Jun 1, 2009

Ellie Vista

A few things I need to jot down about this girl before I forget.

She's stinkin adorable.... I'll just get that out of the way.

She is a Turkey, and exceptionally persistent. I have told her multiple times that she can only put puff paint on the white t-shirts that are already stained. Here she is putting puff paint on one of her nice shirts. I suppose this slightly contradicts my first statement. I finally learned my lesson and hid all puff paints...something I should have done a few white shirts ago. *yes, that is a previously puff-painted shirt she is wearing while she destroys another!

Mother's day was great. This is Elle bringing me my mother's day flower, which she proptly wanted to take over to our neighbor Molly as soon as we got home. Should I feel bad?
I haven't posted much about Ellie's preschool, but yes she has gone all year minus a few weeks when Mia came home. This was her VIP day. She brought five things to preschool that she loves and put them in the VIP suitcase. This is her explaining to the class that her baby sister has a new heart. It was sweet and tender and I sometimes forget how much Mia's experience has affected her adoring sister. Ellie really has rolled with the punches, and grew up a lot this year. So sweet!
The VIP parade. Being the very important person, she gets to wear a crown and hold a balloon and march around the room with the class singing a song as they march. From the look on her face, I think she had no problem being the center of attention. My favorite part about the VIP day was listening to the "class questions" segment. So, all the members of the class get to ask the VIP a question. They all start pretty much the same, with: "what's you're favorite....." She answered all of her questions with more than one favorite- it was AWSOME. For example. kid: what's your favorite clothes?" Elvis: "um... this one, and this one, and this" as she points to everything on her body. Her answers were not so much her favorites as much as everything that came to mind. The best question of the day was, "um, um, um, uuuuuuuum....long pause.... what's your favorite worm?" She looked at the teacher with the best expression. She did not have an answer for that one!

Ellie with her teacher Mrs. Spencer- whom Ellie thinks she needs to run everything by. I hear "mom, does Mrs. Spencer think that's a thumbs up choice"? at least once a day. I'm pretty much chopped liver next to Mrs. Spencer and my neighbor Molly :-)

Oh look! A white shirt free from puff paint...I think I hid that one from her. Ellie likes to be stylish, and....
LOVES to style up her real life doll.. Miss Me. I can rarely leave her alone with the babe because when I return Mia has some new do- or every clip she owns in her hair. Speaking of Clipies... really fast- THANKS so much to Bibs and Cribs, Hairblingz, and my girl Shelley (She's private) for all of the cute clips we pull Mia's mop top back with. I don't think I ever thanked you guys- We love the clips and we LOVE YOU! Ellie stole all of the huge flower ones from Bibs and Cribs. Again, she likes fashion.

We went to the beach for 'beach day' at her preschool. My camera was on the wrong setting, but I still like the pics... Ellie's little face, and her arms around her sis. She is such a good sister! Here are a few other pics from the beach.

Lastly, here is a video of Ellie during an interview with John. He interviewed the kids for my birthday... it was super sweet. Dadddy gets some shout outs later! She was cute and this is a particularly funny clip about global warming.

* You need to pause the music on the left.


*~Sarah~* said...

She is ADORABLE for sure. reminds me so much of my Ellie

Amanda said...

Ha! I am just happy that someone is enjoying the clips! Probably a little big for Miss Mia still, but one day!

And sooo happy to see that she is doing so well and that life is becoming a new "normal!"

All our love!

mbishopp said...

ellie is a true beauty!

so much focus has been on your sweet mia (from the blog world view of things) it is nice to ellie shine.

much love from the east.

Susie and Trent said...

oh my gosh, this is adorable! I loved the interview too! What a sweetheart! Teag and I are headed over June 12 for an appt. and overnight stay in seattle (at a hotel- not the hospital, ha) Anyway, let me know if you guys will be around we'd love to see ya!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

i love little ellie. she is so full of spunk! mia is lucky to have such a wonderful big sister to look after her!

Brimaca said...

Yeah still laughing over the global warming thing. thanks for posting that it was fun to see her talk and her facial expressions. She's beautiful.

Deana said...

Loved watching the video of Ellie, she's too cute! John, what great questioning, I laughed for a long time. THanks!!

Shelley Eggett said...

O.K. That interview was adorable. So precious! She is going to love watching that through the years!!

She is sure a cutie!

Jennifer said...

She is so beautious and sweet!

Talia said...

Ellie is so cute! Loved the video!