Apr 4, 2009

April is here!

To kick off DONATE LIFE awareness month here is a little video put together by some wonderful students at BYU. True Blue is a part of BYU broadcasting that covers athletics. A big thanks to all you cougars who participated and put on the bike-a-thon.

Click HERE to watch the clip. You may have to download the player (click on the blue box). THEN... click on episode 32 and then click on Baby Mia. Keep in mind that it was a phone interview and my voice well... you'll see.

Also, as long as I'm throwing out disclaimers. I tried repeatedly to email a video file for the segment. I finally gave up on the one I wanted and went with the last one I recorded, which was easier than opening and closing a ton of files. I was hoping that they would edit out my crazy noises and just get the giggly baby. Well... you get BOTH.

Mia was one of the lucky ones to receive such a precious gift! Please visit Donate Life.net to learn more about organ donation.


The Simmons Family said...

I didn't even know April was Donate Life month!! You'd better belive I"ll post it on our blog and I LOVE the clip you did -- phone interviews are supposed to be that way. BYU is fantastic!

Shelley Eggett said...

I have chills! What a great little video. Fun to see so many videos and pictures of Mia. Good Job - I don't think your voice sounded funny at all.

Talia said...

That was an awesome video Mimi...loved the clips of Mia!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

that was a wonderful video. nice work you all sounded great, especially Mia's laugh! yay for april being donate life month! love you guys.

mbishopp said...

wow, thanks for sharing. it gave me the chills just thinking of all that has happened to your family in such a short time.
what a little blessing in your life.
i am so grateful and touched my the strangers that helped you out so much.