Mar 11, 2010


I went out to Colorado to visit my little sis before I have baby boy. It is kind of a tradition to go out and visit her when I'm about to have a baby. I met my older sister Rae in Salt Lake, then we flew out together. I completely forgot that it would be snowy when I got there. I didn't really notice the snow because I was too busy relaxing and not thinking about any mommy duties. This picture was on our way to eat at Vesta. If you live anywhere near Denver- it's a must. The food is divine.

We were pampered the entire time. This was my second time at this particular spa, and just like the first time... they gave me the "man robe." Not maternity, not large.... "man robe." It's alright though because I learned this past weekend that I weigh the same (right now) as my brother in law. Me and the man robe deserve each other I suppose. I will gladly wear the man robe anytime... especially for being as spoiled as I was. This place was super fancy- all of it- fance! I tried to take a picture of my freshly pedicured feet, but this was the shot I got instead. That's Ned- in case you were wondering.

My sisters made delicious red velvet cupcakes of varying fillings, while my pregnant self chilled on the couch. What's better than making red velvet cupcakes??? Sitting on the couch and having them brought to you... that's what! In fact, I didn't help make anything- at all! All (home) meals were lovingly prepared by my sisters and I didn't lift a finger. I was so busy being lazy that I didn't even get a picture of us all. Boonie is the hostess with the mostess- literally. She packed me snacks when we were headed out, she gave me little massages, she brought me drinks, and asked all the time if I needed anything. She even left us cookies and drinks on the nightstand. I love my sisters!! Rae and Boo took turns putting my shoes on when it was time to leave. I could use this kind of pregnancy pampering at home. I'll have to send daddy to Boonie boot camp!

We were surprised with tickets to Brian Regan. He is hilarious!! I knew she had a surprise up her sleeve, but I was thrilled when we pulled up and realized what that surprise was. I LOVE Brian Regan, and his jokes just don't get old. John and I quote him often, and have a little Brian lingo going on. If you are Brian fans.. you know you know what I'm talking about- "ten and two- ten and two!"

Visiting Boo helped me to cross of a major "to do" from my never ending list. I started this wedding gift... well, let's just say they were married when Mia was waiting for her heart. My friend and I went to the hardware store, purchased all of our lumber, came home and sawed all of the pieces into the correct dimensions... then glued them all together. After practically finishing them, they sat in my garage until the plans for glam-cation were put in place. It is such an odd size, and I didn't want to risk it getting hurt in the mail... after all, I could have easily lost some fingers while making it, so I was determined that it was going to make it in one piece. I packed it in a big rubber made tote- which Rae had the lovely task of carrying through the airport... so it was a joint gift. The inspiration for this gift came from HERE- I have one for Mia too- stay tuned.

I love to see my sister so happy! She loves her "Carlos," and he couldn't be a better husband to her! This quote suits them perfectly. They loved it... or pretended to at least.

This is gump. or gumpy, or brown one, or brown, or brown dog. There are many variations... after all his mommy is a Jensen girl!! He is her baby... they have two dogs, but brown one is hers! Gump is getting old, and has diabetes, but is holding strong. There were a few times when I thought I was going to just burst into tears, but I held it back. He has these doggy eyes, that pierce your soul and then couple that with his sweet little body slowly climbing onto the couch...I could barely hold it in. I have never had an animal affect me the way that brown did. I think the reason is because I had no idea that my sister was doing as much for him as she was. I knew that he was getting older and required shots, but she is doing so many similar things that I have/had to do taking care of Mia. For example, they celebrated how much he ate, and are continually going back to the drawing board with new gimmicks to get him to eat enough food. She tested his blood sugar a few times a day (I don't have to actually poke Mia, but she gets plenty of blood draws.) They give him meds...and injections on a daily basis. My sister is living a parallel life to me, and here I was thinking I was the only one in our family who kept charts, and levels, and administered drug after drug. It was humbling- and sweet to know much she loves her dog. Her devotion to him is so tender, and it make me teary OK? She definitely gets the nurturing award... nurturing to both me and her brown one. I can't wait for her to be a momma... she is going to be the best! AND her kids are going to have some killer dimples... now who can resist those?

Boo- thanks for the perfect weekend.. I'm thinking that after Ned is not nursing we will have to make girl's weekend a semi-annual event!!


Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Lol. My girls saw the pic of gump and said, "is that little red riding hood?" They are obsessed with her right now. I have to say, it does kind of look like a wolf posing as Red.

Looks like a great vacay. Semi-annual is a must. I love the pic of Ned too.

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

how fun. i'm glad you got have such a fun, pampering time! nothing beats sisters huh!

LiNdS said...

I haven't looked at blogs FOREVER and I finally sat down and indulged. I can not tell you how happy it makes me to see Mia so healthy. She is beautiful and sweet and looks healthy and strong. It warms my heart. And congratulations on your prengnacy!!

Sarah said...

Yay for a fantastic pre-baby getaway! And with your sisters to pamper you to boot! Woohoo! It looks and sounds like a wonderful trip, I'm so glad you could get away! :)