Dec 31, 2009


2009-12-17 144

Ellie and Morgan. Morgan, or "Lorgan" as my children like to call her invited us to her performance of the nutcracker. She has been a favorite babysitter the last couple years, and did so much for our family during Mia's wait. The dancing was fantastic, and so were the costumes. Morgan danced as snow, then a fairy, then snow again. Ellie loved pointing her out and kept waving like she could see her. Morgan is such a wonderful ballerina... I was very proud watching her up on stage. So much grace in one little dancer!

2009-12-17 138

The neatest part of knowing one of the dancers was the backstage experience. Ellie danced on the stage with Morgan and I couldn't help but think of the commercial where the little girl goes down the isle and peeks through the curtain. She didn't stop smiling all night except to express her concern that she wasn't the one on the stage dancing. She kept asking, "mom, is it my turn to dance up there?" I tried to explain that you have to go to that company in order to be in the performance... she still doesn't understand. There were some pretty young girls performing and she may have experienced a little jealousy as a result.

2009-12-17 128

Of course all of the dancing with Morgan made her forget all about it. Morgan showed Ellie the lights, props, secret hallways, and walked her around to see all of the dancers back stage. She was a VIP for the night, and I as the mother felt equally special. I loved seeing all of that Christmas magic on my little girls face.
2009-12-17 148

Thanks so much Lorgan, for a magical night. We loved watching you up there fulfill your dream as a were amazing!

Dec 13, 2009

Santa Train and Soggie Christmas

The Santa Train 2009

2009-12-16 078

Hello there Santa Claus!

2009-12-16 005

Mia, Santa- Santa, Mia. She is such a friendly little creature. I think Santa will bring her a little extra something for all of her adorable flirting.

2009-12-16 039

Ellie, Santa- Santa Ellie. According to daddy Ellie gets a present taken away almost every day. He has Santa on speed dial, and boy does she whip into action when he threatens to call him. So mean! I do find myself conveniently singing "Santa Claus is coming to town." Works every time! She wins the prize for big sister of the year because of her undying devotion to Mia. Now if only Mia and her parents appreciated that helpfulness. I'm thinking in a few months when there is a fresh baby around Mia will get some long awaited peace and quiet.

2009-12-16 014

Jensen, Santa- Santa, Jensen. This kid is definitely on the nice list. Are all first born's all so eager to please and easy going? I have thoroughly enjoyed preparing for his Christmas. He is so sweet and so animated about Christmas.

2009-12-16 108

Waiting patiently for the Santa Train. With their hands full holding onto Mia... who is going to hold the newbie?

2009-12-16 023

Creating more candy cane weapons

2009-12-16 114

Nothing to say... just a soon to be big brother of "Ned." He is trying to convince me that the baby's name is Jack.

2009-12-16 112

Always ready to pose! How do I take the pose out of this girl?

2009-12-16 132

If only I could get this girl to smile in any of her pictures!!!

Garage Flood 2009

2009-12-16 087

When we arrived home form the Santa Train our neighbor flagged us down in the street and told us that one of our pipes had burst. Having friends living in a hotel due to broken pipes I knew this was not good news. When we pulled into our drive way, there was water gushing out from underneath the garage. Mia was asleep and my priority was to get her to her crib even if I had to wade through water. Luckily when I walked in the door everything was just how we left it. John rushed to the garage and saw where the water was streaming out of the wall. He took down some sheet rock and found the pesky pipe that had caused such a pool in our driveway. The great news is that our drive way has a drain and the water that came rushing out for who knows how long, was going into that drain. Unfortunately there were bags full of Christmas gifts that were supposed to be in the attic, but were thrown in there a week ago and forgotten about.

2009-12-16 083

Jense being the helpful boy that he is grabbed a broom and started pushing the water from our garage to the driveway. He picked up a Target back and said, "whoa... cool... tootsie rolls, m&m's, candy canes." He had found one of the stocking stuffer bags. I was disappointed, not because he found the candy, but because now "Santa" will have to come up with new knickknacks and treats for the stockings. If a tin of tootsie rolls shows up in his stocking he may get a little suspicious.

Ellie promptly asked, "mom, what are these for?" I answered... "Oh, those are for daddy... for Christmas- don't tell him." Ellie was so excited and asked if we could wrap them up right then. I told her that we had to clean out the garage and she announced that she would hide them under her bed until we could get to the wrapping. Good idea Ellie :-)

Daddy, looks like you're getting a few gifts worth of stocking goodies!!!

The other bags contained gifts as well, but the kids didn't see them and hopefully after a trip to the washing machine will be good as new.

I am thanking my lucky stars that it was in our garage and that it was an easy fix. Last night when we were getting ready for bed Ellie ran around to every sink in our house trying to wash her hands. She made it back to where I was sitting and informed me that none of the sinks worked. I told her that the water was off but daddy would fix it. She got a really pitiful look on her face and said, "mom, but I really love water." I couldn't help but feel bad for her for and for so many who don't have clean water. I could have gone into the garage and got some out of storage, but thought baby wipes would do the trick until the water was restored.

Jense found a water bottle in his room that they used to brush their teeth. Ellie was so proud of him for finding water...she told him, "Jense, you saved the day!" He was really proud of himself! While they were brushing there teeth I heard Ellie say, "water is my favorite!" It's the simple pleasures...

It wasn't long before the water was back on, and daddy had saved the day!

