Mar 29, 2009

IT Happened!

The "It" I'm referring to is the sinking feeling in my chest that I knew would eventually come to pass.

Going into Mia's transplant I knew that a day would come when I would get some "bad news." Ok, so this news isn't that bad, but I still had the, 'OH NO' feeling and held my breath while the coordinator explained the plan of action. The results of her blood work came back and her CBC revealed that her white blood cell count is too low.

We are going to pull back a little on one of her immune suppressants and see if her count can recover. I am going to try and not lose any sleep over it. I knew this day would come- I was just hoping it was a long long time in the future. I got so used to her levels being great, surprisingly great. No thank you white blood cell count! NO THANK YOU!

If the low white blood cell count continues to remain untreated, there can be significant consequences.The most important consequence is increased vulnerability of infections. A person with low white blood cell count is likely to get infections which a person with adequate immunity is unlikely to get.

Another consequence of untreated low white blood cell count is increased likelihood to develop cancers. In a normal healthy individual, cells that show deviations from the normal are usually treated by the white cells as foreign or alien cells and destroyed. In the absence of adequate immunity provided by them, they can continue to multiply and lead to growth of cancer.

Frequent infections impose enormous strain on the body, which brings down the health of the individual.

Soooo we will re test her in a week.

Another It happened- a great good one though. Little M rolled from her tummy to her side. How awesome am I that I am reporting a quarter of a roll? Her physical therapist asked me how much time she spends on her tummy. After a long nervous laugh and a big cheesy smile- she assumed it wasn't long. Our homework was to put her on her tummy. After a few tummy times Mia rolled... not over....not completely around, but to her side!! Go Mia Go!

AAAnd- she is a whopping 14 lbs now. We were hovering around 13 lbs FOREVER and she finally broke on through to her daddy's birth weight. Ha, just kidding- John was 10lbs 10oz.


Brimaca said...

Yuck for the bad news. Yay for the good news. And super yay for the picture! :)

I fasted for her and baby Stellan yesterday and I'll keep praying.

Abbie said...

Oh she's getting so big! Sitting up in her high chair already? We'll be thinking and praying for Mia and for her WBC count to go up up up!!

jayna said...

This girl's sassy, so it can only be expected that a couple of her cells be high maintenance. I'm sure they'll come around!

Danielle said...

WHOO! Yey, quarter!

The Smith's said...

Okay, how is that possible that that beautiful little girl has anything but perfect blood counts? We will be praying that these numbers level out!

Talk to you soon! I went out to visit Jared Proudlock's mom today ... let me know if you are thinking of going ... we could head out together.


Sabrina said...

well, BIG YAY for the roll!!! That is fantastic! My 12 month old STILL doesn't roll...she scoots around-and sits and generally keeps up with her 3-year-old sister, but she's only performed a few rolls in her 12 months! so YAY for Mia!

and the blood count...I'm praying confindent prayers that the reduction in meds will change that! May her white blood count resume to normal very soon!

The G Fam said...

What stinky and wonderful news, all at once! I love that she is rolling (even if it is only a quarter of the way!) We will definitely keep her in our prayers!

Shelley Eggett said...

Darling Picture - She's growing up! And yay for the quarter roll, it won't be long before she's rolling around the house.

Sorry to hear the bad news, I will pray for her and wait for better news next week. Hang in there!

Family Scads said...

Way to go Mia on the half roll! You are almost there.

Let's get that WBC up! No one like extra immuno one!

Peg said...

Hi, This is Cindy's Mom again. I haven't written for a long time, but I check in on the progress several times a week. Your beautiful Mia is just amazing. It's a miracle that she is turning on her side and gaining weight. The white cell count is a concern now and we will continue to pray for her daily. The next time I am in WA I would love to meet you.

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

oh man, I'm so sorry to hear about the low white blood cells. We all know Mia is a fighter though and I'm sure she will pull through just great.
A 1/2 roll is very exciting. any little thing she does seems to be a miracle and I love hearing about it all.

i'm glad you and John got to dance and have some fun. wish i could've seen ya!

Erin said...

I hope her WBC goes up soon! We will be praying for that. She is so cute and I love seeing new pictures of her! Everytime you post you should include a new picture of Mia...regardless of what your posting about. She's just so darn cute I want to see her everyday!

Yay for the quarter roll...she'll be rolling all over soon enough!

Jen Faultner said...

Hey-Zoe has the same white blood cell issue going on right now. Crazy girls. Zoe has to get injections for it this week and hopefully it will bounce back up.

Stephanie said...

Praying for Mia!!!!!