Nov 22, 2009

Reunion Recap

Picture 8 5150

This past summer was my ten year high school reunion. Yes, yes... I am THAT old! so sad. This was a day I had been dreading/looking forward to for some time. I had anxiety about putting it together especially from out of state, but I think in the end it turned out just fine. It was great to see everyone, and my biggest disappointment was not having enough time to visit with everyone there.

Picture 8 5273

WASP- the photo cut out.

The wasps have a brand new high school. We were able to hold our reunion there. I was in shock over how nice it is... it is really impressive. Having the reunion there was ideal because we didn't have the cost of renting another place. The downside was that I hear quite a few people didn't want to come because there were not certain beverages available. I would have loved to see those people too, but had to go with cheaper tickets because of the blasted economy.

Picture 8 5267

This was my favorite part of the reunion! I loved hearing what everyone had been up to for the past ten years! This was the night before the main reunion and we got to sit around and visit. I am in awe of what people have done with their lives- I need to hop on the horn! I wish the whole reunion could have been like this- lots of visiting and less mumbo jumbo. Sadly it was I who created the mumbo jumbo- oh well. I was also very flattered to learn that Baby Mia is loved by friends I never even knew, knew about her.

Picture 8 5106

Between the last two's pretty safe to say that I attended high school with all of the beauties! All of the girls are so beautiful and all of the boys had turned into men. Even Chad grew taller if that is possible!

Picture 8 5167

Yes, there were boys there too. It was so refreshing that our high school's signature cowboy was still as happy as the day you last saw him. Still living life to it's fullest, and putting a smile on everyone's face! Ty, you are still the life of the party...I guess some things never change!

Picture 8 5080

Oh look... here's another picture of the girls. Good looking eh? This picture leads me to my, if you're planning a reunion DO NOT do the following count down.

#7 Do not hand your camera over to your husband and ask him to shoot away willy nilly. This only works if your camera is not currently in a creative mode. Make sure to change it back to automatic- as to spare yourself multiple pictures that look like the one above... and ones with couples smiling away with only a backside in the background in focus. I would post it, but I would not be a fan of someone posting my backside on their blog, so I'll resist. You would think I would learn my lesson! This happens all to often with me. I say, "here hun, can you get a picture of that," handing him the camera not in auto mode. Then discovering my mistake when I download them on to the computer. I always call him in to view his handy work- we get a good laugh. I should do a woopsie photo post.

Picture 8 5275

#6 Do not rely on the technology of other scanners/ software to finish up your slide show. I have done many a slide show in my day, but this one was rough. It should have all worked out, but many of the pictures were way too small! Always preview the slide show... always!!

#5 Do not forget your prizes for the reunion elimination game. In the end it was fine because we gave away prizes we were just going to use for random drawings, but some of the prizes went with the category, and were funny. For example, the question of how close do you live to where you did when attending high school- would have been a hoot. Everyone began standing, then then as the distances got smaller and smaller and people sat down. The last tier stated, "same house." The person still standing would have been given a security blanket. For this particular elimination the person who actually won would have been a good sport! There were some other "same houser's" but they now owned the house- so, no blanket necessary.

- the guy in the photo is my friend Steve. He helped me so much with the reunion and him and his cute wife Summer got to hold baby Mia. Besides my girl Shelley, they were the only ones who got to meet her. It was neat! She reached for them... it melted my heart. She really is the friendliest little creature! Ok, this blog is about the reunion- focus, focus.

Picture 8 5174

#4 Do Not create the entire alumni book in InDesign, then transfer it over to publisher because your trial ran out. Buy the stinking software! I spent a million hours switching all the information over to publisher, my husband was cursing the reunion. not really. Oh, and don't take it personal if alumni respond and say they will get you the info for their bio, but never do. It's less work in the end! *this is the only picture I have of the million hour project- pay no attention to the look on my face, or the fact that I didn't have time to do my hair. Next reunion... right?

Picture 8 5252

#3 Do not leave all of your balloons at the high school the night before. They will be popped with all of the other balloons that were popped following the dance. These were the dance balloons, but the reunion balloons looked exactly the same. I guess I was asking for that one.

#2 Do not rely on the caterers to be on time. Have a plan in case the food isn't there when it's time to eat. It worked out, but they got lost coming up the canyon. It was worth it though... Cafe Rio so yummy!

#1 Above all: DO NOT try to plan your ten year high school reunion during the first trimester of your pregnancy!! Bad, bad, idea. I should have handed it off to someone else, but didn't know who to burden.

So, who is in charge of the next reunion you ask? Well, I'll tell you who! After all, passing the torch was my number one priority of the evening.

Picture 8 5248

This girl!!! It is her punishment for being so stinking cute, and still fitting into her cheer leading outfit! tisk tisk ;-) She was cheering at the alumni game and somehow got roped into a photo shoot. I totally made her do this by the way...a day before she was nominated to do the next reunion. She will do a great job... and now has my handy countdown, so she can't fail. I am so excited to attend a reunion and have nothing to do with the planning ( I will help of course if you need me). The class voted and the next reunion will be in ten years, although Ty is going to look up everyone in five and have a big party! Sara, please don't hate me for posting this picture.. it was too perfect!

Picture 8 5276

The other lucky beautiful nominee... with her helpful attitude it is no wonder why she was nominated. She will do a fantastic job as well! Bless both of your hearts for accepting! Brit, I can't believe I got to talk to you for like five minutes... how did that happen?

Despite all of my Do Not's- I really enjoyed the reunion and hope that everyone is glad they came. I will be posting a slide show on the WHS site of all the pictures (good and bad) that were taken that night. If you have any you want me to include feel free to email them to me- you can use the alumni email address.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped!! Go Wasps!


Brimaca said...

I can't get over how people are even more beautiful now! Looked fun Mimi. Sorry I couldn't make it.

Clint or Kathryn said...

Looked fun. I wish I could have come. I hope I am in the area in ten years.

Clint or Kathryn said...

Are the books still available?

kohlermin said...

You need to post names with the pictures. Some I know right off, other look familiar but I'm coming up blank on the names!

I would like a book too, if they are still available.

Good job!

Erin said...

OHH! How fun! I'm sad I couldn't make it, but it looks like it was really fun and VERY well planned. Way to go!

You should probably never plan a 10 year reunion in your first trimester of pregnancy OR the first year as a mommy of a transplant baby! You really ARE superwoman! You should post these on facebook, I know others would love to see them!

Dan and Sara Fishler said...

Mimi! That picture of me is horrible! However, I forgot to take some pics the night of the football game, so at least I have something to prove I was there, now :)

Great post! I am going to print it and keep it in a safe place for the next reunion. I am nervous! I know I'll be asking your advice and opinions - but I'll try not to rope you in too much! You did a great job this year, it was really fun! I hope our next one will be half as good!

Sarah said...

Ummm, wow. Planning a 10 year reunion while in your first trimester with everything else that you have going on? You never cease to amaze me, Mimi! It looks like so much fun. Way to go!

Beth said...

I am glad you finally posted about your reunion, I was wondering when that would happen. :) Your pictures of Mia are darling. I love what you do with the pictures. I am so glad that Mia is healthy and has no rejection!!!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

looks like you did a great job, even with everything you had/have on your plate. your really did go to school with some beauties! glad you had fun.

Steven and Whitney said...

Like Erin, I am really sad I couldn't be there. It looked like everyone had an awesome time! Good job. I will plan right now to be there in 10 years!