Nov 6, 2009

There's a Party in the USA

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Ellie has never watched a Hannah Montana show/movie. She has however listened to her new song possibly 100 times. I'm not a huge fan of her loving teen pop music, but last night while watching Glee I realized that I was exposed to popular music at a young age. I guess it's not so bad, well this song anyway. I'm sure the day is nearing when she will ask me what "stilettos" are. The funny thing is, I'm not sure if I have the right answer. High hills, right? Like really high heeled shoes? JoDee- don't hate!

John (Mr. must have music on) introduced Ellie to Taylor Swift which she could pop in the CD player and blast with no assistance. Now, he has moved onto this song. Well, Ok- he's not insisting she listen to it. He will turn on some online music thing and it will come on and Ellie will insist on certain songs over and over. Hence our families continual singing of this song. The other day we choreographed a little dance together-- she gets her head and hips confused!

I'll tell you one thing is for sure... There's a Party in the USA!! Well at least in our kitchen when this song is on.

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Last time I was the parent helper at Ellie's school, she brought a singing barbie for show and tell. Her teacher asked her if she would sing the song to the class after Barbie sang "connected." I was thinking in my head, yeah right. She totally did it. She sang the whole little jingle that Barbie does loud and proud. I was shocked. This is something that neither John or I would have EEEEVER done when we were her age- or now for that matter. It will be fun to see if the confidence lasts. I suppose the exposure to girl music is aiding her confidence... maybe... or she could just be a show off.


Chell said...

That song is SO addictive. I am 37 and I like it. I even plug my daughter's iPod in while I am driving and listen to it... OH MY! Did I just admit that?

Brimaca said...

She's too cute! What a little spitfire!

Erin said...

Too cute, that little Ellie! Funny, because my Ellie has that same Barbie and sings the 'connected' song ALL THE TIME!!!

Your little Elvis is going to be a singing and dancing girl! FUN!

Kelli said...

WOW, Bridger would never do that, It was hard enough to get him to sing grey squirl grey squirl until Kimber started signing. Ellie is so cute

Suzie said...

That's my girl! I'm counting on her becoming a rockstar someday.

Princess Pookie said...

I hate that freakin Barbie. I wonder where ours came from?? Maybe Lu and Elvis could take it on the road and make us some cash.
BTW "spiked" high heels or "hills...whatever you prefer:D Love you while sippin on my haterade~delish!
P.S. Prego old ladies shopping in their ballet skirts are cool.