Oct 5, 2009

Utah take Dos


Meet the Family. This is my side- all girls. I am the blonde in the sea of beautiful brunettes. One of these girls is doin her own thing- go ahead, sing along! I got the crazy genes... blonde hair and bum heart.


Our fam...gotta love Jensen's white socks- I do!

Picture 24 094

The reason for the photo shoot was this little darlin's blessing. Sydney Sellers was blessed the weekend we were in Utah and I'm so glad I didn't miss it. She was named after her papa. It's interesting how you can love your sister's kids almost as much as your own. She slept the entire time I was around her, but she is just precious!

Picture 24 037

The "spitfire" club

Picture 24 028

Uncle Nathan throwing his son...yes this 2 year old did a back flip mid air.

Picture 24 031

Another crazy trick- the wagon wheel, or so I'm naming it. This one is my personal favorite. The kids lined up for uncle Nathan tricks and he did not disappoint. Ellie actually showed nervousness on her face- it was a spectacle for all to behold. I think she is turning a corner in her thrill seeking ways.

Picture 24 173

Well maybe not quite... at least not at the expense of her sister anyway.

Picture 24 160

Jense joining in the fun. It was trick day that day.
Mia's favorite trick is "circus trick"-- pictures to come.


The whole clan minus two husbands, a son, and four doggies.


Kelli said...

what a great family picture(s) I love the one up in the air. Holy cow. I'm glad I'm not that mamma! hehe

Erin said...

Fun family pictures. You have such a great family!

Brimaca said...

Your family really did take more than their fair share of the beauty. All so gorgeous. I still secretly wish my brother and Susan would have married but darn it it just wasn't meant to be. Beautiful babies you all have. Mia is so sweet. Her hair and smiles and angel heart.....aaahhh it makes me smile.

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

so cute! I never realized you were the only sister with blond hair! You all are gorgeous. Love jens and ellie holding mia!

Nathan said...

Meems, Awesome picture of kye upside down way up in the air. I need copies.

Katie said...

You have such a beautiful family! I loved all of the pictures :) Cute matching dresses for those darling girlies of yours too!!!

{Erica} said...

your family is beautiful. BEAUTIFUL!

Shelley Eggett said...

K - Love all the pictures. Your family is so beautiful, I've always thought that, and you all keep getting more beautiful, it's amazing!

Princess Pookie said...

Family...good times! I love how much you all look like one another. "Darling!"