Jan 5, 2010

Christmas Even

Mom is this Christmas Even?

2009-12-17 199

2009-12-17 189

Many of our pre Christmas activites/ traditions went undocumented... woopsie.  I did get some pics of the kids making the fancy gingerbread house.  They decorated quite a few houses this year... I made a bunch for a youth activitiy and came home with 12- yes 12 houses to decorate!  What did we do with these houses you ask???

2009-12-8 023

We went secret santa-ing.  I think this was the hi-light of their Christmas for sure.  After the first couple nights they started collecting things around the house that they wanted to drop off.  I had to reign Ellie in a few times... the girl can get carried away.  The only reason I am blogging about secret Santa is because the families that know it was us read my blog, have been informed.  Jense is a champ at keeping a secret... another member of our family, not so much.  DADDY!!

They worked out a system where one would take the sign and the other would take the goodies.  I was impressed with how quickly they made it back to the car.  I held my breath a few times thinking they would hit wet snow on a hill  and all of the fun would be over.  Luckily they always made it back slip free. Jense did insist that we park a little down the street so they wouldn't see us in the drive way.  Where he got that instinct is beyond me.  I did get a good laugh at my natural born door bell ditcher.  Maybe he picked that up while I was in the hospital.

2009-12-17 005

Dear Santa,

My mom is making me take Christmas Eve pajama pictures and I can't possibly sit through it.  I've been so good this year by the way.


2009-12-17 168

That's more like it.  Her little face can be so sweet when she's not sporting the eye roll. Actually Ellie loves to ham it up for the camera, it's refreshing to have a little attitude now and again. Mia, is just so pumped about life in general.  We like to call her happy clapper.  There's always something to clap for in Mia's world. Jense was feeling like a king in his glow in the dark rocket jammies.  The lights kept going off so he could show them off.  I suppose part of motherhood is reliving the excitement of things that glow in the dark with your kids. EVEN when you're trying to take pictures with the lights on!

2009-12-17 014

The kids loaded up the plate for Santa... and wrote him a card, and set up a candle so he could see, and gave him a napkin...all conveniently placed next to the fireplace.  So thorough.

2009-12-17 019

The goodies.  The thing that cracks me up about this picture besides the red bearded santa, is the "pes" on the side of the card. Somewhere along the path of kindergarten Jensen picked up the cool saying... "peace."  I know he thinks it's cool because he flashes me the peace sign with a little smile on his face.  Sometimes he even will run back into the house and show me those two fingers before leaving.  On Christmas even after everything was all set for the night he insisted that he forgot something on the card.  He wanted to tell santa "pes."  Love that kid!!

2009-12-17 027

Christmas morning is kind of a blur now, but the kids loved it.  Mia opened her first dolly.  She is so sweet with that doll, not quite sure what to do, but loves to eat play with the toes.  It was another wonderful Christmas morning spent as a family.  Thank goodness for video cameras to relive the magic years later.

Stay tuned for our Christmas in Utah...


jayna said...

The picture of the door-ditch gingerbread house was my favorite! I know JohnBoy is one funny dad!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

loved this post! looks like you guys had a great time.

Brimaca said...

Still reading and LOVING your blog. Cute pics, cute kids, cute family!

Jennifer said...

So, this is an example of a "small world" moment that I thought I would share! I was babysitting for Julie and Jason Savoldi tonight, and I stumbled upon your Christmas card! I have been reading the blog for a good year now, and I had no clue they knew you! I live two doors up the street from them. I've been praying for Missy Mia all the time :) I am so happy she is doing well!

Take Care,


Shelley Eggett said...

Wow 12 Gingerbread houses, that is impressive. Looks like a wonderful Christmas, kids make it so much more fun. I would say it's definitely more fun being a parent of young kids at Christmas, then it ever was being a kids. It's like all the excitement times 3!!!