Oct 22, 2009

Mutton Bustin' and other adventrues of JEM

This is my little mutton buster! I have been wanting Jense and Ellie to ride them some sheep- so I prepped them early. When I talked about the fair I hyped up the part where they get to ride on a sheep and see how long they could hold on. I even showed them clips on you tube so they would know what to expect. I can still feel the eyes burning into me when I fell off my first sheep. I'm unsure if I ever rode a sheep again... I can't remember, but that first ride was an unforgettable one.

"OK kids, when you fall off don't put your arms out to catch your body, just fall" This was advice I probably should have kept to myself. Ellie turned into poutville and decided she didn't want to do it. It would have been nice to know BEFORE I paid for her to ride.
Jense tried to turn that frown upside down. It worked. When Jense got on the sheep it got down on it's knees which totally scared him. He had to take a few minutes, then he got right back on- ok ok I had to bribe him, but it worked. After he fell off and got his high fives he was on cloud nine. He is all fired up for next year. Ellie too. After she saw Jensen's prize I think she is prepared to ride many a mutton.
A boy on a shiny motorcycle

A sweet smile

Best of Friends

Two kids of summer

The highlight of our day was meeting up with Mia's first heart friend Sophia and her family. They flew in just for the fair!! Not really. Remember Fia?

I loved visiting with them, and seeing Fia run around. I watched in disbelief that she was born one hour after Mia. She is darling- these girls have had quite the journey.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I love this post. Probably because I am already prepping Haley to mutton bust..and she is only...1 week older than Mia. I have been prepping her long before she was born..probably about 5 years before she was born when they started doing it at the Austin rodeo. I am glad Jensen enjoyed it =)

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness I am so jealous! I LOVE mutton bustin'! I always wanted to do it as a kid, but only the professionals got to do it at the Calgary Stampede :) I know for sure Anna wouldn't do it, but I think Katie would love it. That is so, so fun. I love that you were so excited about it. Love it.

Danielle said...

I don't remember ever riding sheep. When did you? I'm with Ellie, I wouldn't want to fall off wooly livestock either.

Mimi said...

Boo- At the Kelly's of course!! Don't you remember the little rodeos they put on?

The country cousins always performed?

ringing any bells?

Katie said...

You are too funny! I didn't realize your "cowgirl" roots ran so deep?!?! I was a great (not) mutton buster! We have more in common than I thought!!!!

Maddie received a PINK little kid's bullriders protective vest for Christmas last year from her aunt and uncle. I think she'll just have to pretend with it though...no mutton bustin for her, EVER! Maybe Ellie will want to borrow it for next year!?! It's super cute :)