Jan 7, 2010

Our Christmas Trip - Warning LOOONG Post

2009-12-25 145

Mr. Adorable.  Well, his ultrasound pictures sure are sweet.  From what I can tell he has a pointy nose... just like Jense's ultrasound pictures.  At my last ultrasound, two days ago, I was measuring a little big- Go figure! I feel like my stomach is going to burst... and I still have a few months to go.  Apparently I have extra amniotic fluid- not enough to be alarmed, but enough to make my stomach maxed out.  I have two more ultrasounds coming up and hopefully the number will go down.  lately I am loving the echos due to the extra sleepy time. The rooms are always warm and the humming noise of the machine gets me every time.  I wonder how many echos/ ultrasounds I have been involved in over the past two years.  Let's see... between all of Mia's fetals (one a week) and echo's on my heart, then all of the echo's at Children's 5 months worth, one a month over the past year, all of the echo's for my heart this last year, and the ultrasounds/ echo's for baby Ned--- It's A LOT!!!!  I may just need a noise machine running in my room for optimal sleeping!

2009-12-25 124

Nat and her 3 babies.  She has her two doggie babies, but calls Mia her baby as well.  She has a special claim to Miss Mia after all the hours they spent together in a rocking chair.  She spent her fair share of nights in the sleeper rooms as well. It was so nice to have her there loving Mia non stop when I came home.  At one point during our hospital stay she told me that she wanted to get a "Mia" tattoo. Although I was able to talk her out of it (too permanent), I was very flattered!!  Maybe someday we can get "Mia" tattoo's together... HA!,  Just kidding mom!

2009-12-25 265

Ok, this picture kills me... literally KILLS me!!!  It could use some cropping and editing, but I am to tired. I might just have to post some more for the full effect.

2009-12-25 266

Good thing I have about ten shots... we could be here awhile....

2009-12-25 264

alright, alright. Last one!  Yay, happy clapper!  I was pleased as punch that I could fit her hair into pig tails.  Her hair has been pig tail worthy for quite some time, but not without fly-a-ways.  She getting pretty close to a full blown pony tail.

2009-12-25 085

You would think from this picture that Mia learned how walk. Nope, not really but has the patent on happy prancing.  Her legs go up high and a mile a minute if someone is holding onto her hands.  Now we just need her to bear some weight while she does it and we might just graduate to walking someday.

2009-12-25 079

Santa Clause was loving on my nephews this year. This is Mr. E, Master of the guitar.  My other nephew stole the show with his vocal of " Eye of I love the tiger."  Not only was it his favorite song, but a crowd favorite. I'm pleasantly pleased that my older sister will be listening to that song over and over for weeks to come... sorry Rae! Rock Band was a huge hit!  My favorite is the drums by far... I can see how people get addicted to playing those drums!  I can do really really well if I don't have to do the pedal cowbell at the same time.  Nothing like Rock Band to bring you down to an awareness of your uncoordination.  And all this time I thought I had some killer hand eye.

2009-12-25 230

"PAPA" is Mia's new word.  She learned how to say it almost instantly.  My dad of course ate this up and gave her every opportunity to say it.  I think she was quite fond of all the attention and applause.  Now saying "PAPA" and clapping  are inseparable.  When we came home and tried to prompt to her say something else like, "daddy" or "sis" she would proudly say "PAPA" then follow it up with loud clapping.  We also tried to get her to "NANA" while visiting, but she was too hooked on her signature word "PAPA."  Don't worry mom, she has been saying Nana since we have been home... it's more a continual song or a chant, but it's definitely  "NA NA."  Not that you were worried...

I think Mia and my dad will be great friends... she loves animation, and boy is that "PAPA" animated!  I did let my dad show her off at church.  He is one proud grandpa of that little girl and I suppose one day at church was OK.  My kids were pumped to go to Nana and Papa's church.  They loved their new teachers and were bummed when they realized they only got to be in that class for that one week.  Ellie keeps asking me about her teacher in Utah... it's sweet. I don't even know who the teacher was, but Ellie was a fan!  It was her last week as a sunbeam... sniff sniff.  She is actually an old sunbeam, but still, it makes me sad that she has graduated.  Oh and Mia is old enough to go to nursery... crazy huh?  She will probably never see the inside of the nursery, but it's fun to think that she is of age.

2009-12-25 178

Elvis was in charge of rolling up the rolls.  She has been well trained in the art of rolling up those triangles.  When aunt Boo gave her the green light to be the head roll maker she was tickled pink.  This is a mini bun she rolled up special.  Maybe this isn't that note worthy, but in my house hold it is a coveted task to make the rolls.  I usually end up splitting them even steven then rolling the odd one myself.  My kids are equally interested in being in charge of the rolls.  Good thing Jense wasn't around to witness the six or so batches that Ellie got to do solo.

family shot

The Fam.  We walked to the top of the street to get a quick picture.  We haven't all been together since.....um....I don't know.....maybe never?  Who knows- it's been forever!  I was running to and from the camera and this is pretty much the only shot I don't look crazy in.  So... I will post this one :-)  Ellie was convinced that she was wearing her jacket and not Mia's.  Just in case years down the road she is wondering why her mom couldn't get her a decent jacket... this one was her sisters.  I love those $3 dollar yummy jackets compliments of a Target door buster. I should have sprang for different colors, looking back.

