Jan 20, 2010

Dance performance and other schmergity

2010-1-2 209

It’s possible that my love for my home town has gone a little too far. We just finished up with a little fundraiser to send some dancers to China, and my class performed a little Swiss ballet. They are darling girls, and did a great job!! I must admit I was in the fabric store gung ho about creating Swiss headbands, when I had to place a call to momacita. She is the one who cranked out those headpieces for us as kids, and I foolishly believed I knew what I was doing. After a little trial and error and a few hot glue gun burns they turned out… good enough, in my opinion. The girls loved them, and I guess that’s the important part.

In my defense about the whole Midway obsession… the dances for the big recital this spring are supposed to be dances from around the world. My initial train of thought involved a may pole and hula hoops covered in flowers. It only took me a few weeks to realize that they girls just weren’t ready for the hula-hoops. If you’re going with a prop… it’s got to look good, and this did not. So, we scratched the hulas, and stuck with just dancing.

This is the perfect class...they are level II, which makes my job quite enjoyable. I am sad that I won’t be their teacher for the big recital, but my body is struggling!  Also, I will have a little wee babus before the recital, and newborns and leaving the house don’t get along. It's just too bad the timing didn’t work out as perfect as the last recital. I went in to be induced with Mia just  following that recital. Wow, that seems like forever ago. There were a lot of sweet wishes from concerned parents who knew that Mia required a heart transplant. I remember a few seeking me out after the recital to wish me good luck. Many a conversation went like this:
Person: So you’re going in soon, right?
Me: yep.
Person: wow.
Me: I know
Person: Ok (nervously)
Me: Ok (nervously)
Person: Ok (nervously)
Me: I know
Person: Ok (nervously)
Me: Ok (nervously)
Person: We’ll be praying for you
Me: thank you.

I laugh now because I distinctly remember all of the nervous “OK’s.” It’s interesting how you really do not know what to say… I didn’t.
LUCKILY- this baby’s heart is just pumping away as it should. Now the parents of my dancers just say…. “oh, you’re expecting again?”
Now repeat the above conversation, replacing the “I know” with “but this baby’s heart is fine.” I find myself making sure everyone knows this baby is healthy so they don’t have to continue with the nervous “OK’s.” Although some are still nervously thinking OK even after they know that he is fine.  he he

2010-1-2 191

Thanks to my friend JoDee, who also happens to be the director, Ellie got to be in her class for this performance. Ellie danced to a pinkarific, pinkatastic, pinkalicious song. She is my little performer!

2010-1-2 221

Besides the performing Ellie was eating up all the attention she was getting from the girls in my class. Between two dress rehearsals and three performances, Ellie was in heaven. The girls loved her, and took turns "babysitting" her while backstage. They each wanted a picture of her on their laps...she pretended to be shy, but quickly warmed up. On the way to the second performance she said, "Mom, I can't wait to see all of my friends, all of the big girls." When we walked in she gladly filled her role, and the girls sure kept her busy and well fed!


Nathan said...

What a princess!!! I love the swiss head gear! It is perfect! I have some fantastic pics of you wearing one of those! Yea that the awkward "OK"s are mostly over although I'm sure there are some new ones with baby Ned. Yea for having a perfect little heart! By the way nice use of the word, "Schmergity".

Brimaca said...

I love Midway too. And cute headbands. And yay for no Ok's.

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

so cute! i think the headbands turned out great! ya for no nervous heart ok's!

Sarah said...

Mimi, you are the CUTEST :)