Feb 11, 2010

A few Acknowledgments

2010-2-10 255

Jense received an award for a picture he drew at school. We went to the recognition night and he came home with a ribbon, certificate, and a heart full of achievement.

On the way home from the ceremony, he was quite chatty…this is what I recall him saying:

Mom, when I was waiting to go on stage- I could feel my heart beating really fast… like boom boom boom. Then, when they called my name it was beating really really fast. When I got on stage I didn’t want to smile because I was shy, but then I smiled a little, and my heart stopped it’s beating.

I loved hearing how he was nervous, but went through with it anyway. What a sweet little kid. He has come such a long way in not being shy- it melts my heart. He is quite the little artist too. Now if only I could find that picture to scan in. it’s somewhere…

2010-2-10 193

Ellie has been in the same piano preschool that Jensen was in. The Suzuki method is fabulous. Ellie being the second sibling just picked it up quickly and could play all of her twinkle songs early. She knew all of the right hand within the first couple months but getting the coordination on her left hand took a minute. She is so proud of her twinkle trophy and asks me if she could sleep with it. It was such a special day and now she is off playing Mary had a little lamb- I love piano class!!

2010-2-10 015

On the way home from her twinkle day, she asked me if she could share her trophy with one of the kids in class who was upset that he didn’t have a trophy. It’s pregnancy for sure, but sometimes I just want to cry because of how sweet she is. I assured her that all the kids in the class would get their own twinkle trophies.

2010-2-10 044

*Isn't the flower in her hair just darling? I want one in every color... for MY hair! Post coming soon to tell how to get your own. My picture taking has come to a screeching halt- too busy cleaning house I guess.

2010-2-10 059

Mia... well she just get's acknowledged for breathing! We can't get enough of this little monster. She has officially turned the corner...she is now quite the little rascal. She is SUPER Chatty although it is all in her own language that doesn't sound like English whatsoever. She is a thrill seeker and says the word "GO" all day long. Today she kept bringing me a toy car she wanted me to launch off of the couch. After handing it off she would declare, "GO!" then wait for me to push it off. When it hit the floor she would scream with delight and retrieve it. We did this for a good fifteen minutes.

Mia will now walk behind a cart, but no solo steps. She freeze's up like someone is about to draw her blood when we tell her to take a step. She went from happy prancer when we're holding her hands to I am not sure about this Frankenstein stumble. It's funny how in my heart I don't want her to walk because she is my baby and that means that she'll be a toddler. I DO want her to walk because I'm not too keen on carrying around two babies. If she doesn't walk before this baby shows up- we'll send her to walking boot camp. Can you technically be a toddler and not walk? I vote that you are a baby until you walk...then you can graduate. I just might have a two year old baby on my hands. Love that girl!! I do have a bad feeling about baby Ned getting the beat down once he's here. Mia loves the belly...not like Ellie loved the belly (all affection and kisses 12 hours a day) Mia, loves to slap the belly. I think she thinks it's a drum.

2010-2-10 063

Not much more to say about the little miss.. she did have RSV. I didn't blog about it-- I didn't blog at all that week, but she got over it fine! Let's hope that this the case with everything else she contracts. I do think that her meds are causing some crazy skin issues. Not like the hair growth with the other meds, but her baby cheeks are always chapped and she gets splotches on her tummy as well. I need to do some research about it. It usually goes away after I lather her up with lanolin, but it ALWAYS comes back.

2010-2-10 00292

OK, last thing, we had a feeding therapy session to touch base and to make a new plan for her eating. We're still working on little things like getting her to take a bite of something that is offered instead of just putting the whole thing in her mouth. Mia's therapist thinks she is "phenomenal" and can't believe she eats as well as she does. It is so reassuring to hear... it was a long haul- and I am soooo GLAD we are not in the throws of aversions still. With three teeth she is eating like a champ. Now I just need her to feed herself... with a spoon/fork and not make every meal a huge undertaking to clean up. I hope to someday lend some advice about how we beat the NG tube after so long...I was desperate for help and found literally nothing online. That is on the list, I'll get to it... eventually.


Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

so great to see your happy kids! you should def share your ng tube story to help others. you've already helped so many with your strenght and fight and I'm sure that advice would be much appreciated!

Deb said...

So glad it's going so much better for Mia. An old-fashioned (but great) treatment for chapped cheeks is the old zinc-and-castor oil ointment. It's great and very cost cost effective.

Sheri said...

She is such an adorable little girl. When she was here the other day, she kept playing the "Where did it go?" game - she'd show me a toy and then put it down along side the couch and say (in her language) where did it go? and then she'd bring it up and we'd both just giggle and she'd do it again and again and again. Love her!!

Kyle and Alli said...

I have not checked your blog in a very long time and found myself clicking over today..and I am glad I did! I would absolutely LOVE some info on how to beat the NG tube. We finally moved Grant over to an NG after having an NJ for 10 months. He eats by mouth and I want so desperately to get off of that tube, but I just don't know what the next step is and our doctors would keep him on it for life just for the ease of counting calories! PLEASE share your secrets...when you are not exhausted! If you have any tricks, let me know! allismileslots [at] gmail [dot] com.

mom to Grant (HLHS + some!)

Katie said...

So glad you guys are doing well! Congrats to the big kids for their accomplishments and I'm so thrilled that Mia's eating so well! That's awesome and she truly is a miracle baby in every way. Scary that she had RSV...does she get Synagis shots and did this help with the severity of it?

Missing you guys!!! Lots of love :)

Cason Clan said...

I am a heart mom from Utah and I came across your blog. I am in a similar situation with a heart kid and one on the way. You'll have to give me some pointers on how to handle it. We are really nervous for her arrival with a heart baby that will be 16 months. My heart kids name is Ellie like your little one. Love the pics, especially the cute hair bow one.


Talia said...

I am so glad to see you all are doing so well! The kids look fantastic and it will only be a matter of time before Little Miss is walking!

Brimaca said...

That post brightened my day. I love the way you write. I love your photos. And without even meeting your kids in person, I love them.

Shila said...

That is so cool about Jensens award. Pretty cool that I have a niece on my side of the family in that pic getting her award too!