Sep 5, 2009


Picture 21 002

This face! Ellie took a few dance classes this year. She loves to dance, but mostly loves to dress up for dance.

Last year I did a post about the dance recital, but never got the video going. To get a glimpse into her personality watch this video from last year ( I edited most of it). You'll know which mouse she when you watch it. She cracks me up!


Yes, that is me up there as large as the house in the background! This was two days before little Mees came into our lives. All three girls up there on stage...well sorta. I wonder if that will ever happen again? Ellie was in my friend Jen's class but she moved to Costa Rica right before the recital. She left me some note cards with the dance steps on them, and this was my interpretation. I had actually watched the dance plenty before, but I spent class time talking to doctors and specialists... so... I don't know if got it right on or not.

John and I get a kick out of turning on any type of music and just watching her go. I need to video that! The other night when we were watching SYTYCD- she was mimicking as many of the moves as she could. She gets so into it and takes it so seriously. If I can catch the right dance it will be a great entry for funniest videos.

Picture 21 359

These are her "pretty fingers"... pretty sure she stole this from Napoleon!

Picture 21 139

I LOVE this picture of her and my daddy! He calls her spitfire- and she calls him... spitfire too. They are quite the pair


jayna said...

I have serious child-hair-envy with Elvis. How my 3 girls missed our hair genes, I will never know!

She's a doll!

qwertycris said...

You take such lovely photographs of your lovely family! SYTYCD is a huge favorite in our house, too, although Mirabel isn't quite ready for dancing on her own yet.

Barbiemat said...

So cute! Thanks for the video...I needed some ideas for my little ballerina class.

erin said...

those pretty hands are amazing.

Katie said...

She's such a cutie. I loved those pictures too...the one with your dad's hand is really professional! You should enter it in a contest, like maybe the fair? I know that sounds stupid but it is really good!!!

Oh ya, made the Indian Tacos...YUMMY! I used to eat those all of the time at rodeos, so glad you put the recipe up on the blog. We are in major need of some variety around here.

Hope you had a great trip to Utah and are now all settled into the school routine. I'm missing our freedom a little just shows how "little" of a routine we did have! Your town's description was great....I'd love to go there! Reminded me of Leavenworth but not so touristy. I can see how you'd miss it.

Erin said...

I love it, that was a way cute like dance video.

Princess Pookie said...

Absolutely priceless! Little mini muffins dancing always makes me emotional..thanks a lot.;) Dance registration at the Y starts the 18...hint...hint.