Jan 19, 2009


Hey graduates of WHS class of 99- we are looking for YOU! Here's the scoop... our ten year reunion is coming up! Can you believe it? How did that happen? Yes, we are getting older... but the good news is- we are going to have a GREAT reunion!! We need some information from all of you. Please email your current contact info to: http://www.whsclassof99reunion@yahoo.com We need your:
  • name (Maiden and Married)
  • email address (for pre-reunion communication)
  • mailing address (for the actual invitation)
  • phone number (if you want it shared with alumni)

This is the email address we will use to gather information from you up until the reunion. A few things we will be asking you to send in...not yet...but soon.
brief bio of the past ten years with any personal websites
an updated photo of yourself /family
any photo's you have of alumni from k-12 that you want to share How can you help, you ask??? Well...we need to get the word out about the reunion. That is where out little incentive comes in.
Use this button and post it on your personal website/ facebook/myspace etc. Contact everyone you keep in touch with about the whs class of 99 blog and have them email in their information. Just copy the html code and paste it onto your website or attach it to an email.

At the end of May, whoever found the most people (on purpose or not) will attend the reunion for free. What is better than going to your ten year high school reunion? Yep, you said it- going for FREE! So blog away, write on walls, email, and get the word out. Don't forget to have them leave a comment on the WHS blog so we know who gets credit... also it will be fun to see who has been contacted.

* You can use the anonymous option if you don't have an account, but make sure to leave your name.

If you know you are unable to attend the reunion leave a comment so we will know not to call your parents to track you down. Oh YES,... I have a list with their phone numbers. We do still want your information for a reunion booklet that will be handed out at the reunion. The reunion will be the last weekend in July. We will be having a Wasps only night on Friday July 31st and the main reunion with guests will be Saturday Aug 1st. Feel free to email with any questions and someone will get back to you. Now that you have read this, don't forget to email in your info.

If you want a headstart- there are alumni linked to this blog. Oh, and I don't count...so if you haven't heard of this yet, find someone with the blinkie to give credit to.


Allie said...

We're getting old.....SAD! :)

Lauri said...

I can't believe you are only celebrating your 10th year HS reunion. You're such a young duckling :-)

Jennifer said...

I too am planning my 10 year reunion. Finding people is the pits! Good luck with everything!

Princess Pookie said...

10 years? That's it? You officially suck!;)

katie said...

You + 10 yr reunion = I'm getting old.
Where have all the years gone?
So good to hear from you!
You and your beautiful family have been in our prayers for months, and it is so wonderful to see that many people's prayers have been answered.
Mia is a modern day miracle.

Knight Bliss said...

Wow, i cant believe we are that old. Oh thanks for your cute comments on my blog and no I didn't take my daughters one year, six month or newborn phots. Her name is Skye Johansen and she lives in Lehi here is her blog, check it out skyejohansen.com/blog