May 17, 2009

Three little Pigs

Each set of grandparents offer our kids so much. Each have unique love and fun that they give our little ones. Going to visit is always fun for all. Grandparents McDonald live on a lake, Grandparents Jensen have a full blown farm, and Grandparents Conway live on several acres with various animals. This weekend we spent time at Grandma & Grandpa Conways house. We picked up pigs to raise, and eventually to eat. Kids LOVE to feed, touch and care for animals. It is interesting to watch as they really get to work. You can see Ellie here raking the hay. She did this for a very long time, unprompted, and as if her next meal depended on it.
I am also very happy that there are so many animals here because I really don't want any to care for at my place...since my kids fulfill all pet needs. Matter of fact, I think that kids are just a really good version of a pet. Not only do you feed them, bathe them, chase them down when they get out of the "cage," clean up their bathroom messes, the destroyed personal possessions, and in the end they will change your bed pan for you! Never met a dog or a turtle that will do that.
Taking turns on the Mower.
He held these flowers the entire ride home so he could give them to his beloved mommy.
I still feel like the horses will eat my fingers, so Aunt Beebs was great helping all the kids feed the horses. After a while Ellie was doing all by herself. Made me so nervous.

Uh, did I not take any pictures of my only born son??
Oh, there you are Jens. Look at how tired these kids look. A long day romping in the fields.


MamabearMills said...

great pics! love them!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

very cool! i love the flower fields picture!

Stephanie M Larsen said...

I'm with you on not needing an more animals around my place! Three little minitures running around enough, well almost. In a weak moment I decided to through a little pup into the mix just to make sure I'm always just past crazy, I guess. You sure have a sweet little family, that picture of John and the kids is super cute.

Sarah said...

Your kids get to do the funnest things! I love all of the fun things you guys do. Oh, your kids are so cute!

Shelley Eggett said...

Wow what adventures you get to have. Little Future Farmers - Ellie makes a cute one that's for sure.

jayna said...

Ellie's got a real future in pig farming. Plus, she already has Dairy Maid blonde good looks to boot!