May 28, 2009

Camping Trip

No we did not go camping!! Are you crazy? Well, not yet anyway. We took the kids to roast hot dogs and marshmallows down at the River. Mia was sweet as usual- just sat in her stroller mesmerized by the fire.

When we told Jensen our plans he immediately went to the drawer, got our a writing utensil and wrote down the word "camping." He is really into labeling everything these days. It is kind of his natural response to something new. After John designated where we were going to build the fire we were all busy carrying the stuff in. When I finished getting Mia settled I looked up and saw a tree stump with a post- it that was clearly labeled CAMPING. I LOVE THIS KID!

I can't wait for summer- I feel like it has been years since I've seen a summer!!! More posts to come...when I stop watching so you think you can dance. Check back tomorrow :-)

May 20, 2009

All in a Days Work

Jensen learned to ride his bike today. When I say today, I mean literally I dropped him off at a friends house while I took Mia to the hospital, and when I returned I saw a kid ride his bike across the street. That kid happened to be mine! Although at first I didn't quite believe it because this morning he was showing me how he could peddle twice before touching his foot down. The Doutre family (my friends) must have had a little bike riding magic up their sleeves. One day...One day! I still can't believe it!

Jensen has been a huge fan of his sisters bike because it is smaller and it has training wheels. John and I usually shrugged our shoulders when we saw our boy flying down the street on a hot pink princess bike. Luckily his transformer bike helmet transformed him into a bike riding machine...boy bikes that is.

Check him out!

Oh- and a little disclaimer: He is obsessed with this shirt! The fabric is really soft and I keep trying to sneak it away because he has worn it forever and it is WAY to small. Nat, thanks for the addicting "my aunt rocks" shirt. He really does think you rock- and wants everyone else to know too!!

May 17, 2009

Three little Pigs

Each set of grandparents offer our kids so much. Each have unique love and fun that they give our little ones. Going to visit is always fun for all. Grandparents McDonald live on a lake, Grandparents Jensen have a full blown farm, and Grandparents Conway live on several acres with various animals. This weekend we spent time at Grandma & Grandpa Conways house. We picked up pigs to raise, and eventually to eat. Kids LOVE to feed, touch and care for animals. It is interesting to watch as they really get to work. You can see Ellie here raking the hay. She did this for a very long time, unprompted, and as if her next meal depended on it.
I am also very happy that there are so many animals here because I really don't want any to care for at my place...since my kids fulfill all pet needs. Matter of fact, I think that kids are just a really good version of a pet. Not only do you feed them, bathe them, chase them down when they get out of the "cage," clean up their bathroom messes, the destroyed personal possessions, and in the end they will change your bed pan for you! Never met a dog or a turtle that will do that.
Taking turns on the Mower.
He held these flowers the entire ride home so he could give them to his beloved mommy.
I still feel like the horses will eat my fingers, so Aunt Beebs was great helping all the kids feed the horses. After a while Ellie was doing all by herself. Made me so nervous.

Uh, did I not take any pictures of my only born son??
Oh, there you are Jens. Look at how tired these kids look. A long day romping in the fields.

May 14, 2009

WARNING: Emotional Post

I had just finished putting Mia to sleep when the phone rang. The voice on the other end was Pam, one of the transplant coordinators. She proceeded to tell me that two letters from the donors family had come. I had sent a letter in December, knowing that they may or may not choose to write back.

As I read the letters I felt in my heart a sadness and Joy beyond anything I had ever felt before. For months, I wanted so desperately to know something about Mia's donor...something to hold onto. Now I did, and I will have these letters as a little piece of heaven to treasure. The letters I received were from the grandparents of Mia's angel. Their words were very sweet and sincere. Her angel was a baby boy...'a true joy to be with' according to his grandpa. They described what a happy baby he was, and how he was always smiling. This was so touching to hear because I am sure that much of that happiness transferred into Mia when that precious heart was placed inside her body. She is such a happy baby, and I feel that much of that Joy was an extra gift to her, and to us.

One sweet baby girl came into this wold with little hope of survival. One precious baby boy leaving this world gave her a most precious gift. He saved her life, and her life will be a testament of his joy. I feel like that sweet angel also saved my life, and gave to me, a miracle.

The letters are a treasure to me, and I have read them over and over. Each time feeling the sting of their loss, and the comfort of knowing his heart lives on.

This post has been written and erased multiple times, because words cannot describe how I feel. Someday I will meet the donor family and they will be able to feel their little boys heart beating inside of Mia. And hopefully, they will feel the gratitude I will always have for them.

May 10, 2009

Mother's Day pronounced Mawthurs Day

-Favorite part of today: opening gifts from my children that they picked out.
-Favorite quote of today: "no, mommies need to do it because it's mother's day."
-Favorite service of the day: All three meals prepared by John boy + kids
-Favorite lecture of the day: Ellie trying to convince us that the neighbors like her to ring their doorbell non stop. (sorry guys)
-Favorite snuggler of the day: Mia---snuggler #1!
-Least Favorite aspect of today: missing church because I am SICK. I love Mother's Day Sunday!

Here is a little article about Mia that was in the Desert News this last week. It is an article on motherhood...enjoy. Thanks Molly!

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful moms!!

