Oct 14, 2009

My Boy

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Jensen is so grown up now. His birthday might, just might have been over a month ago. Six years old is soooo old!

I know I am not alone in wishing I could just freeze my kids for awhile, and take in their little selves just the way they are. When I look back even six months I can see a difference- and I long for that little goofy smile... complete with ketchup in this instance.

Jense is my planner boy. He is ultra organized and prepared for any task. He had his monster truck party planned out for months. He requested a Chuck E Cheese party, complete with a monster truck cake, and six candles. I wasn't too keen on the location 1)germ-ville 2) I really enjoy planning the games, but he had his heart set. The party was fun, and he was delighted with his guests and gifts. We got him a Bumblebee transformer costume for his birthday. Is it bad that his present was his Halloween costume? Nah!

The other day I asked him who his friends were at school. He sweetly responded, "my girl friends or my boy friends?" I am clinging to his innocence and do not look forward to the day when the term "girl friend" means something else. He proudly listed off some names, and then reported how one boy told him not to be the friend of another boy. We had a good talk about that!

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Jense melts my heart almost every day with his sincerity. He is the boy that is encouraging and complimentary to his moma and I often wonder where in the world he came from. He constantly tries to outdo himself with the "I love you as big as a _____" game. His answers are pretty creative, but when he is trying to trump anything John or I say it always defaults back to skyscraper. I think he just likes the word. When I say "All the sand in the sea," or something I deem as some crazy amount he gets wide eyed and says, "woah, that's a lot." Can't get enough of this kid.

He is still my little man, but he has grown up a lot this year and is aware of the not so fun things in life. He loves his baby and she loves him. Jense can get Mia to laugh at just about anything- he is very proud of this. He keeps asking for a baby brother and talks about teaching him how to do stuff. We often tell Ellie how she gets to teach Mia to play dress up, and do her hair etc. Jense is ready for a little buddy. He does have one request though. Every time he mentions a baby brother, he always follows it up with..."but without a heart transplant." Poor kiddo.

Happy birthday to the sweet, responsible, table setting, bathroom cleaning (he thoroughly enjoys it) note writing, rocket drawing, picture taking, car washing, breakfast cooking, battery charging, Narnia loving, tongue rolling, book loving, mole trapping, cookie making, back scratch requesting, dessert insisting, tool utilizing, bike maintaining, water bottle carrying, fast running, transformer wizard there ever was!

Here is a look back to his first five birthdays:

The big 1

2 years old! This picture cracks me up.. Jense looks afraid, John looks like a new kid on the block, Ellie ate the michelin man, and my eye brows were on vacation.

4 years- I can't find a picture of his 3rd party. It was a superman party, and I can't for the life of me figure out where those pictures went.

Five years

Jensen, you made me a momma- my very most favorite thing in the whole wide world!


daniellestpatrick said...

Jensen is the cutest!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

that is such a sweet post! i love your little guy too and hope one day he marries lexi!

Katie said...

I love that last line you wrote...so true to how I feel about my Jace as well! We really need to get our boys together, they sound like two peas in a pod! Hope you're doing great :)

Brimaca said...

Wow! He has changed in the last six months! He's so gorgeous. No surprise there! He seems to sweet and like such a good boy. I love seeing him as a baby as well as chubbalove Ellie. So neat.

Sarah said...

I think that Jensen and Anna should at least go on some dates when they're at BYU and we'll see how it goes from there :) What a great kid!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

I love that first pic of him! Great job! That lens is loving you! He is a very special kid, love his smile!