Jan 30, 2010

Baby Mozart

2010-1-2 243

The Piano is our number one babysitter!

2010-1-2 250

Ellie starting putting Mia with her at the piano a few months back... and everywhere else Ellie cares to go. The difference between the piano and say sitting on her lap is that there is actual enjoyment at the piano. Mia loves that piano and goes from pounding to playing slowly and back to pounding. She now crawls to the piano, stands up reaching her little fingers over the keys and plays. We have trained Mia as our little show monkey. After she plays a few keys she will look around to see who was listening with a big smile on her face- expecting someone to clap.

2010-1-2 261

While in Utah, Mia learned to play her second instrument. The pitch pipe. My mom has had a pitch pipe kicking around for years that eventually ended up in the toy box. We think she is pretty fantastic at it.

2010-1-2 262

And so does she...

2010-1-2 263

She really, really does!


the beezer said...

Wow...Mia is SOOOO cute and looks so healthy...I am so happy for you!

Tammy and Chris said...

Mia is so cute... well all of your kiddos are adorable. She looks so much like Elle. I am glad she is so healthy and happy!

Beth said...

That is soooo cute. Mia is growing up so fast.

Sarah said...

Her faces in those pictures are adorable! She is so cute, I can't believe how much she is looking like Ellie!

Erin said...

She is SO cute... so happy... so full of life! Love her and those CUTE teeth!

Shelley Eggett said...

Oh my gosh is she really that big and really that cute!!!!