Feb 23, 2010

We Need HELP!

We are having a baby. The baby needs a name. Why o why is it so difficult this time around?? Seriously, I don't know what to name our son. There are a few names that I keep going back to, but I am not sold. This pregnancy I keep thinking that I will hear a name and know instantly that, that's his name. This hasn't happened. John keeps throwing out names just to make me laugh... he's not very much help. I have gone through the lists... nothing is jumping out at me.

So, I (we) need some suggestions. Leave me some of your favorite boy names, and if we go with the name you suggested I will send you a little 'thank you' surprise. If more than one person suggests the same name, we'll go with the first person... if we choose that name. If I don't use any of the names I will just draw a name and send a prize to one of you.

ready... go! :-)

thanks in advance for your help... I really don't want to bring home baby "Ned" without a name.


Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Wow, I never get here first! I have already been down this road for you and I know that my names aren't going to be the name of your child...but I'm just saying that I like the ones you have liked...like Wessley, or however you spell it. Of course my fave is Leo, but I know that's not your thing. I like Sam a LOT too. How about Baby M for a few weeks? He can hang!

Dan & Sara said...

My all time favorite boy name (which I hope I get to use) is Oliver.

I also like Sebastian and Sawyer.

Good luck - it seems like boy names are harder to come up with than girl names!

ChristophersHeart said...

Here are my favourites:

Jack (Jackson), Andrew, Blaize, Brycen, Gavin, Grayson, Piers and Matteo.

Good luck...it took us forever and we finally decided on Christopher :)


Esther said...

I really like Alec and Jase.

Mindy said...

My favorites are Benjamin, Jacob, Joshua,Jackson, and Landon. It is alot easier to come up with names when you are not naming your own child. Good luck!

Tracy Family said...

Same thing happened with me this time around too and Jake was the same way, everyday he'd just throw out names randomly. It wasn't until Caleb was born that one of our top names just clicked. I'm sure when you see him you'll know! Just bring some of your favorite's to the hospital with you. I remember you saying you liked Max? Your babies.. Max and Mia... cute together! Max means the greatest! Leo is cute too like Rebecca said, it means strong as a lion, and of course Sam I love, it was one of our choices too. Good luck!

Hope's Blog said...

I am going with John. I have a Paul and a Jerry and if we had another boy, his name would be John...not going to happen though.

It was actually easier for me to pick my boys names because they were named after family members. Hope got hers from my favorite soap opera...pretty sad huh?

Kirsten said...

My two boys are Landon and Trevor. I also like Treyson and Ethan.

P.S. I am Heather's sis in law (Tim's sister) in case you are wondering who the heck is leaving a comment :)

Carrie Hellewell said...

Where do you think Duckie came from?! We didn't pick a real name for Peter until like the week before he was born and Roxie, out of desperation for something to call him, started calling him Duckie. And it stuck. He gets called that just as much as Peter. Maybe Ned will stick around too!

I always liked the name Jude but never used it. And I also like Julian. Good luck!!

The Simmons Family said...

That is a toughy. We didn't name Owen until he was getting cut out of me.. I couldn't let them transport him to the children's hospital without a name!!

Owen is pretty cool. I liked Koen (Carson shot that down). Benjamin, Trevor, Spencer, Reggie (add a little gangsta to the crew), oh I give up!

Good Luck.


Michelle said...

I love baby names, I am done having babies, but I still think of names I would choose. :)

Trace, Bryce, Emmitt, Alex, Gavin, Jake, Jaxon, Hayden & Giovanni

Good luck baby naming! I think Ned will eventually have a perfect name! :)

Nancy said...

Hi! I found your site through Owen's and have been checking in for a few weeks, although I think this is my first post.

We have four boys - Zachary, Justin, Aaron and Caleb. If we had another boy, I love Kyle, Sawyer and Matthew.

Good luck! I'm anxious to see what his name will be now! :)


Melissa said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now. I think your family and faith are just beautiful!
We have 3 children. A Boy: Dylan Patrick (8) an Girl: Ellis Kennedy (2) and another girl : Brett Elizabeth (1). All of our children were named after family members, first and middle names. BUT if I were to have another boy I would name him Hudson! I love that name and I think it would fit with your other children. So I say go with Hudson!!!!

Also just out of curiosity why do you call Ellie, Elvis??? I think it is hilarious because we call our Ellis, Elvis too!!!


lorrie said...

