Nov 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Stitches

2009-11-15 041

This is the face of a little girl waiting for stitches.

2009-11-15 040

This is the face of a little girl who was racing her brother and baby sister across the room...crawling of course.

2009-11-15 043

This is the face of a little girl who accidentally slammed right into a wooden toy (with a beveled edge mind you) whilst racing that brother and sister.

2009-11-15 044

This is the face of a little girl who cried for just a minute after her accident, and didn't realize she was really hurt until lifting her head and seeing her mom's chest covered in blood. I didn't know she was that hurt either. Ellie has never felt pain so we thought it was just a bonk.

2009-11-15 051

This is the face of a little girl who is wishing that she doesn't need stitches because she is terrified of them. Mom and dad knew otherwise, but we kept that option around to sooth her concerns.

While we were still in the waiting room a few young patients came out. Ellie promptly asked them if they were all done. When they responded "yes", she replied, "Oh good, cause now you get to go get a really really big ice cream cone on your way home." Luckily the parents all smiled. I just love this side of her personality. I tried to distract her the entire drive with the promise of a really big ice cream. She let everyone know that this of course was protocol post Emergency Room visit. When she informed the other kids of their good fortune, their eyes lit up. There is so much good in her...cheering people up when she has a big owie herself! I love this kid!

2009-11-15 052

Stitches it is! Elvis was not looking forward to stitches and asked everyone that came in the room if they were given stitches as a little kid. Surprisingly some of the hospital personnel didn't lie. Maybe they're trained not to, but she was pleased when one of the nurses showed her where she had stitches (in the exact place) and there was no scar. She gave me a wink- what a good nurse! This same nurse cleaned her wound getting reading for the doc. I really really hope the scar is minimal- her sweet little face- it's killing me!!

2009-11-15 054

Still waiting...boy did the numbing stuff take a long time to "soak in." We sang every Christmas song we could think of to pass the time. Much to my excitement she still sings jingle bells the same way she did last year. In case you forgot:

Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells
Jingle all the way
Oh much fun a
Mister Ride
In a One Forced Slopen Sleigh

We also sang Santa Claus is coming to town to get ready for her part in the "concert." It is a little recital, but she calls it a concert. I almost started to sing grandma got ran over by a reindeer, but decided in her emotional state that would just not be appropriate. Maybe it won't be appropriate for a few years yet.

2009-11-15 055

All cozy warm in her new fancy blanket. Elvis was pumped that she got to take home this blanket from the easy to please. This was partly to keep her from thrashing and hitting the doctor.

2009-11-15 057

Three stitches later we were all done, and back to our happy little self. The yummy red Popsicle didn't hurt either. It was heartbreaking for me to watch her get those stitches. The look in her eyes was so traumatized and I couldn't help but fall apart. She is usually such a strong and spunky girl- so to see her sad and vulnerable sent my pregnant self into tears. Luckily it didn't last long and I was so grateful that it was after all, just stitches. This family has seen worse ;-)

2009-11-15 056

Thanksgiving is a great day to think and think and think about just how blessed we are!! Ellie is fine, Jense Great, Daddy perfect, Me- tired but healthy, and Mia is HERE- and the apple of all of our eyes. Oh and little baby brother "Ned" is super active and giving his moma some crazy heartburn!!

We are truly blessed and have so much to reflect on this day! It would take me all day to list the many things we are grateful for. One thing I must mention is that last year we were eating Children's hospital cafeteria thanksgiving dinner, and we couldn't have been more grateful to be there! This year we are home and we are just as grateful today for the overwhelming joy we felt last year. We truly are so blessed! Happy Thanksgiving to all of YOU!


Kelli said...

poor little thing, glad it all worked out.

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

i'm glad she is's so hard to watch our children in pain, as you know all too well. i'm happy and grateful you are all healthy and happy...So Ned????

Summer Carlile said...

What a brave little girl! I had to get stitches twice before I was 5 both times on my chin it was traumatic for me. I was scared half to death, but now I never notice the scars.

Brenda said...

Oh no! I got Thanksgiving stitches once when I was a kid. The ER is never on the agenda, esp on a holiday!

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor girl! That is almost exactly where Tanner had his stitches and it looked like the same room too! Glad she is OK, and smiling after it all! Miss you guys!


Sarah said...

I am so sorry! Poor girl. I hear you on barely being able to handle watching your super spunky girl being kind of scared but brave through the whole ER thing. So not fun. I'm glad you guys made through it all, and here's hoping you're not back there again!

PS - love Ned :)

Di said...

That doesn't look very fun at all. But she is oh so cute.

Suzie said...

Bless her heart! I love the Jingle bells rendition, she will have to teach it to us for caroling this year!

Jennifer said...

My Mom always had us rub Vitamin E on our potential scars. Just a thought. She looks like she handled it all way better than I did as a kid. The blanket wrap thing idea is genious!