Oct 20, 2009

Family Photo Shoot Halloween Style

After seeing Mia's fang teeth Ellie insisted we make the whole family spooky. She got a big kick out of giving everyone vampire teeth. I kept my favorites- Wuaah HA HA (deep Halloween voice)

Picture 23 028

Don't let this innocent little face deceive you!

Picture 21 222

Daddy Monster!! This one is my personal favorite! It was quite gratifying to distort his face and the kids were full of belly laughs and squeals.

Picture 23 042

Jense's isn't that exciting. I should have given him a face bulge huh? The most difficult part of the Halloween fun was finding pictures that would work.

Picture 23 005

Ellie's expression was perfect! I guess her extreme smiling came in handy for once- only once mind you. I can't get her to tone it down. We did this a few days ago and she laughs as hysterically today as she did when we made them. I aim to please!

Picture 25 075

Happy Halloween!!


The Curleys said...

cute idea! You have alot of time on your hands. LOL!

Dan and Sara Fishler said...

You are the funnest mom! I love all of them... so cute!!!

Sarah said...

I bet your kids LOVE those! You guys are too fun :)

the beezer said...

I am glad you made your whole family so spooky and then you kept your beautiful picture pretty normal! Was that on purpose? Have a great Halloween!

Mimi said...

Beautiful??? Ellie insisted that we "do mommy" too. She just wanted me to have the vampire teeth and I added the white skin and eyes. I was done editing by the time we got to mommy that I called it good. It looks halloweenish to me- like a vampire about to strike. I thought the kids face's worked, but John's was just a smiley picture- we had to alter it.

Christy Beal said...

SO FUN!!!! Beautiful AND talented! what a combo!

The INCREDIBLE Pettit's said...

those are very spooky, but cool at the same time!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

that is hilarious! i love all those pics. maybe i'll have to try that with my family.