Dec 31, 2009


2009-12-17 144

Ellie and Morgan. Morgan, or "Lorgan" as my children like to call her invited us to her performance of the nutcracker. She has been a favorite babysitter the last couple years, and did so much for our family during Mia's wait. The dancing was fantastic, and so were the costumes. Morgan danced as snow, then a fairy, then snow again. Ellie loved pointing her out and kept waving like she could see her. Morgan is such a wonderful ballerina... I was very proud watching her up on stage. So much grace in one little dancer!

2009-12-17 138

The neatest part of knowing one of the dancers was the backstage experience. Ellie danced on the stage with Morgan and I couldn't help but think of the commercial where the little girl goes down the isle and peeks through the curtain. She didn't stop smiling all night except to express her concern that she wasn't the one on the stage dancing. She kept asking, "mom, is it my turn to dance up there?" I tried to explain that you have to go to that company in order to be in the performance... she still doesn't understand. There were some pretty young girls performing and she may have experienced a little jealousy as a result.

2009-12-17 128

Of course all of the dancing with Morgan made her forget all about it. Morgan showed Ellie the lights, props, secret hallways, and walked her around to see all of the dancers back stage. She was a VIP for the night, and I as the mother felt equally special. I loved seeing all of that Christmas magic on my little girls face.
2009-12-17 148

Thanks so much Lorgan, for a magical night. We loved watching you up there fulfill your dream as a were amazing!


The Whittingslow Family said...

hey thanks for the pics! BTW my foot was so sicled in that picture!

Sarah said...

Those pictures are adorable. What a fun memory for miss Ellie. And Mimi, you look absolutely GORGEOUS. I swear you haven't changed at all.

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

very neat! you all look beautiful.

Maria said...

this is darling... I love Ellies sweet face. You can tell it was a very special night for her!