Apr 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

What a glorious day...the day to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter!

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Katie said...

Bryan and I watched General Conference last Sunday for the first time and emotion overtook both of us as we watched his talk. I've always focused on the physical pain Jesus had to have felt but I had never thought of the emotional pain...far more painful. The loniliness and despair He felt up there on that cross and that everyone, including His Father, turned away. He was so alone. Very heartbreaking. I am so grateful that He loved/loves us this much. His sacrifice is difficult to comprehend at times.

Hoping you had a wonderful Easter and I loved the picture of your grandma, mom, you and Mia! Such beautiful women!!! I'm happy you were able to get out into public with Miss Cutie Pie and I could just see her big eyes taking it all in! How cute. Hoping to see you next Wednesday :)