Feb 18, 2010

Valentines Day... a little late

I love LOVE DAY!! Not only because I had a sweet baby girl on this day, but because it has always been a good holiday for me. Chocolate is always involved- sweet messages- and an abundance of expressing how much we love each other.

Today we all exchanged valentines- Mia was the recipient of many valentines, but only gave out smiles in return. She helped me polish off a bag of peanut m&m's and kept looking for the bag once they were gone. After all the hugs/kisses, and valentine exchanging- we geared up to sing to little miss Ellie for her actual birthday. She decorated the cake all by herself and counted out the candles and placed them in her cake. While we were singing she held up two valentines that she made for her dad. She was so proud!

She received her family gifts including some clothes, books, and a zhu zhu pet (I only paid $10 in case you were wondering). She also opened a picture from her grandma of her playing piano. Her only disappointment of the day was waking up and not feeling like she turned 5. She thought she would be taller and exclaimed... "mom, I'm not five... LOOK!" She continued to show me her legs and how they had not grown. I tried to explain that it is a gradual growth... when daddy came down stairs and said, "woah!!! you're taller- you must be five today." He saved the day.

Today,(last Sunday) they sang happy birthday to her in primary and it melted my heart watching her up there with her hands up under her chin swaying back and forth. John and I both went to church today.. it was a special treat! A sweet friend of mine who was just released as primary president volunteered to come watch Mia so we could go together. It was a good day- I'm glad I didn't miss that sweet display of bashfulness oozing from my daughter as they sang.

Lastly... my valentines day was complete when Ellie brought home this beauty from preschool.

My childhood flashed before me when I saw this valentine heart creation. I can remember making so many of these year after year. I have distinct memories of folding the paper back and forth perfectly so all the arms/legs would turn out the same. I guess some crafts span generations. You know you made one of these too at some point!!

Happy Love Day everyone!!
- a few days back.

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