Dec 5, 2009

OLD Man and the Baby B

2009-11-16 7499

John Boy is 33! Thuuurty Threeee! Woowee. Seems like yesterday when I met him for the first time, at age 23. Have I really known you for a full decade? really? wow! John Boy and I have always called each other "B." Don't ask where it came from... it has just been a nickname since I can remember. When Jense was born we called him "baby b" same with Ellie. Mia has now taken over the nickname. They all of course have multiple nicknames specific to them, but this is the only nickname we have called all of of our babies. So here is my "B" and our "baby B."

2009-11-16 8077

As part of the thanksgiving festivities we sang happy birthday to him with his family. We also celebrated Mia's 1 year transplant anniversary on that night. Just tonight we went to a dinner on his dad's side to celebrate... nothing like 4 parties!

2009-11-16 8344

Just tickled pink with her new anniversary necklace given to her by her grandparents.

2009-11-16 7077

The kids took daddy breakfast in bed, presented their home made cards, and the gifts they picked out. Ellie gave him candy, and Jense gave him a remote control plane. Both kids promptly asked dad to share with them after he opened the gifts. I had a feeling this would happen- sneaky sneaky. He was more than willing to share. We went out to eat and then ended up Christmas shopping. Yes, it is not the most romantic night, but it was still fun-and we got to pick out some things together.

2009-11-16 7222

I planned a boys night with all of his friends. They went out to eat at a Thai food restaurant... JB is such a sucker for Thai! Then they came back home to play a few tournaments and eat dessert. I took some pictures of the night but they are mostly of ultra concentrating face faces.

2009-11-16 7233

These pictures of Baby B are much sweeter to look at!

2009-11-16 6944

I think his favorite gift of all is the affection he receives from his little Mia. She loves him! He is constantly rough housing with her and she can't get enough. She says "dada" almost as much as "mama" these days, and he couldn't be more pleased. Mia has captured her daddy's heart and he hers... it is quite sweet.

John for your birthday I give you these delicious little morsels:

2009-11-16 5855

and these:

2009-11-16 5899

and one on the way.... less than four months away!!

Happy B-day John Boy! Me love you long time!


Carrie Hellewell said...

I can't believe it's been 10 years!! So crazy. Happy Birfday Johnboy! We love you and glad you had a good day.

PS. Are we going to see you guys at Christmas? We're not going anywhere!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

aw, you guys are too cute!

Anonymous said...
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Shelley Eggett said...

Those pictures of all 3 kids are SO good. I love them.