Jul 10, 2009

It's never a good sign when the Dr. walks in

with a heart diagram.

Have you ever played the game "luckily/unluckily?" John's family introduced me to this game during one of the annual family camp outs.

Here goes:

I haven't been to see my heart doctor for a year and a half...

luckily we have insurance until the end of the month
unluckily I would need to be seen asap because those appointments get expensive
luckily I called the office and made an appointment
unluckily he was actually in town at his satellite office TODAY and now I would have to drive over to his main office.
luckily she had a cancellation, and asked if I could be there in five minutes
unluckily I was in my pj's
luckily I live really close and figured looking presentable could take a back seat
unluckily I left without eating anything and was starving
luckily when I got there I got to catch up with the nurse and forgot about my hunger
unluckily she told me I need to make an appointment for Elle too
luckily the doctor only needs to listen to her heart so I can take her next time I go
unluckily during my echo my stomach kept growling
luckily the tech was really friendly and told me all about his recent proposal to lovely fiance
unluckily he didn't speak loud enough to disguise my noisy belly
luckily I don't think he noticed
unluckily after my echo my cardiologist walked in with a HEART DIAGRAM
luckily he told me not to panic
unluckily he told me there was some bad news
luckily he started with the good news that the valves are doing great
unluckily the tissue around the native valve is dilating- it's called aortic root dilation
luckily I have a knack of laughing off bad news when it comes to my heart
unluckily it's not funny at all
luckily if I felt like crying it would have been fine because he is no stranger to me crying while looking at his infamous heart diagram.
unluckily he is the doctor that has to keep telling me things I don't want to hear
luckily he doesn't enjoy having bad news every time we meet
unluckily I had to have the following dialogue to understand what was going on...

Me: So.... what is the number that it could rupture?
Dr. 5.5-6.0
Me: So.... if it ruptures, then there is no recovering from that?
Dr. It's not like a heart attack
Me: So....if it ruptures I die?
Dr. Yeah

luckily it is not dilated enough to need surgery yet
unluckily it is only .4 away from needing surgery
luckily there have been huge advancements in this area with medication
unluckily it might not have a huge impact
luckily we are going to give it a try
unluckily I now have to take medication for the REST OF MY LIFE... sound familiar?
luckily it only costs $8!
unluckily I am not a medicine taker
luckily I've accepted (sell sort of) my heart problems and will do what it takes
unluckily I took my first pill at 2:00 and felt really dizzy
luckily I got to take a nap
unluckily I still felt ill after I woke up
luckily my body should get used to it...eventually
unluckily my heart is sick
luckily this family is made of stone
unluckily this family has been put through the ringer this year

That was my day today! A big fat Thumbs Down!!!

After I talked to my dad today he told me he has the same thing as a result of his Ross procedure. My dad, Mia, and I are all in the "zipper club." His nick name for me has always been "Joe." Today I am feeling a little more like Job, than Joe.

*pictures of big birthday coming soon...when I stop feeling dizzy :-)


Erin said...

Oh Meems, I am so sorry! You of all people deserve to have only good news regarding your heart. I'm sad for the news you received, but LUCKILY you have great doctors and an amazing family. I hope you adjust to the meds. and start feeling better. Many prayers are with you and of course little Mia always! Love ya!

jayna said...

FOR THE LOVE! This Job business has got to stop. I demand that you start purchasing lotto tickets, because you guys are DUE for some REALLY GOOD LUCK!!!!

Unluckily: This news just really stinks.

Luckily: Heaven doesn't seem to tire of handing you out miracles, so we'll keep the prayers goin'.


Kim Allgood said...

I wish I was closer. The "let me know if you need anything" saying feels a little empty from so far away. But we will keep you and your whole family in our prayers. Luckily, You are super-humanly strong! Luckily, you are not me....I'm sure I would have been down at the diagnosis with Mia! Luckily, your family is beautiful and you are in our prayers.

Kim Allgood and fam

Talia said...

I am so sorry to hear this Mimi. I will pray for you and your family.

Suzie said...

Meems, I am amazed at your ability to think of lucky things. You inspire me all the time. We love you and would do anything for you.

LoPeZ FaMiLy said...

Gosh, I'm speechless! Love and prayers go out to your family.

Kelli said...

Oh sweety! I dont know what to say! except I am here for you if you need ANYTHING. It sounds like your doc could be near our home also, so if you need to drop off Elli, call me. Hugs and Prayers

Lindsay Dean said...

Luckily: Prayers work and Miracles happen!
Keepin' it up on our end!
Love to you!

Brimaca said...

