Nov 16, 2009

We're Home and Happy

Well, our cath didn't go quite as planned...

2009-11-15 022

When we got to the hospital they were a little behind (these procedures are unpredictable) so Mia went without any food for a few extra hours. She didn't seem to mind.

They took her back and I went upstairs and took a nap, while John played facebook games :-) Three hours later we got the page to meet up with the doctor. He told us that everything went great. They had to do a lot of pokes to get access... poor baby. Her right side is completely occluded from her last cath so they tried her other side and the neck. They used both. She has quite a few lovely bruises.

In the beginning of her cath they sent off her blood work and her CBC came back a little startling. Her hematocrit was extremely low- at 18. Her hemoglobin was a 6. They obviously couldn't let us leave with these numbers... so they didn't proceed with the stress echo that was planned to take place during her sedation. They checked her blood again to make sure it wasn't a lab error, and there was no change. Strange. She didn't look anemic, her cheeks were rosy and as you can tell from the above picture she was in good spirits.

2009-11-15 004

Mia shortly after her procedure playing with her "baboon." That is what my other kids called it and it kind of stuck. Mia on the other hand has one word for anything that starts with the letter B... it's "but." She says "but" more than any other word! We love her. You can imagine how often I hear J or E say, "mom!!! Mia said BUTT."

We were admitted with no spare anything, and spent the night on the floor (not the actual floor, but the moderate care floor). The good news is I got to see some people I love. It's always fun to see people who are in awe of your little one. I should have known to pack a bag- rookie mistake!! Am I still a rookie? I guess at the caths, yes I'm a rookie! I will always pack a bag in the future... and I'm sure that bag will not get unpacked for at least a month following the appointment.

She wasn't a huge fan of the hospital crib so I held her while she slept. After an hour or so of sleep, she woke up for a second kicked a little bit, then fell back to sleep. Forty five minutes later I tried to put her back in the crib. When I stood up there was a huge puddle of blood on the floor that spread under the chair. It was A lOT of blood and I started to panic. I laid her down and saw the blood covering my pants as well. How did I not feel it? Hear it? Anything. Mia had kicked her IV out and slowly dripped out more blood that I have seen in a puddle before. I ran out of the door looking for the nurse. I was really scared. The nurse took her pressure a couple times and called the docs. They said to just watch her over night and try not to worry. I was especially worried because of her low blood count. How could she recover her numbers when she had just lost so much blood. It was alarming. I didn't sleep much that night. I thought we would be there for a few days now because of this set back.

They were debating whether or not to proceed with a transfusion. Transfusions are generally avoided in transplant patients due to the possible introduction of blood cells that would enable rejection. They decided to draw a CBC the following day to see if her numbers increased or decreased. I thought for sure they would have decreased due to her blood loss. Well to make this long story shorter... her numbers increased!!! They weren't fabulous numbers, but good enough to get us home, and with no transfusion.

2009-11-15 0088

One thing is for sure... it is an entirely different ball game having an active kiddo in the hospital. She really enjoyed this car, and a toy that attached to her crib. I couldn't put her down to crawl around on the floor, and when her sedation wore off she was ready to play! I might have had an easier time, but pregnancy always ads an element of difficulty. Hopefully... hopefully, we won't be back in the hospital while momma is expecting- it's not fun!

2009-11-15 053

Yay!! Back home and all cozy in the cribby!

2009-11-15 027

I love the adoring look in Ellie's eyes. She is so thrilled to have her sister back. Lately Ellie climbs in her crib and claims that Mia asked her to sleep in there with her. I suppose we may have to move up the time table for room sharing.

2009-11-15 033

Jense in Hi-def. Too much fun at bed time! Who wears a night cap anyway? Both of my children put one on every night as part of the pajama process. Goof Balls!

Thanks so much for your prayers! Also the yummy treats, babysitting, and dinner... we are so spoiled!!


I almost forgot the most important snippit of information!! While the doctor was examining Mia on day 2, she got a page. Then she turned to us and said that Mia's biopsy came back and she has... absolutely....


I am so happy! We can deal with the blood mumbo jumbo, but to hear that news was a year in the making. I am so elated... NO Rejection! Nada! Zip! Ziltch! alright, alright... I'll stop, I'm just really really happy!


The Simmons Family said...

Yeah for NO Rejection!!! Owen always has bleed out like that after a cath.. without a doubt.. only it's one of his cath sights that starts to geyser. Bluck.

Good to hear it was just Mia's IV and that no blood transfusion was necessary.

She so smiley and adorable!!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

oh that is the best news I've heard lately! i am sorry about the whole blood thing and that you had to stay but that is such wonderful news! whoo hoo!

Kelli said...

there was a lot of emotions in that post. All that blood then cutties in her bed, standing on the crib rail (scared me but how fun is that!) and then great biopsy news. Yeah,

PS My son Kyler is 6 months post kidney transplant this week. Woo HOO.

Holen Family said...

I have been checking your blog everyday making sure Mia is well. I am so glad to hear no rejection! That is so wonderful!! By-the-way, You are wonder woman!

Cindy said...

Wow! That's great news! So glad for that- and nightcaps- where did you even get them? That's the most hilarious thing I've seen all day. It's like I stepped back into another century for a second!

Sarah said...

Zero rejection!!! Woohooo!!! I am so happy for the wonderful news.

Shelley Eggett said...

Mimi - I'm so happy I could cry right now. What a difference a year makes and a new heart. I just love the pictures of Mia in the hospital, Happy and Healthy! She seems like such a happy baby. I'm so happy about the No Rejection results. She's amazing, her heart is amazing and you guys are amazing. I'm so happy!

Talia said...

YAY!!! I am so glad that things are going well for Miss Mia and that there is NO REJECTION! Take care!

Anonymous said...

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