Mar 25, 2010

A fews things I want to remember...

*all photo's are trapped inside my computer that has a broken charger. Hopefully I will get a new cord today, but in case I don't...


When Mia wants to get cozy she tucks her arms between herself and me or her cribby. She gets this from me... I am an arm tucker. I just love that when I pick her up and she wants to be snuggly, those arms go directly in front of her. Mia loves to burrow into me...and I gladly play my roll. John calls her the baby drill.

2010-2-19 008

She is getting really good at giving kisses... there are two components to her kisses. 1) she makes the fish face with her lips to get ready 2) She makes the "ma" noise when she gives the kiss. Both steps melt my heart and keep me requesting those kisses until her attention gets pulled somewhere else.

When she has the hiccups- they are not just a noise... her whole head bobs from the violent jerking the hiccups produce.

She sings along to her fridge phonics toy- it is darling! She doesn't have the letters down, but gets a few here and there and sings it like she was born to. Another thing she loves to sing...well a part the Olivia theme song. When the kids watch Olivia, there is a part in the song that she sings every time. It's at the end when the song says "Oliviaaaaaaa." She just says "aaaaaaa," but close enough!

2010-2-19 115

The clapping- if anyone says, "yay" or she hears anyone clap- she instantly starts clapping. It is a hoot to watch live TV with her around- she claps nonstop.

2010-2-19 252

Musical toys are her thing- she spends hours playing with any kind of toys that make music. Her little dance to her toys melts my heart. Every little thing she does feels like a personal victory for me. I am a new mom with her... like no other kid on the planet dances while pushing buttons on a toy.

She is entering a wee bit of the naughty stage. Today for the first time she colored all over a wall and a bench- I was so proud that she colored that I was temped to put her in front of another wall. I'm sure the novelty will wear off really quickly- me and scrubbing are opposites right now.

Sleepy time is turning into a bit of a nightmare. It seems like overnight she doesn't need as much sleep. Last night she was up until midnight just minding her own business playing toys. She has been ultra sleeper taking long naps and going to bed at 8 and not getting up until 9- where did my good sleeper go?? At least she is not crying- but I do like my kids in bed ON TIME!


Little Miss give said the little stream.

Ellie's number one redeeming quality is her generosity. She wants everyone to get stuff, and have stuff, and be surprised by her giving them something. The other day, the young men activity was at our house and when they showed up Ellie ran up stairs to begin gathering her "gifts." She asked me to help her wrap presents for each of the boys. Not only were there twelve boys here, but they are full on teenagers and the majority of the items in Ellie's room/toy box would not be appreciated by any of them. She pleaded her case that she wanted to give something to all of them and needed my help wrapping- I lovingly told her that I didn't have enough wrapping paper. The truth was I didn't think I could make it up off the floor. I convinced her to just wrap up a gift for the boy that wins... they were having a tournament. She promptly headed over the armour where all the wrapping stuff is, got a gift bag and coordinating tissue paper and wrapped up some candy, a spring animal pen, and a party hat. Then she bashfully went downstairs to tell her dad that she had a gift for the "best boy."

At dinner time she likes to run out and see what kids in the neighborhood are outside playing...then she'll run in the house and ask if she can invite them to dinner. A few times she has extended the invite prior to asking me if it is OK- she just wants to GIVE! We have started calling dinner time- "just our family" time.

A friend was over the other day with her young daughter, and the minute she arrived Ellie started loading her up with things that she wanted her to have. She also has a few of her birthday presents ear marked for various people... I love her generosity, but I also want her to enjoy some of her toys before they head out the door. I end up telling her that she can give away anything she wants to, but we are not going to be buying new toys- or whatever it is she is trying to off load. I need her to teach her brother some of these techniques. Jense wants to keep EVERYTHING!! He is good at sharing don't get me wrong, but is in the early stages of becoming a pack rat.

Jense: Is really into collections. He has a rock collection, a transformer collection, art work collection,(that he hangs all over his walls) a pillow collection,(8 to be precise) a candy collection, an award collection, a random things he found outside collection. Jense sees value in EVERYTHING. For example, this is a good one... I bought Mia some shoes at target the other day- I couldn't resist- they were darling. Anyway, he asked if he could keep the "circo" tag that came on them. It is a round little tag that had the plastic attachment still intact- and he taped it to his light switch. I was turning off the light last night after bedtime and saw his latest addition and had to talk to him about garbage. He really really wants it there, and I just want a light switch void of any garbage. I wouldn't care really, if it was there for just a few days, but he wants it to be a permanent fixture. We have been having a lot of conversations about things that are good to keep around and things that are not.

Today, when he was taking out the recycling he rescued a cardboard advertisement of a kid playing an instrument... it was for a Montessori or something, but he really really wanted to keep it. I told him he could keep it for a couple days then it had to go back into recycling. Am I going overboard? I don't want to be sneaky and weed things out of his room, he would notice anyway, but all of the stuff is getting to me. I cleaned out a cupboard we had of medical paraphernalia from Mia that hasn't been touched in months and he begged to keep the pill crusher...a pill crusher!!!

He doesn't want me to throw away any of his school work. If he sees it in the recycle bin, he protests and asks why I threw it away. We're talking worksheets with no color here- not even art work. If I kept every piece of paper that emerged from that backpack, I would need a few boxes.

It's interesting to have kids on extreme sides of the spectrum. One wants to give away everything, and keep nothing to herself while one thinks that every tiny piece of plastic is manna from heaven. Both are good in their own way, and both have their draw backs. At least they're keeping me on my toes and spicing it up for me in the parenting arena.


Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

haha, so i hadn't finished reading this post when i talked to you's making more sense now! Alexis is the same way as Jensen....maybe they shouldn't get married...there house could be a disaster if the packratness doesn't grow out of them! it is interesting how oppposite even siblings are. :)
so happy for all of mia's progress. she is a doll!

I heart Max! said...

I would say that hoarding skips a generation but that wouldn't explain you....