Mar 12, 2009

What a day!

Yesterday we had Mia's check up. It was a busy day. Besides doing our usual stuff we had a lot of heart babies to visit. I haven't been brave enough to take her over to the ICU because the germs paralyze me. We had a few hours to wait for labs so we made our way over to see some of our favorite people. Mia got to see many of her nurses, and two doctors. I felt like I was holding the celebrity baby in the waiting room. It was fun for them to see her smiley face.

Mia loves getting her echos. She doesn't stop smiling. My favorite thing about the echos is watching her hold onto the fingers of the tech. She thinks she knows a thing or two about where that prob should go. She also likes to pull off the leads. It cracks me up!

Gearing up for labs. Poor thing- I think she has caught onto the the fact that a warm compress equals owie pokes. This is by far the worst part of our visit.

This is our man Hector. Let's just say he has saved me from going insane. He is the only one who can get blood from our little one. Mia has to have blood draws every week and without Hector; Mia, along with a lot of other cardiac babies would be hatin it! He has superhuman vein finding powers. We love you Hector! (Heather my sister in law was with me and took the pics. Read on to see why she was there.)

Meet baby Karlee. She is another transplant baby... and she is on THE FLOOR. They are practically out the door. Yay Karlee! Both of the girls were fast asleep, so we didn't get a pic of their faces, but they are so happy with hearts that work!

I also saw Victoria's grandma, but her mom wasn't there. Also, it was Daniels birthday. I saw his mom briefly but didn't get to see him. Happy Birthday Daniel! We just missed Shayla- she is finally out of the hospital. There are so many transplant babies in Seattle right now.

This is our little buddy Joshua. He is all hooked up to the bi-pap. He stole my heart when he looked at me with tears rolling down his cheeks. He did not want that thing on his face and just wanted someone- anyone to rescue him. I saw the same look in Mia's eyes so many times. As a parent, you have to contain your frustration and instinct to lash out and make it stop. So many helpless feelings came rushing back seeing him cry. We first met Josh when he was next door to us waiting for his angel heart. He was a lively little guy and I had a hard time believing he needed a transplant. This picture was taken right after he was extubated...this is great news! Please pray for sweet Joshua- he has had a long road.

Last but certainly not least is MY sweet my little nephew Gavin. Two days ago my sister in law Heather called telling me she was on the way to Children's and something was wrong with Gavin's heart. I couldn't believe my ears. I had just seen him a few days prior and he looked perfect. Apparently he has a kink in his artery( coarctation of the aorta.) He is going to have surgery in the morning. I can't believe this has happened. Right now they have him on the medicine that Mia was on. It is super nasty medicine that keeps the PDA open. I guess this medication makes kids feel awful and sensitive to touch. Poor kiddo! The nice thing is they can go through his side and it will be a relatively quick procedure. After visiting with her and giving her all of my ICU advice I walked away as the visitor and she walked back into the NICU. For so many months I would say goodbye to my visitors and walk back into where my baby was. I never thought I would be visiting a family member and be the one leaving. Esspecially so soon after our experience with Mia. He is such a cute little guy. I am soooo glad his doctor ordered a x-ray and they caught it before his PDA closed. It is a miracle! We love you Gav and will be praying for you.


Shila said...

Holy Cow, is this weird or what? I am so glad that Heather and Tim have you guys as an anchor. It is so strange that he is in there just after little Mia left. Prayers are a plenty in this family for sure!

Anne said...

two very touching posts, meem. I love you.

The Simmons Family said...

It is so sweet of you to go by and visit everyone!! We'll be praying for Gavin today. Hopefully his surgery will be quick and he'll be home again.

I've been following along with Josh's blog. Owen hasn't had it nearly as bad, but they have the same condition with the same nasty antibodies. We're always praying for them. And sweet Karlee... I'll need to stop by and visit her blog.

I think we're going to use Seattle as our secondary transplant center. So who knows... we may be up there if a heart presents itself in that region sooner than ours!

Mia looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

Heather and Tim said...

I am in tears after seeing that photo of Joshua. That pleading look just makes the heart ache for him. Gavin has that look--and I ache for him--but it is so reassuring that his surgery is today. I feels a lot less helpless for him knowing that he should be on the recovery side of things soon. We have so much to be grateful for.
It was wonderful being able to see you at the hospital Mimi. Your advice and support have been a lifesaver. It was also fun being able to share Mia's "coming out"--and to see so many people who love her. The way you were just walking around with her on your hip was just so normal--it was beautiful. It is humbling to see and read about so many HEART babies. I never dreamed I would be here sharing the UNIT my own baby.
Thanks again for all your support Mimi and John!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

wow, that is so sad about gavin. we will be praying for him too. i suppose on a bright note at least you can give heather lots of advice and support from someone who's been there.

i'm glad you got to visit your other heart baby friends.

Brimaca said...

Cute babies. I will say a prayer for them all. So heart wrenching to see little innocent people in pain.

Jamie said...

i saw you yesterday i was up on 6th waiting to get shayla's blood drawn and you were down on 5 eating i was hoping that we would get out and be able to see you but we ended up waiting long enough to where i could have nice. lol we have appointments all week if you have any let me know just leave me a comment. it is so great how many heart babies there are now (heart transplant) there is one more and that is a little girl named savanna. not sure how she is doing though i know they were close to getting out too.

Carrie Hellewell said...

So glad that Mia's checkup went well. I love how you even made the binkie cute with the ribbon. This girl is going to be decked out in cuteness all the time. Love you guys!

Rebecca said...

Love this post. I can't believe that the most difficult part of Mia's visit to CH is a blood draw. What a change from a few months ago, right?

Gavin is sweet and I'm glad he's recovering, I've been praying for him.

Shelley Eggett said...

This post made my heart hurt all over again. I am so glad that you are the visitor and you get to leave, but oh how I hate to see babies and mommy's suffer.

Mia looks amazing and happy and healthy. What a miracle baby!