Dec 9, 2009

That's What Christmas is all about.

tree collage

We usually get our tree at a cute little tree farm with a train. When we got there, they were closing so we went down the road. It was soooo cold and the kids were insisting on a tree that night so it was easy to forget about the train.

Ellie, if she had her way and had short hair, would look like the above picture. I just can't grant her wish of having hair like "aunt nats" quite yet. I did cut about 3 inches the other day and convinced her it is now short- she bought it.

Jense pulled the tree all the way to the car solo! He is Mr. business when it comes to a task. The promise of chili and egg nog could have been his motivation.

decorating collage

Decorating the tree was much more fun than obtaining one. I can't believe how cold it is! I am wearing a person and I'm still cold! We decorated the tree the night after bringing it home... in case you were wondering about the shorts and skirt my kids are wearing. bbbbrrrrrr.

John and I sat back and watched Jensen rig up his own ladder. Basically he put the bathroom step stool on top of a chair and decorated the top (one side) half of the tree. We kept waiting for him to topple over but he never did. He was leaning quite far, but never fell onto the tree. Is it sad that we were waiting for this moment? It would have been funny to watch, but a massive pine needle mess to clean up not to mention the broken decorations and possible injuries to my little man. Yes, we are those parents!

We pretty much let the kids go to town on the tree, (like we do every year) and wait to see how it turns out. They did a good job. One string of lights didn't make it through the off season, so it seems a little lifeless this year. The more lights the better in my book!

Last night for FHE we had a lesson on Christmas and all of the important things we need to remember. We talked a lot about the birth of Jesus and how Christmas is a celebration of him. Jensen insists that the Shepard from our Nativity Scene is the "big Jesus." I just let him go with it. Ellie managed to break the angel that hung above the nativity. She is on a destruction path this year. She is responsible for the breaking and hiding of multiple Christmas ornaments. She eventually comes clean and tells/shows me about each one. I am a little sad about the angel, but a little crazy glue should do the trick. Anway, after the lesson and a few hands on activities about "giving" I thought it was sinking in that it is more important to give than to receive. While we were eating dessert I asked the kids... "so, what is the most important about Christmas time." Ellie, with intense enthusiasm responded: "GIFTS!!!" Now, if I only knew who the gifts were for in her response... then i would know if my lesson resonated. :-)

Mia is also in the mix...not pictured...but definitely in the mix. She tries to pull the ornaments off the tree. She has been pretty successful so we had to move them all up. Hopefully we have some decorations after this holiday between her and her sisters fascination.

Also, When we got home from the tree farm we found Mia with a candy cane with a deathly sharp point on it. I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw her candy cane. I can remember making the candy cane come to a point then poking someone with it. I guess she gets this from me. I'm just glad we found it before she could of done some damage... it was seriously sharp.

She is already taking on her roll as the big sis. She likes to slap my belly and laugh. I wonder if she knows what she doing... nah, I think she just likes the noise. She sure is at a really fun age right now. She can climb the stairs in about 15 seconds flat and then will make noise so we know that she made it. Tomorrows task is to get out the baby gate, because her skills in going up do NOT cross over to her skills going down. Her PT today said she won't be a long term therapy patient- which was reassuring. Now if we could just get the girl to eat a meal we would be golden. She has mastered the art of spitting out food, which they tell me is good because she is aware that she might choke, but bad because she needs it in her belly! Oh the joys... at least she's eating and hopefully with a few more teeth she can chew- which will help out!

Dec 5, 2009

OLD Man and the Baby B

2009-11-16 7499

John Boy is 33! Thuuurty Threeee! Woowee. Seems like yesterday when I met him for the first time, at age 23. Have I really known you for a full decade? really? wow! John Boy and I have always called each other "B." Don't ask where it came from... it has just been a nickname since I can remember. When Jense was born we called him "baby b" same with Ellie. Mia has now taken over the nickname. They all of course have multiple nicknames specific to them, but this is the only nickname we have called all of of our babies. So here is my "B" and our "baby B."

2009-11-16 8077

As part of the thanksgiving festivities we sang happy birthday to him with his family. We also celebrated Mia's 1 year transplant anniversary on that night. Just tonight we went to a dinner on his dad's side to celebrate... nothing like 4 parties!

2009-11-16 8344

Just tickled pink with her new anniversary necklace given to her by her grandparents.

2009-11-16 7077

The kids took daddy breakfast in bed, presented their home made cards, and the gifts they picked out. Ellie gave him candy, and Jense gave him a remote control plane. Both kids promptly asked dad to share with them after he opened the gifts. I had a feeling this would happen- sneaky sneaky. He was more than willing to share. We went out to eat and then ended up Christmas shopping. Yes, it is not the most romantic night, but it was still fun-and we got to pick out some things together.

2009-11-16 7222

I planned a boys night with all of his friends. They went out to eat at a Thai food restaurant... JB is such a sucker for Thai! Then they came back home to play a few tournaments and eat dessert. I took some pictures of the night but they are mostly of ultra concentrating face faces.

2009-11-16 7233

These pictures of Baby B are much sweeter to look at!

2009-11-16 6944

I think his favorite gift of all is the affection he receives from his little Mia. She loves him! He is constantly rough housing with her and she can't get enough. She says "dada" almost as much as "mama" these days, and he couldn't be more pleased. Mia has captured her daddy's heart and he hers... it is quite sweet.

John for your birthday I give you these delicious little morsels:

2009-11-16 5855

and these:

2009-11-16 5899

and one on the way.... less than four months away!!

Happy B-day John Boy! Me love you long time!