Nov 4, 2009

And you're ok with that?

10-25-2009 519

Jensen and I were sitting at the table and he began to express his feelings about little Sister Ellie. A little background is that when the kids get candy from say, a birthday party, Ellie will eat it all in one sitting, barely tasting it as it goes down (gets this from her mom). Jensen takes his and stashes it in a certain drawer and eats it over time (gets this from Dad). Ellie has known about Jensen's candy stash for a long time and is not shy about dipping into the rations.

Jens: Dad, I wish I didn't have a little sister.
Dad: Do you really feel that way?
Jens: Well, I like her about this much (he holds his fingers about an inch apart)
Dad: You will feel a lot different about that as you get older. Did you know that Aunt Beebs is my sister? She's great! (He had just returned from playing at her house)
Jens: Yeah, but it's different.
Dad: How is it any different?
Jens: Did your sister eat all your candy?
Dad: Yes I am sure my sister got into my candy.
Jens: And you're ok with that?

The look on his face was priceless. Sheer disbelief.


Jennifer said...

It's a beautiful picture. We have the same situation in our family with my two oldest. Except my son's "candy storage" is about to take over our garage!

Summer Carlile said...

Kids are so cute!

Chell said...


Brimaca said...

Funny kid!

BTW do you use photoshop or does your camera have the blurring capabilities?

Mimi said...

Hey Brit-

This pic was straight out the camera. I know how to do next to nothing on photoshop, but am slowly learning.

To get the blurry background you just need to go down in your f stop... I think that's what it's called.

On my camera (I have a canon 10D that I bought used from a guy in my ward) I just go to AV mode then push the Drive.ISO button and scroll down to the lowest number. It is the number that will be a decimal, not the other number- that number is for lighting.

I had basically just played around with the camera and take a bunch of pictures in a bunch of settings (cause I don't know what I'm doing) and eventually one looks good.

I know you can also create this effect in photoshop... something about inverting. If you have the creative settings on your camera it would be WAY easier in my book.

Good luck :-)

Anne said...

No way, Aunt Beebs NEVER did anythin like that! Ha! Seriously, all my big brothers knew how to make me pay. Don't tell jensen, but he just needs to put some fear into Ellie.

mbishopp said...

what a handsome man! funny, funny boy.

Congratulations on your baby BOY!!!

Lyndsey said...

okay so i am the crazy blog stalker that knows you through a friend, who is also crazy. But i just had to say I LOVE YOUR FAMILY they are sooo dang cute!! and congrats on adding to it.that is wonderful news, not crazy at all, not when you make them this great!

Sarah said...

Hahahaha, I love it.

Shelley Eggett said...

That's hilarious! As if something like that can NEVER be forgiven. NO WAY! He's a gorgeous boy