2010-1-2 064

While we were there we got to go visit Josh.  Who is Josh you ask? He is a sweet friend of ours (he's in the bed).  Anyway, John and I were live in caretakers for Joshy when we were newlyweds.  We lived in an apartment connected to his apartment that had a third apartment for another couple.  We watched him full time for one week then had a week off.  It was a wonderful growing experience for us both.  I love Josh, I feel so badly that we have been out of state since we moved from that apartment and haven't been in his life hardly at all.  Josh has cerebral palsy.  He had a chair that he could move around in, but depended on us for most of his care.

We had a lot of fun times together and it melted my heart that he still calls me "trouble."  During our time with Josh every thing worked like clock work for the most part. He had a good routine down, but I liked to spice it up.  Maybe that is why I became trouble.  I spent far more time with Josh than I did my own husband during that year. It was just him and I for a long time... John often worked nights and weekends.  When he was home him and Josh were buddies and played play station ALL THE TIME!!  Luckily Jensen showed up on the scene and then there really was trouble.  I remember just sitting down to nurse- (a lovely task for a first time mom) and having Josh need something at the same time.  I learned quickly how to schedule the two.  Jense either slept or played in a bouncer while I fed Josh and hoisted him (with a pulley device) in and out of his chair.  We called in the weather, watched Smallville together, and took care of his pets...he likes pets.  John and I tried to use his van as much as possible to get him out.  Our outings were usually to the mall for orange chicken and ice cream.  

He is no longer being cared for at home by couples, but in care facility.  I think he likes it because the local BYU girls can come by and flirt with him... instead of the same old married girl day after day.  Some of my sweetest memories are of Josh and the conversations we would have.  He has the purest soul of anyone, and has such great faith!  I love him!

I am so glad we got to see him while we were there.

2010-1-2 069

Ellie saying goodbye to Josh...she took a sweet interest in Josh.  I love that she was willing to hold his hand and talk to him...somethings about that girl are wise beyond her years.  It's funny, but I found out I was pregnant with Ellie while we were taking care of him.  There are so many memories there.  It was such a simple time.

2010-1-2 175

Christmas brought many a tower building. I was surprised how high Ellie could stack those dominoes.  Daddy built her a pretty solid foundation, but she just kept going and going.  She even starting stacking up her pets from littlest pet shop, then continued with the dominoes.

2010-1-2 184

Mia's duty was to destroy the towers.  She never took down a tower all at once... somehow she took it down layer by layer.  I kept waiting for a complete destruction, but she's just not into that.  When she did get to the bottom layer she went a little crazy spreading them all over the floor.  This is all on video... no pics.  A good invention would be a video camera that you could just snag steal shots at any point you wanted. I know this is possible, but I am light years away from that kind of video editing.

Well, I haven't even started in on the snow activities, but that will have to wait, I am all blogged out!


Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

what a wonderful post. Glad you had such a great time in UT. Your kids really are so sweet! I laughed at the nursery comment...i don't think i'd let her go either! my new calling is nursery leader and there are a lot of snotty noses! I never knew you guys took care of Josh. That's very neat you got to see him again and that Ellie was so sweet with him. Love you guys!

Carrie Hellewell said...

Looks like a good time in Utah was had by all! I'd like to think that the trip would have been even that much better had you seen us. Blast those wisdom teeth that Matt had to have out! Next time for sure right?!

I remember you guys watching Josh so well. Both of us somewhat newlyweds... Those were good and simpler times. That's good that you guys were able to see him.

The Curleys said...

Glad you had a good time back here at home! It would have been good to get together. You should let me know the next time your coming so we can plan something. I really love your family photo. You should frame it and give it to your folks as a gift. Who knows when you will all be together again. LOL

Maria said...

Mia is cracking me up in her ponies. She's looking more and more like Ellie.

So glad you posted about Josh... He's great. I remember when you were taking care of him with little Jensen. Those are good memories for you all. Brings me back to the years caring for my Dad with my little Mia right by my side... it was a similar experience. I'll never forget it.

So fun to sit and chat with you last week. All your little ones are darling & growing up so much. Hope we can again soon...

Brimaca said...

We took care of people with disabilities when we were first married. Our friend we were with the most passed away last year and it was heartbreaking. I think about him daily.

Your pics are amazing. I get jealous every time. And the pigtails were adorable. Such beautiful happy babies!

Holen Family said...

Love the Midway pictures! What a fun family Christmas. I was shocked to see all your sisters. I still think of them as teenagers, and Boonie a child. I also enjoyed seeing Josh. I work with people with disabilities and know how important people like you and John are. Cute!

Shirley Casey said...

Mimi, I actually stopped by Mia's old website to see how things were going since I hadn't checked it in a while, and then jumped over to see your blog. I just am so amazed to see the beautiful little miracle that is Mia. I am just so happy for you. She is so beautiful! Also, congrats on the new baby! I can't wait to see pictures of him when he is born. So fun! You also look great! So fun catching up and seeing what your beautiful family has been up to lately. Take care. ~Shirley Casey (old MOPS friend)

Bug said...

again, i am just overwhelmed by how amazing your family is. wow.
i LOVE mia's pig tails. they are so cute. i just barely did pig tails in grace's hair, (i posted a picture), but they are little wisps...and there are definitely still flyaways. :)
the live-in care sounds like it was an amazing experience. more people should do things like that. myself included.