies of news articles and stuff). hope you guys get out today. loved your "you know you've been in the hospital too long" sad, but funny now that you are home (minus this wweekend) ok, i'm rambling now. call if you need anything.

Shelley Eggett said...

Well I'm so happy to hear it's nothing serious. I guess you can just look at the bright side and chalk it up to a visit to see old friends. Maybe Mia was missing them :) I hope everything gets worked out and you get back home soon.

Chris & Tammy said...

I love her big blue eyes, and that HUGE smile!! It melts my heart!!

Shelley Eggett said...

Oh my gosh those pictures are adorable!! What a big smile, I bet that just melts your heart to see her so happy and smiley. Keep us posted of anything new.

Peg said...

This is Cindy's mom again. These pictures are so beautiful! We continue to pray for you daily. God is so good.

Steven and Whitney said...

Look at that smile and those big blue eyes! What a happy girl. She is looking better everyday. Hope you had a great holiday with your family--you deserve it.

Princess Pookie said...

Of course sodium is important! Hello...that's why they invented potato chips...my secret midnight snack. Never leave out the sodium! Praise to the chip Gods for inventing Salt & Vinegar chips. Mmmm Mmmm good.:) Princess Mia looks amazing. I adore the happy-go-lucky smile.

Riley Family said...

It was so great o see your family and especially Sweet Baby Mia! I am glad that you are in the hospital for low sodium and not something more serious. Loved you list! :) Take care!

Stephanie said...

I haven't been commenting on blogs lately..as a matter of fact things have been alittle crazy and I haven't been following very many but I have been checking in on Mia and keeping her in my prayers! So sorry to hear that you're back in the hospital but very thankful that they discovered a problem before it blew up :) Keeping you all in my prayers.

I just love the first pic of mia!!! That is just adorable!