Feb 18, 2010

Little Sister

2010-2-18 1888

This is a little sister post- all about little sisters...

2010-2-18 1577

Ok first, my friend has a little home business creating darling clothes/ bags/ hair accessories for little girls. She has three girls and the name of her business is little sister. A couple weeks ago she sent Ellie and Mia some clothes and those hair clips that I adore. Ellie was ecstatic to get a package in the mail with clothes that matched her sister. Maria,(my friend)has always been super creative...I remember her making her own paper in high school. I needed an excuse to post all of these pictures of my girlies so what a better way than to give a shout out to my friend and her extraordinary sewing creations. You can check her out HERE. I love them all! It's probably a good thing I am having a boy! Thanks so much for the the {little sister} dress, skirt, and yummy linen hair clips. I've can't resist putting them in my hair.


Both of my little girls are little sisters... I love that! Mia will not have a little sister, but with all the attention she gets from the sister she does have, it pretty much counts as three sisters in one. I don't think she'll miss out in the sister department- of course it is difficult for me to say that because I have FIVE sisters.

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I love these little girlies!! How stinkin cute are they? Mia is loving her sister's attention quite a bit more now, which makes it easier for me to ask Elvis to help out. I'm sure when Mia starts walking she will be following Ellie around everywhere.

Last, I am off to see my little sister in Colorado!! Whut Whut! I am going on a glam- cation as a final hurrah before baby #4 comes. I could use a little break, although I'm nervous to leave Mia. She will be fine...I've just never been away from that little creature (since we've been home) and it will be sad for me not to hold her. Daddy will be on extra patrol because he knows how difficult it is for me to leave. right daddy? :-) My little sis is the BOMB- I'll post about our adventures when I return. Don't get your hopes too high... I am very much pregnant and am carrying around an extra 40 lbs- so, no bungee jumping or anything like that! It would be a funny joke if I had the baby in Colorado though... I am cutting it pretty close and barely making the safe to fly cut off.

2010-2-18 1277

She won't have a little sister... but she will have a little bro. This is how she feels about that!!

2010-2-18 0633

Peek-a-Boo! Ok, I'll stop now... I took a million pictures and I want to post them all!


Talia said...

They are too stinkin cute...I can't believe how much of a little girl Mia has gotten to be!

Sassy Mei said...

These are darling pics, Mimi! What a blessing that the Ellie/Mia love fest has tempered a little bit so that it can be more mutually beneficial. These two had a bond before Mia was even born, and it will be so fun to see them grow up together!

jayna said...

Mia's little chin rolls in the last picture are majorly edible/kissable! What sweet sisters.
And their hair...you know I covet it. One of your girls has more hair than all three of mine!!

Summer Carlile said...

They are so cute together!

Carrie Hellewell said...

Sister are the greatest blessing! How cute are they? I love it! Have fun in Colorado on your last trip before no sleep land. Sleep in late for all us mothers!

Maria said...

Mimi - They are sooo cute!!! I posted about you and your lil darlins here... http://mylittlesisterblog.blogspot.com/

hope you and the little baby are well and have a great time in colorado! xo

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

your girlies really are so cute! i love all their affection for each other! have a wonderful breakation! you deserve it!

Sarah said...

Your girls are ADORABLE. They are lucky to have each other, and you! :) And I think that you need to come and teach me how to do my daughter's hair :)

Have so much fun on your trip!! :)

Princess Pookie said...

Are you sure Miss Mia won't have a little sister?:D