Hi, I have been reading your blog for sometime now and have never commented....I have 4 boys and if I had ever had a 5th I would have named him Guyan James. My that is my brother's name and I just love it. It's unique but not unique enough to be a struggle for him in school or life...if that makes any sense.

Kim Allgood said...

I love the names Liam, Bennett, Joshua, and Peter (that's our little guys name but we love that we can call him Pedro). He will be beautiful and perfect no matter what his name is though cause he is yours! Hope you are doing well!

jayna said...

Benjamin, Owen, Gavin, Asher, William, Christian, Evan, Tristan, Charlie, and ....


Classics. That's my thing. I'm not really down with the uber trendy names. But good luck- it's exciting!!!

Jennifer said...

I still love Wesley too!

We had an experience like the Tracey's with Sara. We had a list of a few names we liked but none of them were jumping out at us. Then she was born and our top named just felt perfect. It is funny but everytime I call our little Sara's name I love it more and more and it is perfect for her.

Good luck!

Knight Bliss said...

I have allways liked the names Wyatt, Treagan, Tatom(Tate), but really like the name Maddox and Jonas.
I heare you on the struggles with names, we generally cant agree on a name until we are walking out of the hopital after having the baby and the nurse forces us to fill ou the paper work. Good Luck, I hope I win!

Mr.wheat said...

i am soo right there with you!!! lol I am due in the begining of may and we do not have a boy name!!! lol Steven is throwing out some odd ones to make me laugh too but none that we can agree on. We don't know if it twill be a boy yet but have the girls name just no boys name!! good luck!!!~wyndi www.allthingsizzy.blogspot.com

Tammy and Chris said...

Hi Mimi-
A few boy names I like are Aiden, Jackson, and Ethan. I have the cutest little boy in my primary class and his name is Elliot which I think is cute too.

Good luck! How much longer do you have left??

Shelley Eggett said...

Just some names I like:


Boys are hard, I'm not sure what we would name our baby if we had a boy. I just like some of those names.

Good Luck! Can't wait to see what you pick.

Suzie said...


Amber said...

My son's name is Caleb so I'm really partial to that one. I also love Nathaniel, Colton, Cole, Connor, Parker, Cooper, (sorry I guess I have a thing for c names)!

Lily's Mama! said...

Boys names have always been a toughie. I always have a handfull of girls names at disposal, but agreeing on a boy name was always the hardest. Here is my little list of Likes.

Quin, Quinton, Ian, Aidan, Brayden, Nickolas, Lukas(my sons name is Lucas, but I wanted to spell it with a K but my husband shot it down)Cannon, Grayden, Grayson, Brady, Eloy, Seamus.

Thats all I have. Probably all names you have considered or past over in the baby name book.

Anne said...

wow, you have a lot of suggestions. Eli is convinced your baby is Sam, after the transformers guy. eli also suggests "The Great" or "The King." I know my nams are to out there for you. Am I right in that you like short, informal names? How about Finn?

Erin said...

I know exactly what you mean! We could not find the perfect name for Jada and it was even harder because we didn't know if she was a boy or girl. I still sometimes think to myself.... "Did we really name her Jada?"

Anyway, here are the boy names we liked:

Reese :)
Max (LOVE Mia and Max- SO CUTE!)

Good luck! I can't wait to hear what you name him!

Amber H. said...

I know these names probably don't have a shot of getting picked (because you have a trillion suggestions already!) but our favorites for boys were always McKellan & Harrison. Since we had 3 girls, and are probably done, I don't feel bad about sharing them now! Ha ha Ü This is Amber Halversen btw, I don't know if you remember us from the BYU ward in Provo oh so many years ago! I've been following your blog ever since I heard about your sweet baby girl's heart problems. We are so glad everything has worked out so wonderfully for you guys! Ü

The Whittingslow Family said...
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The Whittingslow Family said...

hey i like the names Alvin, Alfred, Waric, Ashton, Barnaby, Baron, Beckham, Benson, Bradly, Fredrico, Braxton, Braylen, Brent, Brenton, Kramer, and Hamilton!

Blake thinks you should name him Rocks Steady and the Mighty Bee Bop. but we all know Blake is crazy!!!!

Sarah said...

