Dec 9, 2009

That's What Christmas is all about.

tree collage

We usually get our tree at a cute little tree farm with a train. When we got there, they were closing so we went down the road. It was soooo cold and the kids were insisting on a tree that night so it was easy to forget about the train.

Ellie, if she had her way and had short hair, would look like the above picture. I just can't grant her wish of having hair like "aunt nats" quite yet. I did cut about 3 inches the other day and convinced her it is now short- she bought it.

Jense pulled the tree all the way to the car solo! He is Mr. business when it comes to a task. The promise of chili and egg nog could have been his motivation.

decorating collage

Decorating the tree was much more fun than obtaining one. I can't believe how cold it is! I am wearing a person and I'm still cold! We decorated the tree the night after bringing it home... in case you were wondering about the shorts and skirt my kids are wearing. bbbbrrrrrr.

John and I sat back and watched Jensen rig up his own ladder. Basically he put the bathroom step stool on top of a chair and decorated the top (one side) half of the tree. We kept waiting for him to topple over but he never did. He was leaning quite far, but never fell onto the tree. Is it sad that we were waiting for this moment? It would have been funny to watch, but a massive pine needle mess to clean up not to mention the broken decorations and possible injuries to my little man. Yes, we are those parents!

We pretty much let the kids go to town on the tree, (like we do every year) and wait to see how it turns out. They did a good job. One string of lights didn't make it through the off season, so it seems a little lifeless this year. The more lights the better in my book!

Last night for FHE we had a lesson on Christmas and all of the important things we need to remember. We talked a lot about the birth of Jesus and how Christmas is a celebration of him. Jensen insists that the Shepard from our Nativity Scene is the "big Jesus." I just let him go with it. Ellie managed to break the angel that hung above the nativity. She is on a destruction path this year. She is responsible for the breaking and hiding of multiple Christmas ornaments. She eventually comes clean and tells/shows me about each one. I am a little sad about the angel, but a little crazy glue should do the trick. Anway, after the lesson and a few hands on activities about "giving" I thought it was sinking in that it is more important to give than to receive. While we were eating dessert I asked the kids... "so, what is the most important about Christmas time." Ellie, with intense enthusiasm responded: "GIFTS!!!" Now, if I only knew who the gifts were for in her response... then i would know if my lesson resonated. :-)

Mia is also in the mix...not pictured...but definitely in the mix. She tries to pull the ornaments off the tree. She has been pretty successful so we had to move them all up. Hopefully we have some decorations after this holiday between her and her sisters fascination.

Also, When we got home from the tree farm we found Mia with a candy cane with a deathly sharp point on it. I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw her candy cane. I can remember making the candy cane come to a point then poking someone with it. I guess she gets this from me. I'm just glad we found it before she could of done some damage... it was seriously sharp.

She is already taking on her roll as the big sis. She likes to slap my belly and laugh. I wonder if she knows what she doing... nah, I think she just likes the noise. She sure is at a really fun age right now. She can climb the stairs in about 15 seconds flat and then will make noise so we know that she made it. Tomorrows task is to get out the baby gate, because her skills in going up do NOT cross over to her skills going down. Her PT today said she won't be a long term therapy patient- which was reassuring. Now if we could just get the girl to eat a meal we would be golden. She has mastered the art of spitting out food, which they tell me is good because she is aware that she might choke, but bad because she needs it in her belly! Oh the joys... at least she's eating and hopefully with a few more teeth she can chew- which will help out!


The Simmons Family said...

Your posts always make me smile!! Aren't "GIFTS!" the best part of Christmas?? Oh, and a bit WOOT for Mia cruisin' up and down the stairs!! Eating is always good times around here.. Owen is into "stuffing food"... where he shoves so much in cause he LOVES it... but then he has NO idea how he's going to swallow that mass amount of foods in his cheeks. Good Times.

LOVE the tree!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

what a cute post! JD taught the girls to say that ornaments are for looking and not for touching but I they don't always remember that! Glad you all are enjoying the Christmas season!

Katie said...

I love reading your updates and all of the happenings of your cute family. Wished we lived closer, I know we'd have lots of fun with our kiddos. Glad Mia's doing so great...what a little superstar. I just love that baby girl!

Anonymous said...
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