Oct 15, 2009

We have CRAWLING!!!!

Picture 28 125

The magnificent event occurred approximately three hours ago. We were cleaning up and I came across a bag of dum dum's that my aunt Lani had given the kids and thought Mia would sure enjoy one of those puppies. I sat on the floor with her, gave her a few tastes, then put the sucker on the floor (on the wrapper of course) a few feet away. She looked at me, grunted/fussed and reached for the sucker, but didn't move that bootie. Repeat the above a few times and I realized she just isn't that motivated by sweets because she is not even army crawling for it. I set it across the room and went to go outside. Just when I turned my head to see if she would go for it, she was jammin- well slowly jammin, but jammin nonetheless. I ran out to John and told him to come quick- and to get the video camera. With tape rollin, I put the sucker way out of reach once again. She looked and me reached for me and started to cry... not the performance I was hoping to show daddy. Then I realized that it is me. I am the reason she wasn't crawling. So I left the room and hide behind the couch. Immediately she started to crawl hand, knee, hand knee, hand knee... I was overjoyed!! Mia's auntie even stopped by to get some forks (don't ask) and got to witness the milestone months in the making. While John was filming her new talent he commented, "Mia, you did it sis... not a lot of fifteen month old's can do that!!" Mr. funny pants. He's got jokes.

Well there you have it- she crawled- she crawled!!! Woo hoo!!! Who knew it was such a quick road from clapping to crawling. She also has a few more words and hand gestures. Her waving is priceless. Mia is a huge fan of identifying parts of the face, and has a mean eye gouge. I am just soaking up her babyhood...not the eye gouging part.

Still no teeth, but I just switched her drug from cyclo to tacro and we'll see if she can cut a few. If you are lost, I'll explain. The drug she has been on has two main side effects: gum thickening, and hairy larryness. Some kids really have a difficult time cutting teeth through the rock solid gums. I feel like her solid food intake would increase when she can chew on something, and I just want her to get a few teeth- they have been at that bubbly stage for months now (you can kind of see it in the above picture). I was/am nervous to switch because we have had such a good experience on cyclo, I would hate to mess anything up. The Jury is still out as to which drugs are "better" but her docs think cyclo is better for infants.

In other Mia news- she is stepping it up a notch in the violence department. For some reason she is extremely slap happy. She has a little V-tech drum that she beats, but it crosses over to faces. Not so much faces in general, just my face. John gets a kick out of her rapid slaps to my face. I think all of the positive reinforcement encourages her to "slap a mom." She slaps rapid fire, then turns to look at her dad and smiles. It was cute, but now I am starting to have to tell her "no," or put my hand in front of my face and surrender saying, "fives, fives, fives Mia, fives." It doesn't help that Ellie LOVES it, and obliges Mia's love of the slap.

At our last appointment, she weighed in at 19.9 lbs--- SAWEET!!! I decided that qualifies as 20 lbs and I turned that car seat around. I love looking back and seeing her sweet face and watching her discover a whole new world of car rides.

Picture 28 125edit

And just for fun... I gave Miss Mia some teeth!


jayna said...

Yeah Mia! The old sucker trick...I should have thought of that when Lila refused to walk for so long! :)

The Simmons Family said...


Michelle said...

We share in your joy! Our Maddie (OHS at 8 months old) didn't crawl until she was 15 months either, she didn't walk until just before her 2nd birthday, we didn't mind it though, soaking up that baby love is so much fun! These heart babies sure have a way of making you appreciate the small things, don't they?
Go Mia Go!!

dan & sara said...

great news! way to go sweet mia! she looks just as darling as ever!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

oh yeah! what a great post. except for the slapping of course! good luck with the new med. i'm sure teeth would help in her chewing! how exciting!

Talia said...

YAY!!! I am so glad the Miss Mia is finally crawling...next up, chompers!!! She is looking great!

Jen, Paul and Gracie said...

Congratulations, Mia! Way to go, little one :)

Danielle said...

What did the five fingers say to the face....... SLAP!

the beezer said...

It is so amazing to hear all the great news concerning Mia! She is doing so well, YEAH!

Sarah said...

Go Mia Go! That is such great news! And of course it was for a sucker :) My kids will do just about anything for a sucker. I am so happy she's on the move. The last picture of her with the teeth you gave her made me laugh so hard. I love you, Mimi! haha

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

You psycho, that last pic is creepy! She's such a big girl!!! I want to see the action, where's the video????!!

Bug said...

your blogs are so so fun. i laugh so hard when i read them! you are an amazingly clever and witty writer. :)
Mia is so very adorable. I can't get enough of that sweet face!
Yay for crawling!! That is such an awesome milestone! I love that she wouldn't do it in front of you either! How funny.
and the "slap a mom" game sounds like it'd be pretty funny too. i totally empathize with the babies doing something naughty but its just too cute to stop at first...then, uh oh, out of control! That's Grace with the word "no". It was so adorable at first!! We would just giggle at her. Now....not so much.
You should ask your doctors about prograf (tacrolimus). That's what Grace is on as an immunosuppressant. That and Azathioprine (imuran). Her Transplant Cardiologist had gone to a seminar about the medications cyclo vs. prograf and they all agreed prograf was a great alternative to cyclo for infants. she isn't hairy anymore, we don't have to coat syringes and tubes, and it doesn't have the same side effects.
this comment has practically turned into an email. sorry!
speaking of which...mine is andersen.alysia@gmail.com If you ever want to talk, I'd LOVE to. Id love to get to know you guys better and share stories between us about our miracle girls.
So happy for Mia!

Janet said...

I pop in every now and again and so enjoy reading about Mimi's progress and your wonderful family! Go Mimi! What fantastic news and what a little mover! Love the Halloweeen photies by the way! :)

Carrie Hellewell said...

Yahoo!! COngrats to Mia.

Jamie said...

That is so great that she is doing that well and that violance thing well shayla scratches me constantly on the face and pulls my hair and head butts me lol it will get better joshy also does the slapping mommy in the face too. miss you guys and am so happy that she is doing so well