Jul 22, 2009

Special Delivery

Picture 21 375

She's back at it again...

What did she deliver to six or so neighbors you ask?

Why, baggies full of gold fish of course.

What did she deliver to our neighbors that moved out a month ago?

See for yourself.

mmmm- tasty!!

I encourage her generosity, but a gallon of milk might be taking it too far. I knew I had one more gallon! I guess next time I'll ask the kids when something goes missing- chances are it is on the door step of our neighbors house. I wonder what she would have said had they been home.

Would it be too revealing if I told you that the gallon of milk is still there? I see it every time I walk home from the park and tell myself I am going to dispose of it when I put the baby down. he he (nervous laugh) - I will, tomorrow, er soon. The thought of what it will smell like is enough to keep me procrastinating.

I suppose since no one is living there it isn't harming anyone- just warding off potential buyers. We are on the official "you don't want this house" campaign. Because, hopefully soon our new neighbors will be the Eugenios! House warming gift perhaps? Lucky you! They have been waiting for their paperwork to go through for what seems like FOREVER!

Mark, Emily, Tanner- we really REALLY miss you guys! SYTYCD just isn't the same without you! The only silver lining of you moving clear across the country is having family members move in. Rest assured that Elvis is still ringing your doorbell and leaving you all sorts of loveliness on your front porch! You're probably glad you moved huh?

Anyone know any good ideas of what to do with ultra nasty milk? Hair treatment maybe? Plant fertilizer? There has to be something. or not. disposal it is!


Anne said...

I guess you had better leave it there till we move in. Kind of like a good luck harm, right? You guys are gonna spice up my life, i tell you what.

Shelley Eggett said...

K - That picture is adorable, and she cracks me up. What a generous cute little girl, who would have thought to deliver a gallon of milk to the neighbors. So who is the family that you are hoping to move in? One of your sisters or John's?

Sarah said...

Hahaha, oh my goodness I love your kids. Ellie cracks me up! That is so funny! And so gross! :)

Kevin and Andrea said...

Ok now THAT is funny! And what an adorable picture too :0) However, being a hair stylist I DO NOT recoc
mend ANY hair treatments with that rancid milk! (unless if course you want people to steer clear from your for weeks!!)

the beezer said...

This girl is the greatest....I would LOVE to be your neighbor so I could wake up with a surprise on my door!!

Shila said...

That is funny and discusting at the same time. Can I just say that man you're getting good! That picture is amazing!

Erin said...

That is so cute that she goes around and makes all these special deliveries!

I love the picture of her!

Anonymous said...

WE MISS YOU GUYS TOO!!! Especially all the wonderful goodies that got delivered that I didn't quite have the heart to tell you about! And, I agree, the house is taking FOREVER!! Hopefully soon it will be all done. If it makes you feel better, I am now watching SYTYCD all by myself with a whole household griping at me. Good news is, we found a place to live, so will send address and phone soon! Give the kiddos a hug and tell them HI from us. I know Tanner misses them bunches too. Mark used to call Jensen, 'Jensen Jewelers' because there is a jewelry store in NV called that. He used to call him 'Mark Jewelers'. Well, there is actually one here. Jense might get a kick out of that. TTYS!!


Kirstin said...

This post had me laughing so hard, tears were rolling down my cheeks, and my 22 month old was mimicking my laughing! I love the picture of Ellie.. .How do you get the pictures on your blog so big???

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

That is soooooo funny! I love the pictures! That girl is so generous, I love that about her. My kids might take advantage..."Ellie, can I have..." The answer is always, "YES." Sweet!