Feb 14, 2009

Not so great at multitasking

Yes, it's true. The previous post was a task that was an event in our Valentines "Olympics." I was supposed to write a post about how great my husband is while answering random questions over the phone all while one of our friends was saying, "mom, mom, mom" in my ear. It was a four minute timed challenge, and my time ran out before I was able to type anything good. I am surprised at how poorly I did at this challenge. I have typed up plenty of blogs while talking on the phone, but never under such intense pressure to answer trivia questions. I had to answer questions like, "What is the square root of 16," and "What state name has only one syllable."

Initially I typed up some cheesy post about john boy, but then erased it and replaced it with the fact that he knows the first names of Bel Biv Devoe. ROMANTIC- I know! In my defense, I love this about him. He comes out of the woodwork with songs I have never heard before and sings them all goofy with absolutely no intonation in his voice- it is hilarious! I take that back, he does make it sound like he is asking questions when he "raps." His voice goes up a few notes when he says the very last word in the sentence. Jim, you know the voice! I can't decide if it's his serious voice, or the lyrics that make me laugh. The reason this trait was the topic of my blog was because the night before he was reciting these old school songs. After wowing me with his knowledge of their "first names," I couldn't help but think of how much I love him! Hun- sorry my blog suffered, but if you didn't know before- now you know that I think about how much I love you daily.

My Valentine did not disappoint this year. My sister and her husband were in town, and our good friends joined us for the most hoppin valentines day yet. This is how are night went:

4:00- The games begin! The boys give us homemade game shirts

1st Event- pounding nails, drilling in screws, drilling holes, and sawing a wooden dowel while shooting for the quickest time. John pretty much worked everyone over in this event. He can drill like it's nobodies business.

2nd Event - riding a trick bike around in a circle and from one cup to the other. Boonie and Carl took the cake on this one.

3rd Event was shooting our husbands with paint balls as they ran around the backyard. This was by far my favorite event. It is quite satisfying to fire paint balls at a moving/screaming target- especially when it is your husband!

4th Event- Target practice- John with his paintball skills, won the gold.

5th Event -"kissing" We had to remove a Starburst wrapper with our teeth.

6th Event-hula hoop contest. The hula hoop they bought was really light weight which made it impossible to hula. Boonie with 8 seconds had the highest score.

7th Event- marshmallow toss. John and I pride ourselves on catching food in our mouths- we don't get out much. ;-)

8th Event- was the aforementioned multitasking that I didn't do so hot at. I did answer the questions, but bombed on the blog. Rebeccca took the gold with a cute poem about Chris. This event was more or less making fun of the fact that we (women) claim we can multitask without error. You can see from the blog below I was quite flustered- the blog didn't even make sense.

9th Event- Phone Call. I had to call someone and get them to say the words: cupid, spatula, Wii, flip flops, balcony, and cactus- without telling them what I was doing. Luckily I called my sister Raegan and she said every word in less than two minutes. It pays to have sisters!

10th Event- We played the newly wed game. Chris and Rebecca had the most answers correct. John doesn't know himself as well as I do!! :-D

We ended the evening playing the Wii. Nothing says good times like a little Dr. Mario.

With the exception of Ellie being born, this was our most exciting valentines day!!


Shelley Eggett said...

K - That seriously sounds like such a fun idea. Who came up with that? So creative.

Did Reagan tell you that Maleah and Andrew (I think that's his name) are in the same school class. I'm the room Mom and I called her to help with the valentines party. The whole hour during the party I was thinking she looked so familiar. She has so many of your same mannerisms. Then It finally dawned on me that you had a sister named Reagan. So I asked your little nephew when he came to my rotation if he had an aunt named Mimi. He told me no. So then I was all confused and just asked her afterwards. She's super sweet and Oh so pretty, just like you and all your other sisters.

I'm glad you had a good valentines day. I might have to steal that idea sometime.

Mimi said...

Seriously?? oh, that makes me so sad that Drew doesn't know me. I am surprised he said no. He knows me... maybe he was protecting my identity ;-). It's so sad that I have to live so far away.

How fun that they are in the same class! You'll have to have a play date.

Anonymous said...

Ok, have to tell you that watching the paintball shots at the husbands was one of the funniest Valentine's things your neighbors have seen in a while! Thanks for the laughs.....; 0 D

Emily and Mark

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

how fun!!! john is so creative. glad you guys had such a fun night...you deserve it! i love your posts and how detailed you are. makes the reader really be able to picture it and feel like they were there. love ya.

The Mason Family said...

Hi Mimi...thanks for stopping by our blog. I know there are many people that 'lurk' but rarely leave a comment, so I appreciate you letting me know that you stopped by. I have heard of your sweet Mia from Katie. I had the pleasure of meeting her, Maddie and the rest of the family when they took a trip down to SoCal; they are a great family!

I'm so glad to hear that Mia received her perfect heart and things are going well. Do you mind if I add Mia to our blog of heart friends? Again thanks for stopping by...best wishes!

Shannon Mason

The Mason Family said...

Oh one more thing...I created a CHD Awareness video and used the same song that you have playing on your blog. What a great song huh? I have the video posted on my blog if you'd like to check it out (under CHD Awareness)...

Rebecca said...

Your post did this serious justice and I just want to copy and paste it! I love that shooting at moving, screaming targets is more fun when the moving screaming target is your husband! LOL. You were the marshmallow toss champs! Well, and the overall champs. Power couple!

The Heaps Family said...

Sounds like an eventful and fun Valentines. Glad you had fun.

Yergensen Family said...

WOW your husband is super creative! Sounds like you had a blast!

Beth said...

Mimi, have I told you yet that I miss you? Well, I do. I loved reading about your valentine's day. How fun. Who planned that? I need to come see you and Mia.

Kirstin said...

Maine!!! As soon as I read you had to answer the state that only had one syllable, I started singing the state song in my head (the one your mom taught us in elementary school)! Sounds like a great Valentines... very creative spin on the holiday!

You also crack me up with the comment about Mia's high waisted jeans and how she is embarrassed. She is so cute... even in the high waist jeans.

Sarah said...

What a fun Valentine's day!!! You guys sure know how to have fun. I love the picture of you with the paintball gun!

Barbiemat said...

Send me your email. I'm going private.