Feb 15, 2010

Elvis the Musketeer

2010-2-14 0544

Miss Elvis is FIVE!..That means I've been a parent of a girl for five years! woah. Ellie is really into age..the topic usually becomes a major topic of interest around birthdays. Yesterday she asked me:

Elvis: "mom, how old are you?"
Me: "I'm 28"
Elvis: "oh, 28... like when you're about to be a grandma?"
Me: aaaalmost!

I don't think she has quite figured out that in order for me to be a grandma... she has to be a mother. It's cute though to hear her talk a lot about her age. She asks me on a daily basis if I did the same thing as her when I was a little girl. For example:

"mom, when you were a little girl did you hold still when your mom did your hair?"
"mom, when you were a little girl did you have to clean your room all by yourself?"
"mom, when you were a little girl did you have to take toilet paper to your dad?"

Even if I don't remember the answer, I usually respond to my advantage. I don't know why the sudden fascination with knowing if mommy had to do it too. It's almost as if she wants to know in case I didn't have to...she won't either?

Today she told John:

"daddy, you know, I'm not going to be a little girl forever. I am five, then I'll be six, then seven, and then I'm going to be an old lady. She said something similar to me... "Mom, I'm not going to be a little girl forever you know... I will be five, then six, then I'll be a mom too, then a teenager, then I'll go to high school." She's a little out out of order in all of her plan making.

She keeps wanting to grow up, and I just want her to stay little... forever!

2010-2-14 079

When she opened the package from my parents I was laughing because she was squealing with delight as she opened it up. She hasn't been that excited about any gift I have given her. If the gift came in the mail it is ten times better in her book. At Christmas she wanted me to tell her all of the gifts that came in packages in the mail. It cracks me up that she places so much added value to the gifts that the mailman brought. My parents did not disappoint... my favorite gift they sent was an "Elvis" beanie baby. The yummy outfit my mom made her actually tops the Elvis, but the bear is a hoot!

I can understand her thrill of getting stuff in the mail. After all, she gets the mail everyday... usually after checking at least twice. When something finally comes with her name on it, she feels like she pretty much won the lottery! If it's big and red... that always helps too.

2010-2-14 147

There is so much to say about this little girl... she is a confident little ball of sass with a definite sensitive side. We enjoy the spunk she brings into our lives. I was just telling my sister in law how much I need to stop and appreciate all the little things I love about her. We were shopping for her birthday supplies- (a rite of passage in this house) and she was tap dancing the entire time next to the cart. She had on ruby slippers from her preschool valentines party and the sound on the floor kept her going a mile a minute. I kept looking behind me watching her just go to town. All happiness in the world beaming from her face and as carefree as she could possibly be. We could use more shopping trips like that! She definitely wore herself out and went right to sleep that night.

2010-2-14 207

All for one and one for all!! Ellie's party this year was a barbie and the three musketeer party. Side note: I think after this party we are going to phase barbie out. I'm not into all the drama that goes on in some of the Barbie films. Some of them aren't that bad- but there are a few that have promotions for other barbie movies that are way way too mature for her. Of course you have to watch these ad's before the show...drives me nuts! Some just have to go!

The party was really fun and she had almost as much fun preparing for it as she did at the party:

2010-2-14 117

She got all pretty... hair curlers and all. This question came up :-) "mom, did your mom put hair curlers in your hair when you were a little girl?" She sure did!

2010-2-14 050

She helped me make the cake- $1.00 for the barbie $.88 for the cake mix, frosting and sprinkles were already in the cupboard. Pretty cheap cake!

2010-2-14 016

She stuffed her pinata, and helped with cleaning and decorating. As she prepared she kept referring to everyone as her "guests."

2010-2-14 193

I just love my little Elvis... and although it breaks my heart that she is five I love the person she is and wouldn't trade her age. Although those BIM videos really plead a strong case for me wanting that baby back!

2010-2-14 1533

At the party the girls went through "musketeer training." They learned to balance using a sword, throw things at the bad guys, and transform into their musketeer selves. They also tried to save the prince with the secret pass code. Ellie had the correct pass code and saved the prince, well two of them (Jens and my nephew).

It was a fun party, and I think mission happy birthday was accomplished! Thanks to auntie beebs, rachel, and rebecca for helping me out. Daddy was snow camping, but made it back just in time to see his birthday girl.

Happy Birthday Big girl!!! We LOVE YOU!!!


Brimaca said...

Happy b-day! Five! She's five! Didnt' we just graduate yesterday?

Once again.. she's beautiful. I'm in love with all you girlies from schools kids - so cute.

Rachel Hudgins said...

It was a fun party...you did a good job.
PS...I was wondering where Lauren's coat was....Ellie is wearing it in one of these pics. Funny!

Sarah said...

I can't believe Ellie is 5!! I think she's looking a lot like Jensen in some of those pictures. Her birthday and party look like so much fun. You are such a WONDERFUL mom, Mimi. I can't believe that we've been moms for as long as we have!!

Happy Birthday Ellie!!

Mimi said...

That is funny! I was wondering who left their coat. Ellie was dancing around the house with it on. We'll get it to you!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

looks like fun! what a sweet girl you have, so gorgeous too, just like her mama!

Wyndi said...

ok that is too cute!! this is Izabell's fav movie!! she tells everyone she is a musketeer!! her bday is coming up and we are planning something in this area!! any ideas and tips would be well loved:) wyndilee@yahoo.com

When are you due?? I am 28 weeks along now with Izzy's little brother or sister we will find out soon:)