Nov 2, 2009

John Boy's Family... knows how to party

2009-11-01 047

My three crazies. Jense (mr. bumblebee) didn't want any costume changes this year. Mia was supposed to be a pumpkin, but I couldn't find it in the abyss that is our attic, and Elvis was about five different things for various Halloween occasions.

2009-11-01 054

Mia's full costume- I had to throw this one in. The kids stepped it up a notch in the candy gathering this year. By the end of the night Ellie could barely hold onto her massive bag full of candy. Mia went to trunk or treat- it was fun to have her in public...outdoor public that is. I think the highlight of their night was the candy sorting... or maybe that was my favorite part.

2009-11-01 150

Tinkerbell. This was the original request for Halloween. She wore this costume for preschool and at 2 Halloween parties. Hmmm... I haven't downloaded those pictures yet. I completely forgot my camera at John's dad and step mom's party. It was a super cute party with fun games. I would love some pic's if anyone has some.

10-25-2009 400

We couldn't wrangle our little Indians for a family photo. The annual Halloween party at John's mom and step dad's house was a cowboy/Indian party. I had my children all geared up to be cowboy/girls. Two hours before we were supposed to show up, Jense and Ellie decided they wanted to be Indians. I just went with the sudden costume change but should have asked a few more questions. I threw together some costumes (because we can't show up not in costume) but learned after the party that the kids only wanted to be Indians so they could go in the tee pee. John constructed a tee pee for the party and the kids decided that only Indians would be allowed in the tee pee. It would have been much easier to just tell them that everyone could go in the tee pee. The activities were endless and if I used a picture to describe all of them, this post would get way out of hand... if it hasn't already!

10-25-2009 254

A bit of knife throwing. He practices at home- not really.

10-25-2009 230

Jense thrilled that he gets to throw a knife. Thank goodness for that headdress or he might have been mistaken for a pirate. Hey, I tried. Oh- and I didn't have my sewing machine- which would have drastically improved the costumes. Maybe. a little.

10-25-2009 257

Howdy Pardner! My ultra smiley daughter did what she does best- smile, and boy did I shoot away. Who says the third child doesn't get photographed as much as the first? I think Mia is going to have double the baby pics (well since we've been home) than my other two.

10-25-2009 441

The sweetest cowgirl I have ever seen! With a tooth...can you see it? can you see it? FINALLY!

10-25-2009 221

Super Baby! Even with her left!

10-25-2009 157

I couldn't resist adding these cute faces. I took a picture of my little cowboy nephews and boy are they little heart breakers!

10-25-2009 073

Indian Princess playing her drum

10-25-2009 107

Jail Birds- there was a show down and everyone pretty much ended up in jail. A jail that was lovingly created by myself and my mother in law. I don't have a full picture, but it was a full scale jail... I was quite proud of our handiwork. Cardboard, tape and thumb tacks... that's all you need folks.

10-25-2009 277

Ride 'Em Cowgirl

10-25-2009 359

My little Indian Chief

10-25-2009 375

Mia was an Indian turned cowgirl. This is her bashful, bury her head in the chest (face in this pic) cuteness. I love it.

10-25-2009 132

Ellie jumped on Daddy's back during the showdown. She's always got to be in the action! The party was well thought out and jammed packed full of fun games/ stories. The kids came home with a treasure full of candy and memories of a fun childhood. It's safe to say that my parties will never compare to the annual Halloween parties.

10-25-2009 124

Mia skeletor

10-25-2009 427

In case you wanted to see that super baby just one more time. Happy Halloween!! even though it's over.


Brimaca said...

That seems like the best Halloween party ever! Holy cow they go all out!

Beautiful family. All you girlies from high school have the most beautiful babies!

Erin said...

Such cute kids! And that Mia.... I just want to squeeze her! Her little expressions are TOO CUTE! What a fun Halloween Party... I want to plan a party like that one day!

And you've got some mad photo taking skills! What's your trick?

LoPeZ FaMiLy said...

Awww...I love LOVE the picture of Mia and her daddy!! So glad you guys had a great time.

Deb said...

I just can't get enough pictures of that sweet sweet baby! I can't find your email address, but I wanted to thank you so much for the lovely oven mitts you sent. They are awesome and a lovely surprise. Thank you.
deb xx

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

what a cute post. loved the pic of john and mia! i'm impressed that you had a headdress! what a great party! i love how much hair mia has. i think she might have more than ady!

Sarah said...

What an amazing party! It sounds like SO much fun. And you just whipped those costumes together? That would not be possible in my house. You must have some pretty fun things laying around. Your kids are adorable and you guys make some pretty cute cowboys and indians :) And I LOVE your superbaby! Oh she is adorable.

Princess Pookie said...

I'm coming Halloween costume shopping at your house next year!:D

Greg and Heidi said...

Mia looks so good! I LOVED the post about expecting. After becoming a heart mom, I think unexpectedly happening is the way it has to be! Congrats!

Jennifer said...

Hi there!

I just found your blog from a link from a blog about Mia that i've been reading for a while. I too, also live in Washington, in Puyallup. I've been praying for sweet Mia ever since I read her article in the paper! She is too beautiful, and I love reading about her and her story.

Shelley Eggett said...

That's one heck of a party! How do people come up with these ideas? And I must say I'm pretty impressed with your costumes.