Sheesh girlie. You really have had a year of ups an downs. You're amazing. As always I'll keep your family in our prayers.

Shannon said...

Hi Mimi
I am happy and sad you received this news. I guess the good part is that you need to know - we don't like the part about dropping down dead - but I wish it wasn't true at all.

By the way, I love this website by adults with CHDs. They give such hope. If you ever get the time to make a contribution I know there are many families out there who would take great inspiration and hope from your life, even with this news.


Kevin and Andrea said...

Mimi! I am sorry to hear about your heart. But I now if anyone can handle it, YOU CAN! Not that that makes it any better, but it IS the truth! If you weren't so sweet I would think your were made of stone, because you are so strong. I will be including you in my prayers (along now with Mia!) Let us know how things are going...

Anne said...

You are a strong woman, Mimi. Hang in there. We love you and will do anything we can to help out.

Lauri said...

Mimi, really? I mean this is just crazy? I just saw you on Wednesday! Just reading all the lucky and unlucky's made me dizzy and I'm not even the one taking the medicine. You are one of the strongest women I know and it will all be fabulous. Need a Thai food, parellel parking break? Give me a call...I'll even wear a tutu for you.

Crystal said...

I am so sorry to hear this mimi. Man when it rains it pours sometimes. Hang in there you have an amazing family!

Sarah said...

Nooo! I am so sorry, Mimi! That really, really stinks. Loves and hugs and loves and prayers and more prayers and good thoughts are coming your way, sister! I am amazed at all that your family has been through, and I think this is something else you'll be able to say that you all survived together. You are an amazingly strong woman and an absolute inspiration to me. I love you!! Stay strong and hang in there!!!

Anonymous said...

hey if you need some time to sleep or something i can come over and take your kids to the zoo or something!!
<3 lorgan!!

Jennifer said...

I am so very sorry woman! Your family is made of stone, you guys can get through this. And there are tons of us here to help you all along the way. Anything you need, I there! I really love you guys!

Katie said...

Oh, Mimi! That really sucks. I'm sorry you got this news...hopefully the meds will help and the dizziness will stop. I'm just really sorry and right after such a fun, happy birthday with Mia! Can't wait for the pictures too :) I'll be patient. Thinking of you and keeping you all in my prayers. Lots of loves.

Beth said...

Mimi, what a huge fat bummer. You don't need this right now but I do believe you and your family are amazing and that is why you are being tested to the fullest. I love you guys and you are in my prayers. Love you long time.

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

what...you've got to be kidding me. well you know you will be in our prayers and things will work out...they always do. please remember we are here if you need anything.

Anonymous said...

You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Lots and lots of "hugs" for you and your family!

The Bolings

♥Kim said...

Oh, I am so sorry to here this about you! I really hope things get better for you and your family! I will keep you all in my prayers.
God Bless your Heart! ♥

the beezer said...

Meems, I just keep waiting for you to catch a break...I thought you had made it but...
I know everyone says sorry about health issues and I am sorry about this as well, but I know you are a fighter! Good luck with the yucky meds!

Shila said...

Does it sometimes feel like your life is in the Twilight Zone? Sheesh! Stay strong and hang in there sweetie!

Melanie said...

That just really stinks! I'm sorry to hear that. We will continue to pray for you and your family. You are so amazing. Here's some long distance hugs!!!

Kaidence's Mommy said...

Oh, that just stinks!!!
I am so sorry that you got some bad news. Those darn heart diagrams are NEVER good. We will keep you in our prayers and hope that the meds do what is needed and that your body will quickly adjust. Hope that you get feeling better SOON!!!

Amy said...

Thinking and praying for you Mimi!
Btw our little bundle was born on her due date of 07/08/09! How crazy is that? Elyse is doing well and big bro Isaac is adjusting. Thank you for the wonderful bday pics from Mia's bday. What a big day! Take care and I hope you start feeling better soon!

Shelley Eggett said...

Mimi - I obviously haven't checked the blog for a little while. I AM SO SORRY!! You guys have been through the ringer this year. It seems unfair doesn't it? You have the best attitude, I seriously admire that. How's your body doing with the medicine now, are you getting more used to it? I wish I could take it all away for you. Thinking of you, Praying for you. Love you!

Stephanie M Larsen said...

Oh, Mimi. I hadn't read this post till now, oh, the Lord must really think a lot of you. Because He never gives us more than we can handle, so you must be a special Warrior spirit.

Good News: Your a Warrior Spirit.
Bad News: Your at War
Good News: You know who wins.

Jen Faultner said...

It was so much fun seeing you today.....not so much fun to read this :( There's really nothing to say but, "that sucks".