Feb 3, 2010

Uncle BIM


Our friend Jim came up to visit, we love when he comes. Jim is John boys long time best friend... he is the guy next to John in the photo. If there is one person to witness John and Mimi through the ages, it is Jim. He was there from day one and has been around ever since… although California holds him captive for far too many months out of the year.

I am sure a good majority of the people reading my blog will know who he is, so I don’t really have to explain the greatness that is Jim, but he is great! He was the face of EFY for many years, and just a guy you always want around.

Speaking of EFY… I have a good embarrassing story for you… not involving Jim, but a good story nonetheless.

So a few weeks into the summer as an EFY counselor I flew out to Arizona to do a session in flagstaff… I think. We were getting ready for the big opening assembly when the counselors sing and dance and get the youth really pumped about being there and excited for the week of awesome activities and spiritual growth. So, there I am practicing a pretty intense dance routine with this other counselor who is a great dancer. We threw a bunch of lifts into the dance to make it exciting… actually that is all we did because there were singers on stage. It was kind of like dancing with the stars where the singers are singing up high and the dancers down below them. One particular lift we decided to include, (I believe it is called the candlestick) was always practiced with me landing on my feet. Usually after having my feet suspended in the air I would have landed on his waist. There was no need really to practice this way because it did look a little provocative with all the other counselors watching etc. We agreed that when we performed we would do it the real way, but for practicing sake I would just land on the ground.

There I was being lifted high in the air to a beautiful song, just like I had dreamed of doing for years. I felt weightless and glamorous in front of a big auditorium of people. Things couldn't possibly improve at this point. Towards the end of the song we prepared for one of our final lifts… the candle stick… see where this is going????

My feet were high in the air and he was spinning me around (think dirty dancing) and then I came down ready to land on his waist like we had planned, when BAM! my head hit the floor instead. HARD! He was not ready/ expecting my body weight and we both fell flat -my head smacked the ground and he landed right on top of me.

The singers stopped singing, the music was turned down, and the “medical counselors” came rushing to the front where we were. We managed to get up while she kept asking over and over again if I was ok. I was FINE! I just wanted to finish the dance and my day in the sun.

The other counselor felt terrible that he forgot we were performing it differently than we had rehearsed. It was quite humiliating, and I managed to escape with only a small shred of my pride. I can generally brush things off pretty easily, but during that week at EFY, I was easily recognized as the girl who almost broke the floor with her head. The girls in my group liked to bring it up too. It turned out to be my favorite session of EFY...concussion and all

There you have it...embarrassing huh?

back to Jim now- WE LOVE JIM! I completely dropped the ball on pictures... all week long! These photos are muy viejo!


We had a lovely week with him and the kids keep asking when we are going to go visit him. It's great when he's here...we love to reminisce about the old days, and mess with each other. If there is one person on this planet I can banter with as much as I do John... it's Jim. He is a great friend and we will miss him! We did play a little "settlers" for old time sake. He is still stingy and tries to trade one sheep-shank for two cards..I guess somethings never change.


While he was here we had a lot of good laughs- it felt good to laugh hard. I still can't believe that I didn't take any pictures- how did that happen??? Maybe someday Jim will read this and know how much we love him- (he admitted that he only looks at the pictures on my blog, and reads NADA). I know that my blogs are a bit wordy... i just get carried away!

During his stay he showed me some Youtube videos he had from a visit years ago. I almost started to cry (pregnancy) when I watched them. Where did my little sweet babies go?

Ellie is the same age as Mia is now in these videos...they look so much alike. Mia is actually wearing the exact pajamas tonight as Ellie had in the video.

Get ready for some heart melting...if you remember Jense and Ellie at this age!!

*pause the music on the left... sorry.


mbishopp said...

ah, bim, so cute. how we would hae loved to play a good game of settlers with you all. it is definantly a favorite around here.
glad he was able to spend some time with you. he has to visit again so you can get those photos!

jayna said...

Man, that guy is loved by so many people...me included. B2 +#13 forever! I'm pretty sure we could still come to blows over a game of catch phrase. Love me some BIM! And cute little girls saying Uncle Bim! It was a win-win!

qwertycris said...

I had to laugh cause I have an eerily similar story that ends with a bungled lift and my head smacking the ground. It's always fun when everyone can hear the impact over the music! I'm so glad to see that you're all doing well.

Carrie Hellewell said...

We love our uncle Bim too. Why don't we just all move to Utah already and start hanging out full time. I'll make the commitment. Glad you had a good visit!

Jim Hutchings said...

What can I say to that? You are too kind…. I love you guys so much and miss you already. I read EVERY WORD of the blog and will do so in the future (well if you continue to write about me that is). Kiss the munchkins for me, my day sucks without them around.

Jennifer said...

Jim is one in a million! He's just one of those people you can't help loving. I love the videos. They are so precious. I'm glad Uncle Bim got to come visit!

Briawna said...

Jim rocks. even if he thought I was a brat when we first met (which I was...fresh off the mish, I was a little weird), he's one of my favorites. I'm jealous you got to hang with him.

Anne said...

LOVE those videos. we need an uncle Bim. We have lots of uncles, but none quite like uncle Bim. Ellie is just adorable. I need to film my kids more often.

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

We finally watched all three videos, the three of us together. They were super cute. Mia does remind me a lot of Ellie! Well, really...Ellie reminds me of Mia, because Mia is the one who I knew/know at that age. Lol. After we were done, Alice asked to watch the movie when Ruby broke her arm. Ummmm...don't have a movie of that, but I think she thinks there are hidden cameras grabbing video of our whole lives.