Jun 9, 2009


I didn't have time to type anything after I went a little overboard with the pictures of my last post. The pictures were from memorial day, a birthday, and a blessing.

If you didn't figure out from all of the faces...this family is HUGE!! All of John's siblings and step siblings live here (except one) and they all have children (except one). I lost track of how many cousins my kids have... it's crazy! This year alone there were six babies(on John's side). SIX! Mia will have a lot of buddies. Her closest cousin in age (my sister's baby 'Natalie') was born exactly one month after her, but she lives far far away. So, I guess that makes seven babies her age.

My kids are lucky to have so many cousins! I wish my kids knew the cousins on my side. It makes me sad that they will only get to see them once a year or so. Anyone up for moving up here? Speaking of my family being close by. I was in my front yard this afternoon talking to a friend and someone pulled into my driveway. I looked over and it was my MOM!!! It was the best surprise Eeeeever! I knew she was coming up here, but she was supposed to go straight to Whidbey Island. My grandma is having surgery and she came up to take care of her. She couldn't resist Mia's face. Who can blame her really...she's such a flirt you can't help but drive out of your way for a little MIA.

Tonight when Ellie was playing quietly with her toy I heard her say, "I miss my best best best BEST friend Karissa." It was super sweet! It is so sad that she doesn't get to see Karissa like she did when they lived a few streets away. I think they will be life long friends.

Jense also has a cousin his exact same age... Levi. These boys are too cute!! Pardon his shaved head. John takes liberties with his hair that I don't necessarily agree with. I don't mind a buzz...but his hair was at such a cute length.

Say a little prayer for my grandma.

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