I probably should have read the other comments, but there are so many! Hopefully you're getting some good name suggestions :)

I sadly did not get to use any of my favorite names since my baby named himself. It's why we couldn't figure out what to name him, I wasn't willing to name him what was rightfully his name. I'm not sure if he picked it or what, but it was not my choice. I was not expecting that at all!

So my favorite names are:

Hunter (you know, after me:)
and I remember you telling me you loved the name Max. I think it's adorable.

Also, one of my best friends in college was nicknamed Ned. His real name was Adam. I don't even know where Ned came from, but it's what we called him. I think if Ned sticks for a nickname it's super cute.

Good luck!! :)

mama jill said...

I like...

I am really all over the place. But those are some of my favs

Algoma Timberlakes said...

Love the name FINN!

Princess Pookie said...

Crew...as in the McDonald crew.:D Seriously, I like this name!

Cherrybaby said...

I like the name Seth (among others listed by others). By the way, I'm Suzie's cousin-in-law (if there is such a thing!!). Good luck these last weeks of pregnancy and being Mommy to 4!!

Mike and Tiffany said...

I've been following your blog since I first saw your family on the news up in Washington where I'm originally from. We're now living in Utah and your blog is still fun to follow, I'm so happy for Mia's miraculous recovery! We just had our 3rd baby and first boy and didn't name him until after he was delivered. That is SO not like me. I have major OCD and a big time planner, but we just couldn't agree on a name. We finally chose Sam. For most of the pregnancy we were calling him Daxon, but didn't end up using that. Other names I liked are Max, Ethan, Torrin, Bentley, Gavin, Corbin, Cole, Nathan, Blake, Carson, Carter and Mason. You could always name him John after your husband and call him JJ. Anyway, good luck!! Boys names are hard!

Steven and Whitney said...

I like Argus ;). No, but really I like the name Jarron. Good luck!

Christy Beal said...

I am so thankful for this post - as I too am STUGGLING for a boy name!!! Gabe is insistent on Rockwell (rock) - which makes me barf. Here are boy names I like, but cant use because they have already been stolen by friends and family:

Brooks (gabes other favorite)
Boston (our neighbor, so cute!)

Good luck :) Cant wait to see what you decide!

Beth said...

Well I am not a pro at finding boys names, maybe that is why I have only girls, because I struggle with boy names. But I will have a go at some names; Bingham, Aidan, Hunter and Sanders.

How was your trip to Colorado?

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

wow, so i'm way late on this post but still thought i'd share my fav's! if we have a boy i want to use the name jackson, i've always thought it was cute. i also like connor, landon, tate, bryce, preston...ok, i'll stop there! good luck! i know you'll come up with something adorable!

Jennifer said...

I know this was already said, but I love the names Seth and Ben. I used all Hawaiian names for my kids, but there are always the English translations: John(have you ever heard that name before), David, & Clay. I like the Hawaiian versions better. I also like Chad, for my hot hubby. I just can't wait to see what you pick!

Leanne said...

I've followed your blog for a while but this is my first post. I recently had a girl, but here were my boy choices:


I'll also throw in my son's name: Ryker. It means "strong". I love it.

Holen Family said...

I saw some of my favorites already:
Aiden, Mason, Dylan

However, If I have a ever have a boy, I am naming him:

very common, but I love it!
Oh, and I have a cute nephew named:
He is so proud of it!
Good luck choosing a name! By the way, I really like the name of your other son, Jensen.I have thought about naming a boy West...

Amy said...

Two of my favorites are Carson and Grayson. Good luck!

Shila said...

There are so many of these that you have to throw out cause they are already in the family. Funny hu? But here are a few I like:

My cousin just named her girl Berkley but could go either way

Aksel or Axel

I have read a few posts about the name Max and it is so you guys! It seems to fit in your family so I am voting for Max McDonald! I can see him now!

Julie said...

You have lots of great names here Mimi!

How about Madden? You could still use Max for a nickname. I love Tate too.

Fred (it rhymes with NED!)

angela said...

We have a harder time with boys' names, but so far we've had two. Their names are Drake and Graham, and I love them (and their names). Good luck!

Talia said...

How about Cole, Logan or Hunter

Liz said...