May 7, 2009

Someone stole my infant

...and replaced her with this BIG 10 month old!! Mia is 10 months old- 10 months!!

Everyone thinks Mia looks like her daddy. However, there is no denying that this face is a spittin' image of moi!! Seriously, this is my face- 27 years ago. If you don't believe me I will try and scrounge up the one photo I have from my childhood to prove it. he he... just kidding mom! There are photos of me, but they are all in "slide" form, or so I've heard.

Foot tasting- one of her favorite past times! Now, THIS she gets from her DADDY! ;-)

Mia's eating is coming right along. She loves to have food in her mouth as long as it is also in her hand. We go through Cheetos and crackers like it was going out of style. She doesn't eat the whole cracker- it usually falls on the floor and we give her a new one. last night she successfully chowed down on some carrots and sweet potatoes. I couldn't believe it!... she opened her mouth took the food...then ate it!! Now we just need to master the bottle. The night before last she took 150 cc's for her night feed. I decided to leave her tube out to see if she would take enough the next day. She did great, but toward the end of the evening I had to put it back in. I think this tube will be gone before we know it.

She has an angel heart and an angel face! Happy 10th month miss me!

May 6, 2009

Cinco de Me Oh

John threw me a birthday bash over the weekend. Yes, I said birthday. I usually look forward to birthdays, but not this year. I have officially entered into my "late twenties" and there is nothing I can do about it. Last night I watched the clock change over to May 6th and then looked in the mirror only to find forehead wrinkles and crows feet. I didn't know that transitioning into my "elderly years" happened so immediately. I want my 27 year old face back! and I want it NOW!

So maybe being 28 won't be that bad. I suppose after the year I have had, I should be chomping at the bit to start a new year.

A few days before my last birthday we were given the news about Mia. I cannot believe it has been an entire year since the word "transplant" entered into our lives. That word has been the topic of a million conversations, many a blog, and countless dreams... good and bad. My last birthday was sad, very very sad. I had no idea what the future would hold for our little family, but I felt strongly that it would be completely different in a year. Here we are- 1 year later! Somehow that earth shattering news seems like small potatoes today. She is healthy, happy, and excruciatingly lovable.

Back to the birthday- it was fun! Daddy did a great job executing a great fiesta. He had help I'm sure ;-) We played win lose or draw, and had a pinata. A party without kids makes for some very creative pinata breaking. Watching a friend of ours trying to break the pinata "like a girl" was hilarious. I wish I had it on video- you would get a good laugh. The cake was delicious- Jaime Buddy is the cake maker extraordinaire.

The kids felt left out so they sang to me last night- it was quite cute. I think my favorite gift of so many great gifts(thanks everyone), was the gift Mia gave to me. She took 60 cc's yesterday!!! 60! woop woop. Now she just needs to take 110 more and we can say SAYONARA to el tubo.

Well, here's to my 28th year- I will embrace you, and promise to not complain about the number you represent. Bring it on 28!-hopefully my face doesn't completely fall off by the the time
I reach the big th... get two years older. I refuse to type it. There is probably something wrong with me, I am extremely resistant to aging. All of my friends who are already that age tell me how it's not that big of a deal. I know they're all lying! It's all over after 29+1, right?

*to my 29+1+ friends/sisters... in no way do I think that you are not fabulous, beautiful and "got it goin' on." I do... I really really do. Just to clarify :-)

May 3, 2009

Lemonlaide Stand

My kids have become increasingly independent. A few days ago they decided to have a "lemonlaid" stand. I told them to go for it, but not to make a huge mess. By the time I had Mia's feeds up and running (I just realized how sad that sounds...) they had everything ready to rock n' roll. I saw Ellie marching outside with a full bag of chocolate chips. "Hey, Elle, why do you need those?" I asked. "Because mom, they are a treat for our customers" she replied. Apparently she wanted to reward their good behavior of purchasing an already overly sugar filled(judging by the amount of scoops Jensen used) beverage. I agreed to let her have a small bowl, knowing that I was probably going to be their only customer. The kids kicked it up and notch and not only did they provide dessert for me, they also let me pick a song to have playing while I drank my lemonlaide. Where do they come up with this stuff??? I would have loved to hear the conversation when they decided on the music. Ellie had the process all planned out... the customers would buy their drink, pay the money, get their change, get some choc. chips, and pick a song- IN THAT ORDER! They always took my money, but ended up giving it back in the end.

A few cars drove by, and no one was interested. Ellie almost broke my heart when she asked me in a really sad voice, "mommy, why don't they want our lemonlaide...aren't they thirsty too?" That is when I unveiled the secret weapon of 'lemonade stand' past down from generation to generation. I told her that when the cars came by she had to stand up, smile really big, and wave. When the next car drove by, the kids practically waved their arms off, and NOTHIN!- not even a tap on the breaks. Didn't that guy ever read the rules to live by poster? Specifically the rule that states: always buy things kids are selling on the street? We had that poster hanging up in our bathroom. I learned a lot of good lessons from those long listy posters. Remember the one about how everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten? You know you know the posters I'm talking about. They were strangely popular over a decade ago.

Luckily the school bus showed up and the kids had a bunch of customers. Aaaah childhood- isn't it refreshing!?