Aug 7, 2009


For the 4th (yes over a month ago) we took a ferry ride up to Whidbey Island. My mom grew up on the island and every time I go up there I wonder why I don't pack up and move there myself. It is quite charming with all of the open fields, blue ocean, rolled hay, and homemade jam for sale signs in front of quaint little houses. It is like an entirely different world up there. My aunt and uncle live just a few miles from my grandmothers house. Their property is the home to every type of plant known to man (or that will grow in the NW. When you pull into their drive way you cannot see anything through the millions of plants most of which is bamboo. If you are wondering how many different types of bamboo there are... I will tell you, the varieties are endless. Many a bamboo can be found at their house, growing in abundance taller than I can reach. The bamboo is just the beginning...there are fruit trees in rows like an orchard, a pond, a massive garden, and flowers everywhere. It is a horticulturists haven, and every time I leave I swear to myself that I am going to try harder at being a better gardener. They (Brian and Ellen) even water all of their plants by hand!!

Picture 20 1117

Down the road? Why the ocean of course. The greatest thing about the beaches on Widbey is that no one is EVER there. I maybe see one or two other people during my visits. The shoreline goes for as far as you can see, and there is not a sole in site. I tried my hand and finding some agates, but was unsuccessful as usual.

Picture 20 1049

Camera Wars with my uncle Brian.

Picture 20 972

Jense with his signature walking stick. He seems to find a big stick every time we are out doors.

Picture 20 979

She's mad at the ocean

Picture 20 997

The ocean got mad back. The tide is so unpredictable...luckily my uncle was right there when Ellie almost got pulled in. She wasn't worried about her wet clothes, just her crab.

Picture 20 1009

Rick and Lani enjoying a moment together

Picture 20 1015

Ellie will fix that! She didn't let Rick out of her sight!

I spent the day taking photos, eating as much food as I possible could, and forcing feeding the babe. The kids stayed busy playing hide and go seek with my cousins, picking up crabs, throwing rocks, hunting for jelly fish, not leaving uncle rick's side, (Ellie) and lighting fireworks.

All of my mother's siblings were there except for one, and it was so great to see them all and to have them meet Mia. It was a wonderful escape for our family, and we even came home with a planter full of bamboo. Thank you so much Brian and Ellen for a fantastic 4th of July! We loved it!!


The Simmons Family said...

Looks like you had a great time!! Do you read NieNie? They just did a post on Whidbey as well.. crazy. If you don't read NieNie, you'll have to stop by... totally AMAZING story.

MamabearMills said...

GREAT PHOTOS! we used to have a condo there. it's so awesome

Mimi said...

Oh REALLY? I LOVE LOVE LOVE her blog. I didn't know she did a post about Whidbey though- I will check it out. I remember reading her re-posted blogs (posted by her sister) when we were in the hospital. She is such an inspiration to so many! I wish I could give her a huge hug!! Had I known she was headed to Widbey I just may have intercepted :-)

g-ma-vicki said...

My daughter Andrea already told you abt. Nie Nie. A few years ago I visited Seattle, stayed at a condo s. of Mt. Baker and took the ferry...Amazing...and I wondered "who is lucky enough to live on one of these islands?" In one day I learned of two! Sometimes I wonder why I live in the desert? Your pictures are beautiful today! Definitely frameable. Owen's Gramma

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

I love Whidbey. They were in my stake growing could pick a Whidbey person out of the youth conference crowd for sure. They really are a different breed, but it is beautiful there and just so calm and slow. IT is are the pics you took there!

Sarah said...

What a beautiful place! It looks like you guys had a great time out there... I think I could talk myself into moving there too :)

Erin said...

Fun trip! That is so funny that she was only worried about the crab.