Feb 9, 2010

Nesting… or not

Baby Ned will be here (if he arrives on time) in less than two months. Oh, and just to clarify, no we are not naming our son “Ned” it is just his name until we can agree on a name. Agreement may or may not happen at this point…maybe his name will be “Ned.” Hmmm… Ned Mcdonald- nope, not gonna happen.

Maybe it’s because this is my fourth child or maybe it’s because I am lazy, or maybe it’s because my heart function as decreased since last month. Whatever it is… I have accomplished ziltch for this little baby boy. No blankets, no shopping, no painting, no preparing…nada!!

With my other children I had their "go home" outfits picked out months in advance…well with the exception of Mia. For her I just had a huge bag of darling clothes that she NEVER got to wear. I have a bag of clothes in Mia’s closet, that don’t really have a place to go. Maybe that is my problem. I am not preparing because all of our bedrooms are taken. I would put the girls together, but I just don’t think it’s time for that. Also, I would have a really difficult time painting over either one of their rooms. Jense is responsible enough to share with the baby, but we would have to switch beds- he currently sleeps in a queen. Decisions, decisions. The baby will be in with us for awhile anyway.

I guess I am feeling a little guilty that all of our baby stuff is pink and I am not motivated to try and sell the pink stuff to get a more boy friendly color. I love my swing (it plugs in) and can’t fathom getting rid of it yet…but it’s pink!

Is it wrong to put your baby boy in a pink swing and car seat? The car seat I can switch no prob- no attachment to that, but that swing has rocked my world and my baby so well.. with ZERO batteries.

My nesting must be manifesting in other ways. For example, I transferred all of our home videos to DVD’s – copies for everyone in the family. The DVD's are even color coded. John and I will be sharing, but the kiddos will each have their own stack of home videos. No, I did not drop them off at costo- I burned them one at a time- which nearly drove me crazy! In a couple more months I will have to make DVD’s for yet another person. I decided awhile back that everyone needed their own copy- it also helps me sleep at night knowing there is more than one copy.

Next, I alphabetized my spice cupboard. This is sooo not my personality, but something came over me, and I needed all spices to be arranged just so. I have friends who keep inventory of their spices- something I like to mess with them about, but now I have crossed over. I alphabetized my spices!!!

I went on a sock crusade. Usually there is a stack of unmated socks all wound together waiting to be reunited with its pair. Not anymore!! I gathered all socks, had all laundry done, checked under the dryer etc. Everything that didn’t have a mate was banished from the house. It was quite gratifying feeling that for just that one day all socks in the house had a mate. This usually isn’t a general practice of mine either because the missing socks usually surface eventually. The car, diaperbag, couch cushion, and behind the bed are all prime sock hiding locations.

Next...this one is more Mia motivated that baby I think, but I cleaned my hardwood floors with toothpicks. Over kill, maybe? John came home and caught me and wouldn’t allow me to continue. I was using the tooth picks to get in-between each slab of wood…there has to be a better way. I keep day dreaming of taking a pressure washer to the cracks between the hardwoods, but quickly snap out of it when I realize the damage and clean up that would be involved.

Ellie’s dresser is now decorated with a picture of what belongs in that drawer. She claims she doesn’t know which drawer to put her clothes away in when it’s time to put away her pile. Usually she just opens the drawers and shoves everything in where it will fit. This has been going on for years and something I have wanted to remedy for a long time. Now she has no excuse and can put away her clothes where they belong. My own problem now is that Jense wants the same thing. His closet and drawers are always organized, so there is no need…but since he requested it..we’ll see.

Although baby Ned is not going to have a cute little boy nursery to come home to, he will come home to an organized, clean, fancy spice cupboard, stray sock free home.

I still have some time to at least whip up a blanket eh?


Jennifer said...

Sheesh woman! You have been busy. Not nesting?! That's more nesting than I ever did. Good luck with the blanket!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Sounds like nesting to me! I love the toothpick treatment of the hardwood floors! Ha!

Briawna said...

I can relate and this is only #3. I have lots of great ideas that I've amassed supplies for (i.e., car seat cover, blankets, etc), but I haven't started on anything. Maybe 'cause we're moving and this kid will live out of boxes for the first three months anyway or the fact that we're not finding out the gender, but I'm not motivated to even take down Portia's name off the wall. It's sad but I reason they won't know the difference anyway.P.S. I think boys who can rock pink are real men...it's one of Ronell's favorite colors.

The Curleys said...

For your swing their is no issue your at home so who cares is my thought. But if it matters to you make a cover to go over it thats more boyish. Would be easier to take off and clean for those messy spit ups and poopy messes. For your carseat you can make or buy a cover as well rather then buying a new seat if you like what you have. Good Luck! There are free patterns out there for these.

Carrie Hellewell said...

I love that nesting/organizing fever that comes in late pregnancy. However, I'm a true lover of organizing. I got chills when you talked of the spices. I love that kind of crap. If I lived closer, I'd come and clean and organize for you. You could pay me back with Mia's smiles.

Anne said...

I love this post!

tyler said...

The socks. OHHHHH the socks! Love that.

And give yourself a break---that sounded like a bunch of serious nesting. Pink-smink. Babies are babies and don't care! I say, get someone to craft up some covers for the pink things!

The Hands said...

You crack me up. Sounds like me before my #4 was born. We didn't know the sex of the baby, but after three girls we were totally expecting a girl. We were so set with all the pink and hair thingies and just the stuff. And what did God give us...a BOY! He has had to endure seeing a lot of pink, but so far hasn't had to wear any (except the PJ's that turned pink in the washer).

So enjoy your new type of nesting now and don't worry about baby nesting because after the baby is born your nest falls apart anyway. Take care of that heart too...I hear new ones are hard to come by.;-)

PS-Maybe the people that suggested covers for your swing and carseat could actually make them for you! What an awesome gift that would be!

Crystal said...

DONT GET RID OF YOUR SWING!!! You can recover it. If you sew than you can do it but if not find someone who does. You simply take the fabric off and find some really cute fabric to cover it with! Hope this helps/

Brimaca said...

I have a sock secret. Have the kids put socks into lingerie bags by the clothes hamper when they take them off. Then throw the bags in the wash - my sister in law does this and never looses a sock!

BarbaraJo said...

Congrats! You are amazing. I am going to try for #4 this month. As for the pink...my son used a flower print car seat for two years and he is still ALL boy! You can always throw a blue blanket over it while baby swings. I'd continue doing what you are doing and things will happen just fine. Good luck with the delivery.

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

so cute! who needs a decorated nursery when he'll have a wonderful mommy like you!

Nathan said...

My insane nesting moment was always polishing....the window tracks. They are disgusting - no baby of mine is ever going to sleep in a house with dirty window tracks! Pregnancy and irrational seem to go hand in hand.
Don't sweat all the prep. Do you have diapers? Do you have a few clean onesies? Then you're GOLDEN!

The Tuellers: Nick, Hailey, Kohlson and Beckett said...

My neighbor makes these cute car seat covers that are super cute. Depending on the size of your swing it might work for that too.
Good luck with everything. I love reading your cute blog, you have a darling family.
And P.S. I have also used the toothpick in the grooves of the hardwood floor method, it's the only thing that works!

Renee' said...

You talk about your mother sewing up a storm for you in high school. Maybe your mom could fashion some new covers for the swing & car seat. No reason to throw them out. If the swing is that great, why re-invent the wheel. Someone can make up something in your circle.

Renee' Hicks