We named our sons Spencer (after Spencer W. Kimball - same bday:), Braden and Kyle. With Braden he didn't have a name for two days while daddy made up his mind! Sometimes you just have to see your little guy first before you "know"! Doesn't hurt to have a few ideas though. Praying for you!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Can I just say that I read every name suggestion and I can't believe that no one mentioned the name, Pierce? I'm literally in love with that name, but since it is my last name, there's no way for me to use it. I'm sure people roll their eyes over my constant suggesting of the name, but I think it is strong, masculine, classic, just Pierce! Not that I think there's any chance you'll use it, but I should have put it in my first comment so all the peeps following could have weighed in and said how cool of a name it is. I'd like to know what peeps think.

Stacy said...

Oh, boy names....so hard! My husband had a silly rhyme to go with all the names I suggested and said he'd get teased on the playground...we went with Gunnar and Gage for our boys.

Other boy names from friends and our lists:
Brody (Broden)
Kjel (Kel)

Good luck! No matter what, it will be perfect!

michele said...

Oliver... Sawyer... Jet... my grandpa's name was Jelt - very unique and I love it too. Congrats and good luck. :)

Meghan said...

My votes are:
Chandler - Love this name!

Those are just my favorites (:
I wish you the best of luck!!
Lots of Love!

Stacey said...


I heart Max! said...

I still think Reece is a great name....it seems that everyone wants you to name him Max, so do it. We have two of a few other people in our family. I really feel that I must veto some names that others have suggested...not trying to hurt any feelings but Baxter is the cat in the Meow mix commercials and then the dog in anchor man.....also Riot....really? Someone suggested Crew....It frightens me that these are names that people are actually considering for humans. I must agree with Rebecca...Pierce is a great name...very Bondish. Also no Axel or Jag/Jagger, Alvin, Alfred, Waric, Ashton, Barnaby, Baron, Beckham, Benson, Fredrico, Brent, Kramer, and Hamilton! I would have loved to have seen John's face when you read some of these to him...priceless!

Jennifer said...


Kadyn (Kaiden, Kaden, and variations of this name)






Julian (Julien)










That's pretty much it...I'll post more if I think of any more!

Kelli said...

I love names that start with the same as the last name, so I did see someone say miles, I also like mason both sound good with your last name.

britbrat1984 said...

How about Major?
ps- I came from Owen's blog.
Heart Hugs,
-An HLHS Mommy

Olson's said...

Man - these are great names. Looks like you've got your very own baby-name website here :) We just had a baby boy and named him Tyce (yes, just like the choreographer from SYTYCD)! We were debating between that and Davis, but here are some of my other favorites-

Good luck!

Macdonald Family said...

I like the names: Sam, Jackson, and Gage.

Daisha said...

Dominic, Cole, Logan, Cade, Kyler, Cannon, Ty, Luke, Lucas, Brandon, Shayden,

Our Naquin Family said...

Hi~~My boys are Aaron and Ace...Of course those are my favorites :) I also like Alec and Graham.

The Carpenter Life said...

Love your blog and can't wait to see what you name your newest addition! We like:

Jaxon or Jaxson- nickname Jax

Good Luck!!

Clint or Kathryn said...


Or Ronold!

Kimmie said...

Easton (my heart boy)

never met you, but have been reading your blog FOREVER...but, just figured out you know one of my very best friends in the world, Sommer Reynolds! she couldn't say enough nice things about you, so now i like you even MORE! good luck with the babe. and give little mia a big squeeze.


Stacey said...

I have two boys and their names (of course which I love) are:
Porter (after Porter Rockwell of course!) and
Some other names I like are:
Raine (our lady peace lead singer)
Bridger Tate
Anyway, I'm a friend of Stephanie Larsen's. She brought my attention to Mia's blog when she was making quilts while Mia was waiting for all of her surgeries. She is absolutely beautiful!

Stacey said...

I don't know if that made sense! Too many 'she's'. Mia is absolutely beautiful!

Cristi said...

I was shocked to see Leo listed a few times!!! That's our baby's name and when we named him, I thought that there would never be another Leo in his class. But ... seems like maybe I'm wrong?! Leo was my granddad's name, which is why we used it. I LOVE classic names. Old fashioned names that have a meaning to them. I don't like super trendy names and I REALLY dislike made up names. I'm sure whatever you guys choose will be really cute!

Here was my list when we were trying to name our boy:

Leo (of course - this was the winner!)

Good luck! And congratulations!!! (I can't remember the last time I commented - so extra extra congrats!) :)