Sep 22, 2009


Picture 24 006

Mr. Big stuff Kindergarten-er. I can't believe he is in school! I just can't! He was more than ready to go, and had all school supplies arranged ever so meticulously for the weeks leading up to the big day. His favorite things so far: lunch- he really digs his lunch box, but is going to give hot lunch a go this week. He loves his teacher and absolutely loves show and tell.

Picture 24 018

Here he is walking in. I thought I would be sad... I wasn't. It was a happy moment. He was ready, I was ready... no tears. He did look back and give me a big smile, and in that moment I knew that things would be never be the same. I love this kid.

Picture 24 023

Because he turned 6 before school started he got to bring a treat for the class. He helped me make all the cupcakes, and I surprised him with the little happy birthday flags. He said, "ooh mom, that's fancy." Thanks son, I try. :-)

Picture 27 0677

Elvis started preschool around the same time. No picture of the first day, but she sure hammed it up on harvest day.

Picture 27 055

Look mom... CORN! Ellie came home from harvest day and promptly picked our garden clean of all vegetables... except for the green tomatoes.

Picture 27 053

Enjoying the fruetts of her labor. OK she did the sweetest thing that day- I better document this so I can read back and remember what an angel she is, right? Those of you who know her can laugh... go ahead. Anyways, when we got home she arranged all of her loot on the table. She peeled both of the carrots and handed one to me and to Jense. I asked her why she didn't want one (the girl loves carrots) and she said: "I want both of you to get one." True story. I think her number one quality is generosity- she wants everyone to have something... even before herself. I was so proud of her- I ate my entire carrot and boy was it tasty!

One last thing to share before I publish. John and I have never been that great with taking the kids out one on one, but have done it more frequently lately. Of course the kids eat it up, and like to announce when it is a "mommy/Ellie" date or a "mommy/Jense" date. Sometimes I talk up a quick trip to the store and pass it off as a date- they don't know the difference. Last week we were on our way home from taking Jensen to school and this was our conversation:

Ellie: Mom
Me: Yeah
Ellie: Can we go on another date, just you and me?
Me: Sure
Ellie: Can we go to the last place we went? (We had gone to Dairy Queen)
Me: Which place?
Ellie: You know the ice cream place... the ice cream place where we ate the ice cream- and we got the hula hoops. The yummy hula hoops with the onions inside?

I love her interpretation of the onion ring- my kids have never eaten them before, and I can see how hula hoop fits just fine.


Natalie said...

Your kids are so cute! We are starting to do the date thing too. It's fun to get some one-on-one time with each kid.

Kelli said...

hoola hoops, that is a way better name than onion rings, onion rings just turns people off. but hoola hoops is like a party

The Simmons Family said...

Ellie sounds like a sweetheart. I love that she called Onion Rings "Hula-Hoops". It's great to do one - on - one time with your kiddos...those are the memories that they will look back on when they're older. I remember sending Kamryn to Kindergarten for the first time... geez time FLIES after that first year in school.

Sarah said...

I love your kids. I can't believe how grown up they are!! Jensen looks so grown up and handsome on his way to kindergarten. Didn't we just have those babies???

Rachel Hudgins said...

I have a pic of Ellie on the first day and some Harvest Day pics. I need to download them and then I will zip them over to you. I'm horrible about downloading pics. Or maybe I should keep them randsome for the recital dvd ;)

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

this was a great post! I love Jensen's comment that the flags were fancy. he must get that word from you...and the hula hoops cracked me up. Your kids are such sweeties!

Baker Family said...

I just received your gift in the mail. Thank you so much. I LOVE the pot holders. You have amazing talents.

Bug said...

first off, i just have to say i love your photography. i always love your photos of your kids. they're phenomenal.
that must be so bittersweet! your kids going to school. exciting to have time to yourself, but, like you said, it will never be the same.
your kids are adorable.
and so funny too. im excited for grace to say funny/sweet things.
thanks for the update!

Beth said...

Jense, what a big kid now. They grow up so fast. I love the posts about Ellie and her dancing. Mia, what a doll. I love the picture of you, your dad and Mia. I think that is the post about the Zipper club. You are beautiful. So I updated my blog. Take a look! It was good to see you on Sunday.

Shelley Eggett said...

What a thoughtful little Ellie - We need to all be more like that.

So is Kindergarten all day up there? He looks so ready for school, all grown up.